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May 9, 20

Spruceglen aground above Light 1 in Lake St Clair - William Rieckelman
spruceglen5-8-13-wr686.jpg (70260 bytes) spruceglen5-8-13-wr749.jpg (55486 bytes) spruceglen5-8-13-wr_722.jpg (60997 bytes) spruceglen5-8-13-wr.jpg (61523 bytes)  

Capt. Henry Jackman laid up at Hamilton pier 26 undergoing repairs to bow damage suffered in Bowmanville Ont.
- Ted Wilush
1-CaptHenryJackmanDamage-5-8-13-TW.jpg (105826 bytes)        

St. Clair River traffic Wednesday
- Kevin Majewski 
1.AlgoT-5-8-13-KM.jpg (98611 bytes)
Algoma Transport downbound, passing the Port Huron Seaway Terminal
2.AlgT-5-8-13-KM.jpg (75558 bytes)
Forward profile
3.AlT-5-8-13-KM.jpg (76172 bytes)
Continuing downbound
4.HerbJ-5-8-13-KM.jpg (102539 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson upbound approaching the Seaway Terminal
5.Herb-5-8-13-KM.jpg (101138 bytes)
Continuing upbound towards the Black River
6.HeAl-5-8-13-KM.jpg (112441 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson/Algoma Transport making a pass just below the Seaway Terminal
7.AlSea-5-8-13-KM.jpg (97899 bytes)
Algosea moored at the ESSO facility in Sarnia Ontario
8.Rebe-5-8-13-KM.jpg (115258 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn/Barge A-397 upbound passing the Seaway Terminal
9.Reb-5-8-13-KM.jpg (123728 bytes)
Close up of the Tug Rebecca Lynn
10.AlGu-5-8-13-KM.jpg (92575 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound at St. Clair Michigan

Welland Canal -
Eric Holmes
1-Algocanada-05-07-13-eh.jpg (70563 bytes)
Algocanada downbound below Lock 2.
2-Algocanada-05-07-13-eh.jpg (72041 bytes) 3-Algosteel-05-07-13-eh.jpg (70558 bytes)
Algosteel upbound below Lock 2.
4-Algosteel-05-07-13-eh.jpg (74623 bytes) 5-Algosteel-05-07-13-eh.jpg (70902 bytes)
Work on deck.
6-Algosteel-05-07-13-eh.jpg (111855 bytes)        

Cleveland Sunday -
Kate White
1-Algoway-5-5-13-kw.jpg (224930 bytes)
Algoway being pulled by tugs  Iowa and California around collision bend. 
2-Algoway-5-5-13-kw.jpg (185586 bytes) 3-Algoway-5-5-13-kw.jpg (216521 bytes)    

Outbound from Parry Sound -
Harry Foster
photo1.jpg (111291 bytes)        

wyoming5.jpg (93574 bytes)        

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