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May 22, 20

Detroit River Sunday from the Tour Boat Friendship
DSC_0693.jpg (61210 bytes)
View from the Portofino restaurant dock in Wyandotte.
DSC_0696.jpg (105894 bytes) DSC_0708.jpg (87490 bytes)
American Spirit unloading at Zug Island
DSC_0710.jpg (135609 bytes)
Patricia Hoey pushing the fueling barge William L. Warner
DSC_0714.jpg (118099 bytes)
DSC_0715.jpg (68035 bytes)
Great Republic downbound
DSC_0723.jpg (156339 bytes) DSC_0725.jpg (74840 bytes)
Algomarine at Sterling Fuel Windsor
DSC_0733.jpg (109378 bytes) DSC_0737.jpg (126484 bytes)
Mailboat J.W. Westcott II heads out to deliver pizzas.
DSC_0744.jpg (191595 bytes)
Along side
DSC_0751.jpg (139276 bytes)
upbound for a mail delivery
DSC_0752.jpg (84207 bytes)
Capt. Jason Elliott running  the Westcott.
DSC_0754.jpg (103644 bytes) DSC_0756.jpg (74887 bytes)
DSC_0758.jpg (83406 bytes) DSC_0784.jpg (97869 bytes)
Algosteel downbound
DSC_0786.jpg (151503 bytes) DSC_0790.jpg (100156 bytes) DSC_0793.jpg (133377 bytes)
Mail by the pail
DSC_0803.jpg (124053 bytes) DSC_0806.jpg (104216 bytes) DSC_0812.jpg (66451 bytes)
Capt. Sam Buchanan and Capt. Bill Griffore
DSC_0819.jpg (157594 bytes)
Macassa Bay
DSC_0829.jpg (72781 bytes)
Algomarine departing the fuel dock.
DSC_0831.jpg (96846 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder upbound.
DSC_0843.jpg (53981 bytes) DSC_0844.jpg (102572 bytes)
Capt. Sam drains the fire system.

Detroit -
 Mike Nicholls
WARNERWILLIAMLPHOEYb12041813mn.jpg (89558 bytes)
Tug Patricia Hoey and barge William L Warner
outbound the Rouge River approaching Fort Street.
1KIMBERLYANNEb03051713mn.jpg (103663 bytes)
 tug Kimberly Anne upbound off River Rouge
towing 2 mud barges.
3ROBERTSONVCPRIVATEs08051713mn.jpg (117986 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Pvt Robertson V.C. upbound at the Ojibway Anchorage.
2ROBERTSONVCPRIVATEb06051713mn.jpg (92275 bytes) 6ASHTABULAb18051713mn.jpg (84287 bytes)
Ashtabula at Sterling Fuel.
4DESGAGNESCLAUDEAb11051713mn.jpg (78833 bytes)
Claude A Desgagnes in Ojibway Anchorage unloading a yacht.
5DESGAGNESCLAUDEAs15051713mn.jpg (79802 bytes) MANISTEEb01051513mn.jpg (96023 bytes)
 Manistee upbound Detroit River passing Detroit.
MANISTEEs02051513mn.jpg (64280 bytes)  

Cleveland Activity -
Rich Nicholls
1-Dianne-M-5-18-13-rn.jpg (159428 bytes)
Tug Dianne M with barge taking a break from I-90 Cuyahoga River bridge replacement project.
2-Calumet-5-18-13-rn.jpg (55492 bytes)
Calumet pulls into West Basin to take tug Iowa's stern line on the way to salt dock.
3-American-Courage-5-18-13-rn.jpg (64425 bytes)
American Courage inbound to Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
4-American-Courage-5-18-13-rn.jpg (71952 bytes) 5-American-Courage-5-18-13-rn.jpg (46872 bytes)

Jefferson Drawbridge that was struck by the Herbert C. Jackson when the span was lowered in front of the moving vessel
- Ron Piskor
2-jdb-5-19-2013-rjp.jpg (367424 bytes)
The Jefferson Drawbridge locked in open position until repairs can begin. Structural damage to the roadway cross bracing is quite evident in this view from the west bank.
3-jdb-5-19-2013-rjp.jpg (431073 bytes)
A close-up view of the bow impact area.
4-jdb-5-19-2013-rjp.jpg (117289 bytes)
A view later in the evening from the east bank.
1-idaho-5-19-2013-rjp.jpg (222930 bytes)
The G Tug Idaho moored along the Rouge River just below were the Jefferson Drawbridge was struck by the Herbert C Jackson.

