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April 29, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease
1-lat-4-16-13-a-md.jpg (108487 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound at 1 & 2.
2-lat-4-16-13-b-md.jpg (98359 bytes)
Heading in to Lake Huron.
3-steel-4-16-13-md.jpg (90554 bytes)
Algosteel downbound at 1 & 2.
4-alp-4-20-13-a-md.jpg (83952 bytes)
Alpena downbound at 1 & 2.
5-alp-4-20-13-b-md.jpg (58270 bytes)
At Fort Gratiot Light.
6-cuy-4-20-13-a-md.jpg (101092 bytes)
Cuyahoga waiting to depart the elevator after taking on a load.
7-cuy-4-20-13-b-md.jpg (103465 bytes)
Backing away.
8-cuy-4-20-13-c-md.jpg (87192 bytes)
Head on.
9-cuy-4-20-13-d-md.jpg (101676 bytes)
Stern all the way around ready to head downbound.
10-cent-4-21-13-md.jpg (94991 bytes)
American Century heading into Lake Huron.
11-rad-4-21-13-a-md.jpg (65809 bytes)
Radcliffe Latimer downbound in Lake Huron.
12-rad-4-21-13-b-md.jpg (95368 bytes)
Making the turn at 1 & 2.
13-prt-4-21-13-a-md.jpg (79178 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound at 1 & 2.
14-prt-4-21-13-b-md.jpg (56468 bytes)
Deckhand clearing ice from the deck.
15-vega-4-25-13-md.jpg (92656 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes downbound at 1 & 2.
16-mani-4-27-13-md.jpg (92281 bytes)
 Manistee downbound above  1 & 2.

Cleveland -
Scott Tish
1-SamLaud-4-26-13-ST.jpg (122552 bytes)
Sam Laud back out of the Cuyahoga under the cover of darkness at West 3rd Street
2-SamLaud-4-26-13-ST.jpg (152217 bytes)
Sam Laud heading backwards out of the Cuyahoga round the bend at Carter Rd. The little towboat is the Bridge Builder IV owned by American Bridge who is building a replacement lift span for the Columbus Rd. lift bridge at right
3-LATSTC-4-23-13-ST.jpg (91692 bytes)
The inbound Lee A. Tregurtha heads towards Cleveland Bulk Terminal with a load of iron ore pellets passing the outbound St. Clair which just left there after offloading pellets
4-LAT-4-23-13-ST.jpg (126878 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha docked at Cleveland Bulk Terminal preparing to unload.
5-American-Courage-4-27-13-ST.jpg (84656 bytes)
American Courage off loading about 1/2 of its load of iron ore pellets before heading upriver to ArcelorMittal
6-DAPF-4-27-13-ST.jpg (182059 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder back out of the Cuyahoga after taking a load of iron ore pellets up to ArcelorMittal

Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-OjibwayCSLTadoussac-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (88341 bytes)
Ojibway followed by CSL Tadoussac in Port Colborne harbor.
2-Ojibway-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (97020 bytes)
Ojibway after clearing Lock 8
3-Ojibway-04-26-13-b-bb.jpg (85707 bytes) 4-CSLTadoussac-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (92797 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac would stop at the west wall above Lock 8 for a time.
5-CSL-Tadoussac-04-26-13-b-bb.jpg (85023 bytes)
6-Victoriaborg-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (98263 bytes)
Victoriaborg approaching guardgate above Lock 7
7-Victoriaborg-04-26-13-b-bb.jpg (95983 bytes) 8-MariaDesgagnesVictoriaborg-04-26-13-bb.jpg (103571 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes upbound as Victoriaborg approaches the lock.  
9-MariaDesgagnes-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (101378 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes at Port Robinson
10-MariaDesgagnes-04-26-13-b-bb.jpg (101026 bytes)
11-AlgomaMontrealais-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (143207 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais at Allanburg
12-AlgomaMontrealais-04-26-13-b-bb.jpg (86133 bytes) 13-AlgomaEnterpriseFrontenac-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (75568 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise still having work done in Port Colborne harbor as Frontenac angles towards Wharf 16.
14-Frontenac-04-26-13-a-bb.jpg (73713 bytes)
Frontenac tied up immediately south of Bridge 21.   Said to have problems with the boom which is slightly raised.

