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April 18, 20

New Ships at Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
Zhuang-Yuan-Ao9637.jpg (104393 bytes)
Zhuang Yuan Ao off Bellerive Park promenade in Montreal bound for Sarnia
Zhuang-Yuan-Ao-9638.jpg (101119 bytes)
Zhuang Yuan Ao off Bellerive Park promenade in Montreal bound for Sarnia
Harbour-Pioneer-9632.jpg (157612 bytes)
Harbour Pioneer bound for Clarkson
Harbour-Pioneer-9629.jpg (79269 bytes)
Harbour Pioneer entering the Seaway at CIP2

- Bob Vincent
1-HLWhite-4-17-13-bv.jpg (92853 bytes)
H. Lee White under the CSX ship loader
2-HLWhite-4-17-13-bv.jpg (109368 bytes) 3-HLWhite-4-17-13-bv.jpg (88137 bytes)
Boat taking on fuel
4-CSXPusher-4-17-13-bv.jpg (127354 bytes)
Pig Pusher pushing loaded coal cars over the pig hole
5-Pig-4-17-13-bv.jpg (131328 bytes)
Mechanical pig
6-Dumper-4-17-13-bv.jpg (132936 bytes)
Loaded coal cars going into the rotary Dumper
7-Dumper-4-17-13-bv.jpg (122887 bytes)
 Unload rail cars coming off the Dumper
8-Dumper-4-17-13-bv.jpg (102671 bytes)
Rolling over the loaded rail cars
9-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (123656 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska guiding Algoma Guardian with GL tug Mississippi help stern.
10-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (71429 bytes)
Algoma Guardian going under the High Level bridge
11-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (115582 bytes)
Another view
12-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (123350 bytes)
Algoma Guardian coming through the NS train bridge
13-Nebraska-4-17-13-bv.jpg (128587 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska
14-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (89033 bytes)
 Beginning to turn the vessel
15-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (80646 bytes)
Another view
17-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (67888 bytes)
Heading stern first toward the Andersons Edwin Drive Facility
18-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (61486 bytes) 19-AlgomaGuardian-4-17-13-bv.jpg (83486 bytes)    

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-integrity-4-17-13-ts.jpg (74992 bytes)
 American Integrity inbound at the Front Range
2-integrity-4-17-13-ts.jpg (98017 bytes)
Another view
3-uscg-4-17-13-ts.jpg (94365 bytes)
USCG 45703 & 49422 pass the outbound tug Karl Luedtke

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-regal-4-06-13-pb.jpg (114970 bytes)
Polsteam's Regalica clearing Lock 3 upbound.
2-regal-4-06-13-pb.jpg (81680 bytes)
Another view.
3-regal-4-06-13-pb.jpg (169802 bytes)
Regalica under the Glendale bridge.
4-elbe-4-07-13-pb.jpg (104496 bytes)
Federal Elbe below Lock 2.
5-elbe-4-07-13-pb.jpg (113709 bytes)
Crew members ready to secure in Lock 1.  Good perspective of size.
6-lkguard-4-07-13-pb.jpg (93701 bytes)
Lake Guardian above Lock 1.  She had been working for a few days in Lake Ontario.
7-lkguard-4-07-13-pb.jpg (118695 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2.  Most research ships world-wide are painted white.
8-sagin-4-07-13-pb.jpg (136135 bytes)
Saginaw above Lock 3.  Behind her is the main highway bridge that carries the QEW.
9-aird-4-07-13-pb.jpg (65341 bytes)
John B Aird above Lock 1.

April 1 in Portland, Maine.  No fooling! -
Paul Beesley
1-aucoci-4-01-13-pb.jpg (119508 bytes)
There are several organizations in Portland that are on standby to clean up possible oil spills.  The Aucocisco belongs to one of them.
2-ftgaine-4-01-13-pb.jpg (97220 bytes)
2  Ferry Ft Gaines approaching the ramp in Portland. 
3-ftgaine-4-01-13-pb.jpg (119655 bytes)
Ft Gaines appears to be used to carry construction equipment to the many islands in Casco Bay.  With tide and wind on this day the Captain had her perpendicular to the shore and allowed the elements to carry the ferry to her berth.
4-ftgaine-4-01-13-pb.jpg (172431 bytes)
The pilings on her starboard side stop her drift and allow her to position herself at the concrete ramp.  As vehicles board and disembark the Captain moves the ferry closer or further off the ramp to allow for change of trim as weight on board changes.
5-kinggreg-4-01-13-pb.jpg (89509 bytes)
King Gregory, one of the many tankers that visit Portland.
6-kinggreg-4-01-13-pb.jpg (81888 bytes)
Another view.
7-relian-4-01-13-pb.jpg (87260 bytes)
NRC Reliant, another vessel on standby for oil spills.  The tide in Portland has a large range and would present many challenges should a spill occur.  All parties are heavily invested in preventing such an occurrence.

Duluth Ship Canal after a winter storm packed the canal with ice April 13 -
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District
republic4-13-13usace.jpg (91153 bytes)
Great Republic and American Integrity inbound.
americanintegrity4-13-13usace.jpg (98534 bytes)
American Integrity passes through the Duluth Ship Canal.
nelsjduluth4-13-13usace.jpg (34128 bytes)
 Duluth Tug Nels J inbound with Pilot.
nelsjclose4-13-13usaceo.jpg (107219 bytes)
Nels J inbound.
kayeebarker4-13-13usace.jpg (93774 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker outbound.
paulrtregurtha4-13-13usace.jpg (95398 bytes)
 Paul R. Tregurtha outbound.
csllaurentien4-13-13usace.jpg (152299 bytes)
 CSL Laurentien inbound.
duluthlight4-13-13usace.jpg (54282 bytes)
 Ship Canal Lights.
johndleitch4-13-13usace.jpg (63405 bytes)
John D. Leitch uses the rising sun as a natural spotlight in making a reflective upbound transit through the Soo Locks.

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