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May 7, 20

John D Leitch and Walter J McCarthy Jr. in the fog at Point Edward - Richard J. (Butch) Dompierre
RJD_8188-JohnDLeitch.jpg (32379 bytes) RJD_8191-JohnDLeitch.jpg (36196 bytes) RJD_8196-JohnDLeitch.jpg (46631 bytes) RJD_8197-JohnDLeitch.jpg (81349 bytes) RJD_8199-JohnDLeitch.jpg (107516 bytes)
RJD_8200-JohnDLeitch.jpg (66541 bytes) RJD_8203-JohnDLeitch.jpg (100117 bytes) RJD_8237WalterJMcCarthyJr.jpg (27713 bytes) RJD_8234WalterJMcCarthyJr.jpg (19915 bytes) RJD_8243WalterJMcCarthyJr.jpg (73784 bytes)
RJD_8242WalterJMcCarthyJr.jpg (39843 bytes) RJD_8248WalterJMcCarthyJr.jpg (101430 bytes) RJD_8212PortHuron.jpg (39236 bytes) RJD_8228FortGratiotLight.jpg (51299 bytes)  

Brant upbound below Lock 3
- Eric Holmes
1-Brant-05-05-13-eh.jpg (87889 bytes) 2-Brant-05-05-13-eh.jpg (115157 bytes) 3-Brant-05-05-13-eh.jpg (118072 bytes)    

Cleveland -
Rich Nicholls
6-Alpena-5-5-13-rn.jpg (66474 bytes)
Alpena navigates the Cuyahoga River entrance assisted by tug Iowa.
7-Iowa-5-5-13-rn.jpg (134074 bytes) 1-Dike-14-Kiosk-5-5-13-rn.jpg (140250 bytes)
The kiosk at the entrance to the new Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve includes the construction history and pictures of these two Lake boats that are buried inside the present nature preserve.
2-Hill-Edenborn-5-5-13-rn.jpg (93575 bytes) 3-Hill-Edenborn-5-5-13-rn.jpg (209337 bytes)
4-Hill-Edenborn-5-5-13-rn.jpg (66472 bytes) 5-Alpena-Tow-5-5-13-rn.jpg (66989 bytes)      

Alpena in Cleveland -
Thomas Seiler
Alpena-05-05-13-ts.jpg (152450 bytes)        

CSL Tadoussac at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1csltad5_4_13arr_rb.jpg (123197 bytes)
2csltad5_4_13bowldrb.jpg (142472 bytes)
Bow view, loading ore

CCGS Corporal Teather C.V. upbound near Deschaillons on Friday - Rene Beauchamp
Corporal-Teather-CV-5-3-13-rb.jpg (113745 bytes)        

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-5-4-13-ts.jpg (75002 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber upbound at Cass Avenue
2-ljkuber-5-4-13-ts.jpg (94304 bytes)
Stern view
3-ljkuber-5-4-13-ts.jpg (135207 bytes)
Unloading just east of the Dow Chemical dock
1-busch-5-3-13-ts.jpg (89318 bytes)
Tug Gregory J. Busch along side the USS Edson, slowly moving upriver along the bank.
2-busch-5-3-13-ts.jpg (103564 bytes)
Closer view
3-busch-5-3-13-ts.jpg (118365 bytes)
Stern view with the Busch moving USS Edson closer to shore
4-busch-5-3-13-ts.jpg (151034 bytes)
Stern close up
5-luedtke-5-3-13-ts.jpg (97243 bytes)
Tug Karl Luedtke and Derrick Barge 16 off the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville

Saturday at the Welland -
Bill Bird
1-JohnDLeitch-05-04-13-a-bb.jpg (88809 bytes)
John D Leitch clear of Lock One
2-JohnDLeitch-05-04-13-b-bb.jpg (80340 bytes)
about to leave Port Weller harbor heading to Hamilton
3-FederalWeser-05-04-13-a-bb.jpg (98017 bytes)
Federal Weser at old bridge 10
4-FederalWeser-05-04-13-b-bb.jpg (84897 bytes)
on her way to Lock 7
5-Pineglen-05-04-13-a-bb.jpg (104750 bytes)
Pineglen making the wall below Lock 4
6-Pineglen-05-04-13-b-bb.jpg (122683 bytes)
Stern shot
7-Algomarine-05-04-13-a-bb.jpg (89493 bytes)
Algomarine approaching guard gate
8-Algomarineflags-05-04-13-a-bb.jpg (49967 bytes)
flags indicate a stiff northerly breeze
9-Algomarine-05-04-13-b-bb.jpg (95292 bytes)
stern shot
10-PeterRCresswellAlgomarine-05-04-13-a-bb.jpg (98751 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell leaving lock 7 as Algomarine is about to enter.  Cresswell would tie up for downbound traffic. 