Ocean Traverse Nord has been dredging in Kingsville and the photos below show how she has been unloading her dredging spoils
- Erich Zuschlag
OTN-5-19-13ez1.jpg (108009 bytes)
Ocean Traverse Nord approaching the drop zone fully loaded
OTN-5-19-13ezD1.jpg (94954 bytes)
he hull of the ship opens up and the load falls out through the opening in the hull
OTN-5-19-13ezB1.jpg (104144 bytes)
Close up of the bow during the unloading process
OTN-5-19-13ezC1.jpg (118673 bytes)
Unloading complete

Huron Spirit being pushed by the Evans McKeil downbound on St. Clair River on May 20 -
Mark Shumarker
HuronSpirit_5-13_MS.jpg (101283 bytes)        

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-Calumet-5-19-13-bv.jpg (164016 bytes)
Calumet unloading salt at the City of Toledo salt dock next to Arms Dock
2-Calumet-5-19-13-bv.jpg (113541 bytes)
 Looking at the boom and salt pile
3-Calumet-5-19-13-bv.jpg (108147 bytes)
Another view
4-Calumet-5-19-13-bv.jpg (94660 bytes) 5-SichemMelbourne-5-19-13-bv.jpg (151141 bytes)
 Sichem Melbourne a chemical tanker unloading liquid fertilizer at the Anderson A
7-rotarydumper-5-20-13-bv.jpg (113181 bytes)
Empty coal cars being push out of the rotary dumper by the two loaded coal cars
8-tower-5-20-13-bv.jpg (193854 bytes)
Empty coal cars that came off the dumper are going toward the empty hole.  The tower man will slow down the cars using air retarder and throw a switch, so that the empty coal cars goes down the right empty hole track.
9-emptyhole-5-20-13-bv.jpg (194246 bytes)
The empty coal cars going down into the empty hole.

Three Rivers downbound below Lock 4 -
Eric Holmes
1-Threerivers-05-19-13-eh.jpg (103130 bytes) 2-Threerivers-05-19-13-eh.jpg (99838 bytes)      

Welland Canal
 - Bill Bird
1-Saginaw-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (98756 bytes)
Saginaw approaching Homer Bridge
2-Saginaw-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (91036 bytes)
clear of the bridge
3-Saginaw-05-18-13-c-bb.jpg (81784 bytes)
taking Lock 3 on the fly
4-CSLTadoussac-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (89793 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac at Port Robinson
5-CSLTadoussac-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (102320 bytes)
6-Birchglen-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (87724 bytes)
Birchglen at Port Robinson
7-Birchglen-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (98773 bytes) 8-AlgowoodRadcliffeRLatimer-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (91651 bytes)
Busy day at Port Colborne-Algowood awaiting Lock
9-RadcliffeRLatimer-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (89192 bytes)
Radcliffe R Latimer tied at Wharf 12
10-RadcliffeRLatimer-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (95240 bytes)
Latimer departing the stone dock headed for Quebec City   
11-HarbourFashion-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (107407 bytes)
Harbour Fashion clear of Lock 8
12-HarbourFashion-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (92770 bytes)
13-OjibwayAtlanticSuperior-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (86695 bytes)
Above Bridge 21 Atlantic Superior joins Ojibway at the coal dock
14-AlgowoodBBCMaine-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (99608 bytes)
Algowood leaving Lock 8 with BBC Maine preparing to move ahead
15-Algowood-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (94283 bytes)
Algowood closeup
16-AlgowoodOjibwayAtlanticSuperior-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (126136 bytes)
heading to the outer harbour
17-Algowood-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (156080 bytes)
under Bridge 21
18-BBCMaine-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (136542 bytes)
BBC Maine departing the lock
19-BBCMaine-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (106581 bytes) 20-SichemMelbourne-05-18-13-a-bb.jpg (105531 bytes)
Sichem Melbourne arriving at the lock
21-SichemMelbourne-05-18-13-b-bb.jpg (98680 bytes)        

Atlantic Erie upbound in the Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Atlantic-Erie-05-18-13-mb1.jpg (91934 bytes) 2-Atlantic-Erie-05-18-13-mb1.jpg (119237 bytes)      

Goderich, Ontario May 16 -
Philip Nash
1-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (86460 bytes)
John B. Aird loading salt for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
2-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (83645 bytes)
The dock loader loading salt into the Aird.
3-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (92135 bytes)
Some type of spillage occurred on the deck.
4-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (90761 bytes)
Bow draft marks.
5-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (134706 bytes)
Mid-Ship marks.
6-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (70310 bytes)
Aft marks
7-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (96811 bytes)
End of the boom.
8-JBAird-16-05-13-pn.jpg (69417 bytes)
Boom overhangs the harbour with the elevators in the background.
9-AlgomaTrans-16-05-13-pn.jpg (141988 bytes)
 Family of Canada Geese heading out for some lunch with the idle Algoma Transfer in the background.

