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May 13, 20

Rouge River Bridge closes in front of Herbert C. Jackson - Robert Borg
herbertcjackson5-11-13.jpg (95756 bytes)
Jackson being assisted back out of the Rouge River. Damage appears to be limited to the starboard bow.
jefferson-street-bridge5-11-13rbb.jpg (125879 bytes)
The east span seemed to take all the damage.
jefferson-street-bridge5-11-13rb.jpg (145598 bytes)
The west span can bee seen fully opened in the back ground.

St. Lawrence
- Fritz Shantz
05-AlgoSteel-05-04-13-fs.jpg (117785 bytes)
 Algosteel, downbound at Whiskey Island Shoal
04-AlgoSteel-05-04-13-fs.jpg (113348 bytes) 02-AlgoSteel-05-04-13-fs.jpg (74146 bytes) 03-AlgoSteel-05-04-13-fs.jpg (87088 bytes) 01-AlgoSteel-05-04-13-fs.jpg (85848 bytes)
06-FedAsahi-05-04-13-fs.jpg (87182 bytes)
Federal Asahi, upbound at Deer Island
08-FedAsahi-05-04-13-fs.jpg (91989 bytes) 09-FedAsahi-05-04-13-fs.jpg (94044 bytes) 10-FedAsahi-05-04-13-fs.jpg (108212 bytes) 11-FedAsahi-05-04-13-fs.jpg (66935 bytes)
12-Manitoba-05-04-13-fs-1.jpg (67625 bytes)
 Manitoba, upbound at Deer Island
13-Manitoba-05-04-13-fs-2.jpg (80555 bytes) 15-Manitoba-05-04-13-fs-4.jpg (102804 bytes) 16-Manitoba-05-04-13-fs-5.jpg (95002 bytes) 17-Manitoba-05-04-13-fs-6.jpg (55315 bytes)

Goderich, Ontario -
Philip Nash
1-Algosteel-10-05-13-pn.jpg (89688 bytes)
Algosteel loading salt at Sifto Salt dock for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
2-Algosteel-10-05-13-pn.jpg (106319 bytes)
Stern of the Algosteel with the idle Algoma Transfer in the background.
3-Algosteel-10-05-13-pn.jpg (100748 bytes)
 Loading salt into the cargo hold.
4-Algosteel-10-05-13-pn.jpg (127862 bytes)
Checking the draft.
5-Algosteel-10-05-13-pn.jpg (93405 bytes)
Loading under a bright sunny day.
6-Algoma-Trans-10-05-13-pn.jpg (126273 bytes)
Algoma Transfer in long term lay-up.
7-Goderich-10-05-13-pn.jpg (169378 bytes)
Goderich Main Light.
1-Mississagi-11-05-13-pn.jpg (89980 bytes)
 Mississagi loading salt at Sifto Salt dock.
2-Mississagi-11-05-13-pn.jpg (80647 bytes)
Loading under a cloudy cool day as winds begin to pick up.
3-Mississagi-11-05-13-pn.jpg (95293 bytes)
4-Mississagi-11-05-13-pn.jpg (57299 bytes)
Trim lights on the Mississagi, used when loading to let the crew know if the ship is on even keel or listing to one side or the other.
5-Algomarine-11-05-13-pn.jpg (59648 bytes)
Algomarine inbound Goderich Piers heading to the North dock to wait for the Mississagi to load and depart.
6-Algomarine-11-05-13-pn.jpg (45721 bytes)
Preparing to put a crew member from the Algomarine on the dock
7-Algomarine-11-05-13-pn.jpg (69600 bytes)
Algomarine approaches the North dock.

Point Edward and Sarnia -
Marc Dease
1-cuya-5-5-13-md.jpg (99324 bytes)
Cuyahoga takes on a part load at the elevator.
2-tec-5-7-13-a-md.jpg (53666 bytes)
Tecumseh making the turn at 1 & 2.
3-tec-5-7-13-b-md.jpg (65047 bytes)
Downbound at Point Edward
4-buf-5-7-13-a-md.jpg (59532 bytes)
Buffalo downbound.
5-buf-5-7-13-b-md.jpg (61813 bytes)
Making the turn.
6-buf-5-7-13-c-md.jpg (49749 bytes)
Abeam 1 & 2.
7-alp-5-7-13-a-md.jpg (53557 bytes)
Alpena follows.
8-alp-5-7-13-b-md.jpg (59336 bytes)
Above 1 & 2.
9-alp-5-7-13-c-md.jpg (80225 bytes)
Making the turn.
10-away-5-7-13-a-md.jpg (58253 bytes)
Algoway above 1 & 2.
11-away-5-7-13-b-md.jpg (75793 bytes)
Making the turn.
12-ljk-5-7-13-md.jpg (73176 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber making the turn at 1 & 2.
13-jlo-5-7-13-md.jpg (74679 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound at 1 & 2.
14-spru-5-9-13-a-md.jpg (65578 bytes)
Spruceglen in the north slip.
15-spru-5-9-13-b-md.jpg (102907 bytes)
Backing down to the Imperial Oil dock.
16-mani-5-9-13-md.jpg (82134 bytes)
Manistee downbound at 1 & 2.
17-maas-5-9-13-md.jpg (97566 bytes)
Federal Maas downbound at 1 & 2.
18-rail-5-9-13-md.jpg (87075 bytes)
Algorail making the turn

