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May 2, 20

Sarnia - John McCreery
1-Pochard-4-26-13-jm.jpg (145072 bytes)
Pochard, Pilot and Fisherman all up at the Bluewater Bridges.
2-Pochard-4-26-13-jm.jpg (133251 bytes)
A starboard side exchange.
3-Pochard-4-26-13-jm.jpg (179540 bytes) 4-Pochard-4-26-13-jm.jpg (139207 bytes)
 The pilot boat staying alongside well out onto the lake after the rather early boarding in the river.
5-Frontenac-4-26-13-jm.jpg (102904 bytes)
Frontenac downbound near St. Clair Michigan.
6-CSLNiagara-4-26-13-jm.jpg (104336 bytes)
CSL Niagara downbound followed by Algosteel as the Indiana Harbor fades into the afternoon haze.
7-Algosteel-4-26-13-jm.jpg (141490 bytes)
8-Michipicoten-4-26-13-jm.jpg (66547 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound for Toledo.
9-Michipicoten-4-26-13-jm.jpg (169884 bytes)
Night passages always exciting but hard to capture.
10-Ontamich-4-27-13-jm.jpg (123238 bytes)
Ontamich the smaller ferry crosses from Sombra to Marine City as the Lakes Contender unloads.
11-Calloway-4-27-13-jm.jpg (117516 bytes)
Cason J Callaway downbound.
12-Manistee-4-27-13-jm.jpg (126176 bytes)
Manistee at buoys 1 and 2 coming off the lake.
13-Buffalo-4-27-13-jm.jpg (136502 bytes)
Buffalo following.
14-Robertson-4-27-13-jm.jpg (127206 bytes)
Private Robertson V C calls in at Sarnia.
15-Robertson-4-27-13-jm.jpg (144195 bytes)
Mooring at the Sarnia Government dock.
16-Oberstar-4-27-13-jm.jpg (168873 bytes)
The Oberstar makes a night passage returning upbound from Cleveland.
17-Oberstar-4-27-13-jm.jpg (60957 bytes)
 Using her searchlight as the fishing season is up and running
18-Mississagi-4-28-13-jm.jpg (146951 bytes)
Mississagi at the City dock to offload a partial load of stone.
19-Mississagi-4-28-13.jpg (207511 bytes)
Front end loader plays a role in helping to secure the ship.
20-Cedarglen-4-28-13-jm.jpg (92557 bytes)
Cedarglen headed up the lake.

Dedication ceremony for the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Private Robertson V.C. -
Canadian Coast Guard, Carol Launderville
Private-Robertson-VC38.jpg (129294 bytes)
CCGS Private Robertson V.C. on the St. Clair River.  The new Canadian Coast Guard Ship, built at Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, was dedicated into service April 30 2013 in Sarnia Ontario. The vessel is named in honour of World War One hero Private James Peter "Pete" Robertson.
1297410428020_ORIGINAL.jpg (88088 bytes)
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Private Robertson V.C. Is the first of nine new Hero-Class vessels to be officially welcomed to the Coast Guard fleet.  The vessel will be used to enhance maritime security throughout the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway and will be used in the joint Marine Security Enforcement Teams program, a partnership between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Coast Guard.
Robertson-Group-photo-April30-2013.jpg (151011 bytes)
The Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans (second in, from right) and the Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton Pat Davidson (in front of Minister Ashfield) celebrated the maritime tradition of dedicating a Canadian Coast Guard Ship into service at a ceremony in Sarnia Ontario April 30.
Minister-MP-with-sponsor-CCG-and-RCMP-.jpg (224327 bytes)
Mrs. Lynne Tebay, the grandniece of Private James Peter Robertson V.C served as the vessel sponsor, breaking a bottle of Ontario sparkling wine over the bow of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Private Robertson V.C.   Mrs Tebay, holding flowers, is joined by Canadian Coast Guard Assistant Commissioner Mario Pelletier, the Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton Pat Davidson, the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and RCMP Superintendent Jamie Jagoe.
1297410428405_ORIGINAL.jpg (59612 bytes)
IMG_4388.jpg (92715 bytes)
Mrs. Tebay accepts a framed photo of the ship from Canadian Coast Guard Captain Steve Pauley

Private Robertson V.C. in Sarnia
- George Lee
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(7).jpg (124947 bytes)
Private Robertson V.C. in Sarnia, the first of nine Hero Class patrol vessels for service on Canada's east coast, west coast and Great Lakes.
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(8).jpg (135802 bytes)
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(3).jpg (101706 bytes)
The vessel was Christened in Sarnia several days ago.
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(4).jpg (91162 bytes)
Built by Irving Shipyard in Halifax, the fast ships are 140 feet in length and powered by MTU diesel engines
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(2).jpg (106463 bytes)
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(11).jpg (104982 bytes)
The vessel is named for a World War 1 soldier who gave his life to save others in battle.
Private-Robertson-VC38-5-1-13-gl-(9).jpg (161871 bytes)      

Twin Ports -
Peter Lapinski
Mesabi-Miner4-29-13.jpg (106719 bytes)
Mesabi Miner departing.
Mesabi-Miner4-29-13b.jpg (91258 bytes) walterjmccartyjr4-29-13.jpg (157062 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy at SMET.
johngmunson4-29-13b.jpg (87463 bytes)
John G. Munson at Fraser.
johngmunson4-29-13.jpg (123502 bytes)
johnjboland4-29-13.jpg (96717 bytes)
John J. Boland.
leeatregurth4-29-13b.jpg (137995 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha at CN Duluth.
leeatregurth4-29-13.jpg (165783 bytes) burnsharbor4-29-13-(2).jpg (119390 bytes)
Burns Harbor at Burlington northern.
burnsharbor4-29-13-(1).jpg (143942 bytes)

Mail boat deliver to the Herbert C. Jackson -
Sam Buchanan
westcott4-29-13-sb-(2).jpg (205786 bytes)
Along side.
westcott4-29-13-sb-(4).jpg (121701 bytes) westcott4-29-13-sb-(1).jpg (123749 bytes)
Capt. Bill Redding
westcott4-29-13-sb-(3).jpg (76288 bytes)
Stern view.

Bail St. Paul passing Marine City Tuesday -
Bill Beutell
baiestpaul4-30-13-(2).jpg (87081 bytes) baiestpaul4-30-13-(3).jpg (90823 bytes) baiestpaul4-30-13-(1).jpg (87305 bytes)    

Cleveland -
Kate White
1-Bridge-builder-IV-4-30-13-kw.jpg (184421 bytes)
Bridge Builder IV taken by the Carter road bridge
2-Columbus-bridge-draw-4-30-13-kw.jpg (186863 bytes)
The Columbus bridge draw
3-Sea-Egle-4-30-13-kw.jpg (176710 bytes)
The Sea Eagle, pulled by tug Iowa, taken from the Hope Memorial bridge

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