Sarnia -
John McCreery
1-Cedarglen-5-16-13-jm.jpg (107851 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound at buoys 1 and 2
2-WilliamJ-5-16-13-jm.jpg (119940 bytes)
Fish tug William J returning to Sarnia
3-Irma-5-16-13-jm.jpg (140988 bytes)
Polsteam's Irma
4-KEBarker-5-16-13-jm.jpg (172333 bytes)
Kaye E Barker's upbound approach to the Black River and a slew of fishing boats
5-KBarker-5-16-13.jpg (172187 bytes)
Barker and sail boat
6-KEBarker-5-16-13-jm.jpg (172603 bytes)
Upbound past the Chemical Valley
7-KEBarker-5-16-13-jm.jpg (181450 bytes)
Stern view headed into Lake Huron
8-PMartin-5-17-13-jm.jpg (71584 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin bow on
9-PMartin-5-17-13-jm.jpg (80569 bytes)
 Martin making the turn toward the river
10-CSLTadoussac-5-17-13-jm.jpg (105966 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac downbound followed by the State Of Michigan
11-CSLTadoussac-5-17-13-jm.jpg (155287 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac through the turn
12-CSLTadoussac-5-17-13-jm.jpg (126841 bytes)
Stern view approaching the Black River
13-StateofMichigan-5-17-13-jm.jpg (118926 bytes)
 State Of Michigan
14-Cuyahoga-5-17-13-jm.jpg (119406 bytes)
Cuyahoga departed from Imperial Oil and upbound for Goderich
15-Cuyahoga-5-17-13-jm.jpg (102204 bytes)
Cuyahoga and the downbound American Integrity
16-Cuyahoga-5-17-13-jm.jpg (117352 bytes)
Stern view headed into Lake Huron
17-Birchglen-Cuyahoga-5-17-13-jm.jpg (100367 bytes)
 Birchglen meets the departing Cuyahoga
18-Birchglen-5-17-13-jm.jpg (106720 bytes)
Birchglen turning as Cuyahoga points toward Goderich
19-Cuyahoga-5-17-13-jm.jpg (98649 bytes)
At Goderich and already loading sal
20-SaltDock-5-17-13-jm.jpg (116161 bytes)
 Load operator in the control booth

Port Huron and Marysville Friday and Saturday -
Bruce Hurd
DSCF1092.jpg (87443 bytes)
Three Rivers downbound off Marysville on Friday
DSCF1097.jpg (101364 bytes)
BBC Maine also off Marysville on Friday
DSCF1104.jpg (88582 bytes)
Solina upbound off Port Huron on Saturday
DSCF1117.jpg (135512 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes off Port Huron on Saturday
DSCF1109.jpg (118456 bytes)
Training Vessel State of Michigan at Port Huron's Bean Dock
DSCF1107.jpg (87298 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound off Port Huron

St. Clair River at Marine City on Saturday -
Don Detloff
1-mariner-18may13-djd.jpg (62611 bytes)
Algoma Mariner
2-michigan-18may13-djd.jpg (80530 bytes)
State of Michigan
3-buck-18may13-djd.jpg (87659 bytes)
USCGC Buckthorn (WLI 642)
4-passing-18may13-djd.jpg (92882 bytes)
Buckthorn and State of Michigan Passing
5-a10-18may13-djd.jpg (25269 bytes)
107th Fighter Squadron A-10 "Red Devils" From Selfridge ANGB Detroit.
6-a10-18may13-djd.jpg (23579 bytes) 7-solina-18may13-djd.jpg (74340 bytes)
8-Michipicoten-18may13-djd.jpg (70422 bytes)
1-robertson-13may13-djd.jpg (130492 bytes)
 CCGS Private Robertson V.C.
3-jimmy-13may13-djd.jpg (71141 bytes)
Jimmy L. and barges

Whitefish Bay ready to depart her builder's yard in China
WHITEFISHBAY5-16-13.jpg (31306 bytes)        

Lee A. Tregurtha southbound on Lake Michigan off of Elberta, Michigan at sunset Wednesday.
IMG_20130515_210649.jpg (38439 bytes)        

Traffic at St. Clair Michigan, Friday
- Kevin Majewski
1.TADO-5-17-13-KM.jpg (77843 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac  approaching St. Clair.
2.TAD-5-17-13-KM.jpg (100855 bytes)
Tadoussac continuing downbound.
3.SOM-5-17-13-KM.jpg (69088 bytes)
State of Michigan operated by the Great Lakes Maritime Academy downbound.