Chicago and Indiana - Tom Kort
1-ctc1-5-08-tk.jpg (137620 bytes)
CTC 1 still in storage.  Looking more weathered.
2-white-5-08-tk.jpg (149724 bytes)
H. Lee White unloading crushed stone.
3-white-5-08-tk.jpg (87948 bytes)
Close up of the unloading boom and the stone.
4-white-5-08-tk.jpg (136766 bytes)
Bow shot and large claw in the background.
6-white-5-08-tk.jpg (105305 bytes)
7-manitowoc-5-08-tk.jpg (116620 bytes)
Manitowoc loading coal
8-manitowoc-5-08-tk.jpg (127041 bytes) 9-manitowoc-5-08-tk.jpg (104016 bytes)
close up of the loader
10-tug-5-08-tk.jpg (129152 bytes)
Tug Barbara Andrie
11-tug-5-08-tug.jpg (88803 bytes)
12-gott-5-08-tk.jpg (189445 bytes)
Gott was at Gary USS steel plant unloading.
13-gott-5-08-tk.jpg (107740 bytes) 14-gott-5-08-tk.jpg (76936 bytes) 16--gott-5-08-tk.jpg (115410 bytes)
Close up of the unloading hopper.
17-gott-5-08-tk.jpg (118543 bytes)
Over view of the Gary USS steel plant and the Gott

Welland Canal on Saturday -
Skip Gillham
Vaasaborg-1--Ab.-L.1-May-11-13-(2).jpg (86436 bytes)
Vaasaborg - Above Lock 1
Algocanada---Bel.-L.-4-May-11-13-(1).jpg (109557 bytes)
Algocanada - Below Lock 4
Algoma-Enterprise-Ab.-L.1-May-11-13.jpg (104406 bytes)
 Algoma Enterprise - tied to wall above Lock 1

Five vessels laid up in Montreal at the former Canadian Vickers shipyard site - Rene Beauchamp
laid-up-in-Montreal4-17-13.jpg (103532 bytes)
From left to right: Aivik, Umiavut, Avataq, Richelieu and Saguenay. Mount Royal in the background.

Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Missgi-5-12-13-BCM-01.jpg (109560 bytes)
Mississagi Sunday
Missgi-5-12-13-BCM-02.jpg (65390 bytes) Missgi-5-12-13-BCM-03.jpg (69662 bytes) SamLd-5-11-13-BCM-01.jpg (95936 bytes)
Sam Laud Saturday
SamLd-5-11-13-BCM-02.jpg (105684 bytes)
SamLd-5-11-13-BCM-03.jpg (118926 bytes) SamLd-5-11-13-BCM-04.jpg (77072 bytes) SamLd-5-11-13-BCM-05.jpg (116157 bytes) SamLd-5-11-13-BCM-06.jpg (68115 bytes) DefiAsht-4-14-13-BCM-03.jpg (154342 bytes)
Defiance and Ashtabula unloading at Lafarge in April
HrbJck-4-28-13-BCM-06.jpg (166404 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading at Stoneport in April

MeridAsh-4-29-13-BCM-05.jpg (106735 bytes)
Tug Meredith Ashton and spud barge in April

MeridAsh-4-29-13-BCM-06.jpg (100645 bytes)

Missisg-4-14-13-BCM-01.jpg (97387 bytes)
Mississagi unloading salt in April
Missisg-4-14-13-BCM-02.jpg (141729 bytes)