Welland Canal Traffic
- John McCreery
1-FedRhine-4-21-13-jm.jpg (124428 bytes)
Federal Rhine upbound at Port Robinson
2-FedRhine-4-21-13-jm.jpg (122055 bytes)
At the approach to lock 8
4-FedMaas-4-21-13-jm.jpg (181301 bytes)
Federal Weser upbound from lock 6 west
3-FedWeser-4-21-13-jm.jpg (138666 bytes)
Federal Maas upbound at the approach to lock 3. This vantage point to be totally off limits to the public
5-FedMaas-4-21-13-jm.jpg (117435 bytes)
Stern view entering lock 3. No more access to this area as it is being entirely fenced off
6-ThalassaD-4-21-13-jm.jpg (125009 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes upbound at Port Robinson
7-AOlympic-4-21-13-jm.jpg (91282 bytes)
Algoma Olympic at Port Robinson
8-Maumee-Provmar-4-21-13-jm.jpg (150718 bytes)
Provmar Terminal II and Maumee at Marine Salvage No trace of the James Norris.
9-ProvmarTermII-4-21-13-jm.jpg (85830 bytes)
Remains of the Provmar as of April 21
10-BStPaul-4-21-13-jm.jpg (160331 bytes)
Baie St Paul exiting lock 4 east with Thalassa Desgagnes transiting upbound
11-BStP-Tecumseh-4-21-13-jm.jpg (102313 bytes)
Baie St Paul passes the disabled Tecumseh on her way to lock 2
12-BaieStPaul-4-21-13-jm.jpg (114254 bytes)
 A "ducky view" of Baie St Paul
13-BStP-AnglianL-4-21-13-jm.jpg (109201 bytes)
Baie St Paul exits lock 2 as the Anglian Lady waits
14-BaieStPaul-4-21-13-jm.jpg (105490 bytes)
Stern Baie St Paul moored above 1
15-BStPaul-AtSuperior-4-21-13-jm.jpg (101604 bytes)
 Atlantic Superior out of lock 1 passes new fleet mate

One sad note, the fencing continues so that the entire area of approach below both locks 2 and 3 is now totally off limits and behind high and ugly chain link fence. I was still able to slip into the stairwell at three but expect they will soon have that prevented. The ironic thing about it is that I suspect they survey our photos to plug the gaps. This seemed evident at the north end of lock 7 where fencing was already in place but the fence height was raised again to prevent photo opportunity. I was thinking I will carry one of those household ladders in my trunk so I can rise above fence level where appropriate. It's irritating to think my tax dollars are funding all this. These areas have been open to the public for as long as I can remember and without incident as far as I can recall. I think it's called paranoia.

St. Clair River
- Don Detloff
1-boothe-27apr13-djd.jpg (124050 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr.
2-laud-27apr13-djd.jpg (69496 bytes)
Sam Laud
3-martin-27apr13-djd.jpg (87592 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin
4-canada-27apr13-djd.jpg (93566 bytes)
1-Zhuang-22apr13-djd.jpg (70928 bytes)
Zhuang Yuan Ao at Marine City on Monday
2-Zhuang-22apr13-djd.jpg (91842 bytes) 3-Zhuang-22apr13-djd.jpg (91903 bytes) 1-thomp-28apr13-djd.jpg (47158 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson and Jr. at Algonac State Park Sunday
2-missi-28apr13-djd.jpg (36740 bytes)
Mississagi departing Sombra
3-roger-28apr13-djd.jpg (43652 bytes)
Roger Blough at Algonac State Park

Seaway -
Rene Beauchamp
ctdublin4-23-13-rb.jpg (105456 bytes)
CT Dublin upbound below St. Lambert Lock on April 23 for Hamilton.
Phoenix-Sun-15-avril-13-René-B..jpg (114092 bytes)
Phoenix Sun laid up at Sorel-Tracy on April 15.
Adventure-17avril-2013-René-B..jpg (123483 bytes)
Panamanian flag Adventure On April 17 , formerly Federal Venture soon after its renaming in Montreal.
14-avril-2013.jpg (228881 bytes)
Remnants of the McAllister headquarters still in evidence in the Old Port of Montreal on April 14. St. Lambert Lock in the distance.
IMG_9696.jpg (94646 bytes)
HR Maria loading scrap metal at C?e Ste. Catherine
IMG_9703.jpg (79682 bytes)
In the Seaway before as Maria Green and BBC India.