South Chicago Friday -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0837.jpg (122041 bytes)
Algowood outbound to Lake Michigan after unloading salt under the guidance of G tug Massachusetts pass KCBX approaching 100th St.
DSC_0852.jpg (144142 bytes)
G tug Colorado Ppshes hard on Algowoods stern as they approach NS5.
CSC_0952.jpg (90339 bytes)
Algowood meets the inbound Michipicoten in Calumet Harbor.
DSC_0885.jpg (123737 bytes)
Colorado and Michipicoten approach 95th St.
DSC_0932.jpg (94300 bytes)
Here they are coming up to 100th St. This is Michpicoten's first visit to South Chicago in two years.
CSC_0949.jpg (162888 bytes)
Approaching 106th St. with her cargo of stone for the Republic dock.

St. Clair River at Marine City on Friday -
Don Detloff
1-clarke-03may13-djd.jpg (74320 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
2-arne-03may13-djd.jpg (78936 bytes)

U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard conduct joint training
uscg-ccg-5-3-13-(1).jpg (126025 bytes) uscg-ccg-5-3-13-(2).jpg (97282 bytes)      

Welland canal traffic on May 2 -
Michel Gosselin
1-csl-nia-5-02-13-mg.jpg (77055 bytes)
CSL Niagara tied up at Wharf 1
2-radclif-5-02-13-mg.jpg (136931 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer just left lock 2
3-radclif-5-02-13-mg.jpg (112077 bytes)
Stern view
4-capt-5-02-13-mg.jpg (146000 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman approaching bridge 5
5-capt-5-02-13-mg.jpg (146939 bytes)
Stern view
6-aqua-5-02-13-mg.jpg (175058 bytes)
Aqua Azul just left lock 4 east
7-aqua-5-02-13-mg.jpg (147595 bytes) 8-aqua-5-02-13-mg.jpg (88797 bytes)    

Great Republic in Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Great-Republic-5-2-13-BW.jpg (88814 bytes)
Republic unloading limestone at the North East tip of the Gateway Metroport Pier in Lackawanna on the Bethlehem Slip. Part of the old Coke Works is in the background, now under demolition.

Toledo, Ohio -
Ron Bialecki
Algomarine-4-30-13-(1).jpg (56405 bytes)
Algomarine-4-30-13-(2).jpg (70215 bytes) Philip-R-Clarke-4-29-13-(1).jpg (176132 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
Philip-R-Clarke-4-29-13-(2).jpg (91094 bytes) Philip-R-Clarke-4-29-13-(3).jpg (79684 bytes)
Algoma-Progress-4-29-13-(1).jpg (58786 bytes)
Algoma Progress
Algoma-Progress-4-29-13-(2).jpg (87267 bytes) 4-27-13-Michipicoten-(1).jpg (79628 bytes)
4-27-13-Michipicoten-(2).jpg (75732 bytes) 4-27-13-Michipicoten-(3).jpg (67500 bytes)
4-27-13-Michipicoten-(4).jpg (72823 bytes) 4-27-13-Michipicoten-(5).jpg (86171 bytes) 4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(1).jpg (111434 bytes)
4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(2).jpg (92700 bytes) 4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(3).jpg (108063 bytes)
4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(4).jpg (103574 bytes) 4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(5).jpg (115363 bytes) 4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(6).jpg (97477 bytes) 4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(7).jpg (78631 bytes) 4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(8).jpg (135282 bytes)
4-26-13-Cuyahoga-(9).jpg (132752 bytes) 4-24-13-Federal-Weler-(1).jpg (42389 bytes)
Federal Weser
4-24-13-Federal-Weler-(2).jpg (50788 bytes) 4-24-13-Federal-Weler-(3).jpg (68415 bytes) 4-24-13-Federal-Weler-(4).jpg (88010 bytes)
4-24-13-Federal-Weler-(5).jpg (84259 bytes) 4-24-13-Federal-Weler-(6).jpg (101406 bytes) 4-20-13-Cuyahoga--(1).jpg (90460 bytes)
4-20-13-Cuyahoga--(2).jpg (67179 bytes) 4-20-13-Cuyahoga--(3).jpg (85315 bytes)
4-20-13-Cuyahoga--(4).jpg (70989 bytes)        

New HD webcam installed at the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle
20130503_133729.jpg (78310 bytes) 20130503_134409.jpg (111929 bytes)      

Bell from the Tashmoo on display at the Paint Creek Cider Mill in Oakland Twp., Mich.
20130504_162252.jpg (256083 bytes) 20130504_162308.jpg (169583 bytes) 20130504_162321.jpg (174291 bytes) 20130504_162334.jpg (128494 bytes)  

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