St. Clair River weekend - Dave Wobser
1-Algomarine-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (54304 bytes)
Algomarine upbound on Friday
2-Algomarine-b-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (45017 bytes) 3-Pineglen-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (41361 bytes)
Pineglen downbound
4-Pineglen-b-2013-5-9-djw.jpg (65333 bytes)
Pineglen accommodations painting project underway
5-Saginaw-2013-5-9-djw.jpg (66144 bytes)
Saginaw upbound
7-Blough-2013-5-9-djw.jpg (37230 bytes)
Roger Blough
8-SamLaud-201305090djw.jpg (63417 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound followed closely by Buffalo
9-SamLaud-b-2013-55-9-djw.jpg (46088 bytes) 10-Buffalo-2013-5-9-djw.jpg (36574 bytes) 11-PacHuron-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (54292 bytes)
Pacific Huron down under the Blue Water Bridges on Saturday
12-FedAsahi-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (71396 bytes)
Federal Asahi down passing the St. Clair Inn
13-Cedarglen-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (58445 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound
14-Manitoba-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (61591 bytes)
Manitoba downbound
15-HCJackson-2013-5-10-djw.jpg (66243 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson headed to Dearborn through the window of the St. Clair Inn
16-Latimer-2013-5-11-djw.jpg (68470 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer upbound on Sunday morning

Wilfred Sykes departing Port Inland May 7 -
 Scott Chartier
Wilfred-Sykes-scott-c.jpg (32388 bytes)        

Algowood and Frontenac at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1awood5_5_13ld3_rb.jpg (140927 bytes)
2front5_6_13dk_rb.jpg (126807 bytes)

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-mississagi-5-10-13-ts.jpg (62652 bytes)
Mississagi with her bow into the Essexville turning basin.
2-mississagi-6-10-13-ts.jpg (73557 bytes)
Swinging the stern around
3-mississagi-5-10-13-ts.jpg (78050 bytes)
Turned and headed outbound
4-mississagi-5-10-13-ts.jpg (75992 bytes)
Stern view at Smith Park

Duluth & Two Harbors
- Brad Krekelberg
01duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (84229 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway Arriving Duluth
02duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (82857 bytes)
Indiana Harbor in the Duluth Ship Canal
03duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (51663 bytes)
Crewmen on the bow waving to the crowd
04duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (97510 bytes)
American Spirit arriving Two Harbors
05duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (90246 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader departing Duluth
06duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (127380 bytes)
Joyce L VanEnkevort slips under the Aerial Bridge
07duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (96308 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar arriving following Great Lakes Trader's departure
08duluth-2hbr-bk5-13.jpg (70863 bytes)
American Century receiving a pot of gold outside Duluth/Superior harbor

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
Vaasaborg-(Nld)-upbnd-at-Homer-dock.jpg (115520 bytes) uscg-Hollyhock-tieing-up-in-L3.jpg (101133 bytes) uscg-Hollyhock-with-buoys.jpg (139930 bytes) Volgaborg-(Nld)-on-maiden-voyage-upbnd-below-L8.jpg (82396 bytes) Volgaborg-(Nld)-upbnd-passing-Robin-Hood-mill-just-N-of-L8.jpg (80592 bytes)
Federal-Seto-(Hkg)-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (103516 bytes) Brant-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-to-L2-(2).jpg (94945 bytes) Cedarglen-headed-to-L2.jpg (60578 bytes) BBC-Maine-(Atg)-upbnd-headed-to-L4.jpg (128127 bytes) Birchglen-formerly-Federal-Richelieu-upbnd-headed-to-L3.jpg (70561 bytes)
Algoma-Montrealais-below-bridge-4.jpg (77288 bytes) Arneborg-(Nld)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (108472 bytes)      

Lakers and CCGS Griffon docking at Prescott Station Tuesday -
Jim Scrimger
3-CCGS-Griffon-Laker-Algosoo--Prescott-5-7-13-JS--.jpg (81953 bytes) 4-CCGS-Griffon--Prescott-5-7-13-JS-.jpg (76801 bytes) 5-CCGS-Griffon-Tracy--Prescott-5-7-13-JS-.jpg (95131 bytes) 6-CCGS-Griffon-Tracy--Prescott-Station-5-7-13-JS-.jpg (154804 bytes) 7-Griffon-docking-procedure-5-7-13-JS-.jpg (319350 bytes)
2-CCGS-Tracy--Griffon--Prescott-5-7-13-JS-.jpg (168346 bytes) 1-Algolake-Baie-St.-Paul-5-7-13-JS-.jpg (179350 bytes)      

Dutch vessel Amstelgracht passed through the Cote St-Catherine Lock upbound - Roland Van Bulck
1-amstelg_13-05-10-rvb.jpg (134856 bytes) 2-amstelg_13-05-10-rvb.jpg (92868 bytes)      

Thursday Sam Laud was backing out of the Cuyahoga River -
Dave Hossenlopp
1-SamLaud-05-09-13-dh.jpg (130322 bytes)        

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