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April 17, 20

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-spartan-4-16-13-ts.jpg (145096 bytes)
Tug Spartan - Barge Spartan II inbound at the Essexville Range
2-spartan-4-16-13-ts.jpg (124905 bytes)
Tug Spartan
3-spartan-4-16-13-ts.jpg (104290 bytes)
Another view
1-luedtke-4-15-13-ts.jpg (123641 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedtke pushing a derrick barge inbound near Bay Harbor Marina
2-luedtke-4-15-13-ts.jpg (141456 bytes)
Close up of the Kurt Luedtke
3-luedtke-4-15-13-ts.jpg (118992 bytes)
Stern view nearing the Lafarge Cement dock and USS Edson
4-luedtke-4-15-13-ts.jpg (107844 bytes)
 Tug Karl Luedtke
5-luedtke-4-15-13-ts.jpg (197125 bytes)
Stern view

CCGS Amundsen Floated out of the Drydock -
Paul Beesley
1-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (114557 bytes)
 On Sunday the Amundsen was floated and moved out of the drydock to the fit-out wall.  Nadro's tug Ecosse has the bow line waiting for word to pull.
2-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (156959 bytes)
Nadro's tug Lac Manitoba was able to squeeze in between the Amundsen and the dock wall to take up position as the braking tug aft of the ship.  Lac Manitoba is just barely visible to the right, far back into the dock.
3-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (93013 bytes)
On the move.  The Amundsen was dead-ship so she had to rely on the tugs for the maneuvers and to secure her to the fit-out wall.
4-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (95644 bytes)
A little farther out of the dock.  (About the ship and her work - 1:  Understanding the present transformation of the Arctic Ocean in response to climate change and anticipating the potential consequences requires a significant commitment in oceanographic research efforts. As one of the largest Arctic countries and the country with the longest arctic coastline, Canada strives to remain at the leading edge of Arctic research.)
5-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (95626 bytes)
This was a very slow procedure.  (About the ship and her work - 2:  CCGS Amundsen is the first research icebreaker in the world to have undertaken two over-wintering expeditions in the Arctic. The ship's facilities and sophisticated equipment make it a versatile research platform not only for oceanographers, but for geologists, terrestrial ecologists and epidemiologists. The CCGS Amundsen is the ideal research platform for addressing the multidisciplinary questions raised by Arctic climate change.)
6-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (89343 bytes)
Ecosse takes the strain.   (About the ship and her work - 3:  The retrofit of the CCGS Sir John Franklin into the state-of-the-art research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen was made possible by the International Joint Ventures Fund of the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Fisheries and Oceans Canada ? Coast Guard.)
7-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (97036 bytes)
Once her stern was clear the Lac Manitoba pulled the stern south so the ship could be secured starboard side to.  (About the ship and her work - 4:  Since its inauguration, the CCGS Amundsen has been a major catalyst in the revitalization of Canadian Arctic science by providing Canadian researchers and their international collaborators with the platform and the tools to facilitate unprecedented access to the Arctic Ocean.)
8-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (169094 bytes)
As Lac Manitoba pulls the Ecosse waits for the signal to stop the Amundsen from swinging.  (About the ship:  (The Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen, ArcticNet's major research infrastructure, adorns the new Canadian $50 polymer bank note that was launched on 26 March 2012.) 
9-amund-4-14-13-pb.jpg (90638 bytes)
Lac Manitoba pulling the ship stern-first toward the wall.  To see more of this narrative and about the Amundsen
click here



Former Gordon C. Leitch towed for scarp in 2012 passing Sorel, Quebec
- André Cournoyer
Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(1).jpg (67569 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(3).jpg (113478 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(4).jpg (70103 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(5).jpg (90937 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(6).jpg (72990 bytes)
Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(7).jpg (105916 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(8).jpg (77310 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(9).jpg (134121 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(15).jpg (69491 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(16).jpg (52906 bytes)
Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(10).jpg (117606 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(11).jpg (91036 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(12).jpg (93475 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(13).jpg (103053 bytes) Barge-Pointe-aux-Pins-15-août-2012-(14).jpg (90112 bytes)

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