Pacific Huron arrived in Oshawa about 8 a.m. Sunday -
Lorraine Morrill
12538---Pacific-Huron-–-Oshawa-4-28-13.jpg (137732 bytes)        

Saginaw River-
Todd Shorkey
1-algoway-4-26-13-ts.jpg (133063 bytes)
Algoway unloading at the North Star dock in Essexville. 
2-superior-4-26-13-ts.jpg (99013 bytes)
Superior at the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville
3-sup-wyo-4-26-13-ts.jpg (92183 bytes)
Superior and Wyoming at Lafarge waiting to help the Algoway
4-wyoming-4-26-13-ts.jpg (125217 bytes)
Wyoming at Lafarge
5-wyoming-4-26-13-ts.jpg (94639 bytes)
Wyoming pulling on the stern of Algoway
6-algoway-4-26-13-ts.jpg (89278 bytes)
Wyoming and Algoway outbound at the Essexville Range Lights
7-superior-4-26-13-ts.jpg (108931 bytes)
Superior on the bow of Algoway
8-wyoming-4-26-13-ts.jpg (96502 bytes)
Stern view of the Wyoming
9-algoway-4-26-13-ts.jpg (68465 bytes)
Algoway outbound at sunset
10-algoway-4-26-13-ts.jpg (80334 bytes)
Superior, Algoway, and Wyoming
11-superior-4-26-13-ts.jpg (78046 bytes)
Superior keeping the bow straight.
1-integrity-4-22-13-ts.jpg (727078 bytes)
American Integrity at the Consumers Energy dock on April 22nd.
2-integrity-4-22-13-ts.jpg (1588958 bytes)
 Another view across the old Delta College Sailing School property.

Tug Nancy Anne Apr. 23  from the Edgewater Marina -
Kate White
1-Nancy-Anne-4-23-13-kw.jpg (84588 bytes)        

Eastbound BBC Kwiatkowski off Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Eastbound-BBC-Kwiatkowski-4-22-13.jpg (114583 bytes)        

Manitoba passing Cote St. Catherine area - Roland Van Bulck
1_man_13-04-23_rvb.jpg (125238 bytes)
Manitoba the CSC lock.
2_man_13-04-23-rvb.jpg (131511 bytes)
Manitoba passing St.-Catherine wharf.
3_man_13-04-23_rvb.jpg (126767 bytes)
Manitoba stern view.

Tuesday at Brockville
- Dave Bessant
01-AlgomaDiscovery-04-23-13-WDB.jpg (76580 bytes)
Algoma Discovery eastbound at Blockhouse Island
02-USCGcutter-04-23-13-WDB.jpg (64391 bytes)
USCG boat racing past Brockville downbound around 7 p.m.
03-RadcliffeRLatimer-04-23-13.jpg (98443 bytes)
Radcliffe R Latimer also eastbound at Brockville

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jrb4_5_13unld_rb.jpg (129487 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal into the hopper
2mich4_7_13dk_rb.jpg (118535 bytes)
Michipicoten, sporting fresh paint, waiting to load ore

Hamilton April 26 -
 John van der Doe
Hamilton-26-April-2013-(1)-CT-Dublin.jpg (257856 bytes) Hamilton-26-April-2013-(5)-Pineglen.jpg (77350 bytes) Hamilton-26-April-2013-(6)-Pineglen.jpg (71321 bytes) Hamilton-26-April-2013-(4)-CT-Dublin.jpg (131531 bytes) Hamilton-26-April-2013-(10)-CT-Dublin.jpg (133156 bytes)
Hamilton-26-April-2013-(5)-Federal-Kumano.jpg (85230 bytes)        

Port Huron and Marysville Saturday -
Bruce Hurd
Garganey4-27-13-bh.jpg (100049 bytes)
Saltie Garganey downbound at Port Huron
threerivers4-27-13-bh.jpg (106836 bytes)
Saltie Three Rivers upbound
buffalo4-27-13-bh.jpg (121216 bytes)
Buffalo downbound at Marysville

American Mariner was unloading grain at General Mills over the weekend
- Brian W.
mariner-buffalo4-27-13.jpg (48361 bytes)        

USCG Maple -
George Lee
Maple-bow.jpg (92899 bytes)
Maple at St. Ignace August 1999
Maple-stern.jpg (114642 bytes) Maple-wheelhouse.jpg (101279 bytes) Maple-deck.jpg (78872 bytes)
Main deck
Maple-wheel.jpg (72631 bytes)
Maple-engineroom.jpg (130216 bytes)
Two of the four GM 6-71 main engines in tandem

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