4.SO-5-17-13-KM.jpg (86180 bytes)
The former USNS Persistent (T-AGOS-6) now owned by USDOT/MARAD assigned to GLMA.
5.BIR-5-17-13-KM.jpg (57291 bytes)
Birchglen downbound at St. Clair.
6.AMI-5-17-13-KM.jpg (78580 bytes)
1000 footer American Integrity downbound.
7.GRI-5-17-13-KM.jpg (97037 bytes)
CCGS Griffon upbound at St. Clair.
8.GR-5-17-13-KM.jpg (84499 bytes)
stern view.
9.RAD-5-17-13-KM.jpg (69384 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer downbound at St. Clair.
10.RA-5-17-13-KM.jpg (83661 bytes)
Latimer continuing downbound.

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1lat5_10_13_rb.jpg (106662 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha unloading stone into the hopper
2mich5_12_13dk_rb.jpg (151607 bytes)
Michipicoten loaded with ore and waiting on winds before departure

Shipping at Sorel-Tracy -
Rene Beauchamp
Phoenix-Sun-290413-René-B..jpg (97448 bytes)
Phoenix Sun laid up at Sorel-Tracy in April. Note paint beginning to peel away.
Ojibway-290413-René-B..jpg (104491 bytes)
Ojibway unloading grain at Sorel-Tracy on April 29

Duluth and Superior -
Steve Bauer
1-AMVic-5-10-13-sb.jpg (130229 bytes)
American Victory shares space with the John G. Munson at Fraser Shipyard shortly after sunrise on Friday, May 10.
2-Calwy-5-10-13-sb.jpg (115635 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway arrives at the Duluth Pier lights with a load of limestone on a windy Friday.
3-IndHbr-5-10-13-sb.jpg (126538 bytes)
About a half an hour behind the Callaway, the Indiana Harbor arrives at the lights en route to Midwest Energy.
4-Cort-5-10-13-sb.jpg (119675 bytes)
Over on the Superior side, the Stewart J. Cort was arriving to load at the BNSF ore dock.
5-AmCnt-5-11-13-sb.jpg (106404 bytes)
After briefly anchoring out in the lake, the American Century arrives at Duluth on Saturday, May 11.
6-JVnEnk-05-11-13-sb.jpg (127581 bytes)
Joyce Van Enkevort departs Duluth after waiting for the Century to arrive.
7-Obrstr-5-11-13-sb.jpg (112832 bytes)
The parade continues as the James L. Oberstar arriving.
8-Obrstr-5-12-13-sb.jpg (115751 bytes)
James L. Oberstar departing Duluth around 5:40 Sunday morning headed for Two Harbors.
9-Obrstr-5-12-13-sb.jpg (188907 bytes)
Arriving at Two Harbors for a load of pellets.

Neah Bay hauled out at the Great Lakes Ship yard in Celveland.
neahbayhaulout5-113-13.jpg (156892 bytes)        

Frontenac May 14 -
Nathan Attard
frontenac5-14-13.jpg (73365 bytes)        

Brockville, Ont. - Dave Bessant
01-Solina-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (112028 bytes)
Solina approaching Brockville
02-Solina-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (149233 bytes)
effect of Solina's bulbous bow on the water
03-Solina-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (129031 bytes)
Solina stern view
04-Algoeast-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (103723 bytes)
Algoeast close behind
05-Algoeast-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (116403 bytes)
Algoeast at Blockhouse Island
06-Manitoba-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (129719 bytes)
Manitoba passing St Lawrence park west of Brockville, downbound
07-ManitobaAlgomaProgress-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (144892 bytes)
 Manitoba sliding out from behind Algoma Progress at Blockhouse
08-AlgomaProgress-13-05-13-WDB.jpg (138482 bytes)
Algoma Progress

Downbound Federal Rhine and up bound H Lee White near Windmill Pointe -
Nickie Kowal
photo3.jpg (184725 bytes)        

Former Canadian Miner still aground -
Councillor Kevin Saccary
kennywadden.jpg (52508 bytes)
Kenny Wadden volunteered his time to take the Councillor out to Scatarie Island
CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(2).jpg (72191 bytes)
The Miner broke free while under town for scrapping over seas.
CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(3).jpg (47289 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(18).jpg (59890 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(5).jpg (54850 bytes)
CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(1).jpg (83459 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(4).jpg (99497 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(11).jpg (67162 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(12).jpg (52771 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(13).jpg (67829 bytes)
CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(10).jpg (54751 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(16).jpg (78380 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(14).jpg (78901 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(17).jpg (58372 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(15).jpg (51821 bytes)
CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(8).jpg (87768 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(6).jpg (87581 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(9).jpg (85445 bytes) CANADIANMINER-5-13-KW-(7).jpg (67361 bytes)  

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