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July 1, 20

We are working to get caught up on the back log of pictures and return this gallery to a daily feature. Please continue to send your updates and pictures.

Cleveland - Scott Tish

1-Algoway-5-27-13-ST.jpg (210547 bytes)
With the assistance of G Tugs Iowa on the stern and the Illinois on the bow the Algoway makes the turn at Superior Bend headed for Allied Road Products
2-Algoway-5-27-13-ST.jpg (224240 bytes)
After assisting the Algoway to Allied Road Products, G Tug Illinois now assist the Petite Forte-St. Marys Cement of out the Cuyahoga on Memorial Day.
3-Enke-6-15-13-ST.jpg (82242 bytes)
After offloading iron ore pellets the Joyce L. VanEnkevort-Great Lakes Trader heads out of Cleveland
4-Calumet-6-15-13-ST.jpg (193598 bytes)
After taking on a load of salt at Cargill in Cleveland the Calumet heads upriver to Ontario Stone to offload passing by the old Columbus Rd. drawbridge lift span.
5-Calumet-6-15-13-ST.jpg (218892 bytes)
5-Saginaw-6-22-13-ST.jpg (177086 bytes)
The Dorothy Ann-Pathfinder squeezes by the Saginaw on its journey to Osborne Stone.
6-Saginaw-6-22-13-ST.jpg (162665 bytes)
.The Saginaw offloads at Allied Road Products with G tug Iowa standing by to assist on the trip back out of the river
7-Saginaw-6-22-13-ST.jpg (208922 bytes)
With the G tug Iowa leading the way, the Saginaw backs out of the river passing under the old Eagle St. lift bridge
8-Saginaw-6-22-13-ST.jpg (222066 bytes)
The Iowa and the Saginaw make the tight turn at Columbus Rd passing the equipment of American Bridge tied down at left.
9-Saginaw-6-22-13-ST.jpg (197596 bytes)
Even though the Saginaw is not yet fully by the rowing crews and recreational boaters head out.

Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lakes Contender -
Mark Shumaker
1-KBooth-6-23-13-ms.jpg (83723 bytes)
With tugs Idaho and Wyoming, downbound in the St. Clair River shortly after the vessel was released from being aground on June 23
2-KBooth-6-23-13-ms.jpg (71834 bytes) 3-KBoothe-6-23-13-ms.jpg (86638 bytes)    

Algolake and Capt. Henry Jackman Loading Ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1alake6_16_13dk_rb.jpg (106181 bytes)
2chj61813ld_rb.jpg (165501 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman

Hamilton June 22
- Bill Bird
1-CCGSConstableCarriere-06-22-13-a-bb.jpg (91688 bytes)
CCGS Constable Carriere-one of nine new Hero Class patrol vessels built in Halifax.
2-CCGSConstableCarriere-06-22-13-b-bb.jpg (169371 bytes)
heading into Lake Ontario for exercises.
3-Hamiltonharboursign06-22-13-a-bb.jpg (214854 bytes)
warning sign for boaters
4-sailboatAlgomaMontrealaisfisherman06-22-13-a-bb.jpg (69098 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais heading for Hamilton
5-AlgomaMontrealais-06-22-13-a-bb.jpg (66365 bytes)
about to enter Burlington Canal
6-AlgomaMontrealaishatches-06-22-13-a-bb.jpg (74634 bytes)
removing hatch covers to unload cargo of taconite at Dofasco
7-AlgomaMontrealais-06-22-13-b-bb.jpg (144610 bytes)
stern shot

Marquette June 19 - 
Luke Archer
photo1.jpg (112360 bytes)
Both Barker boats at the LS&I dock. Kaye E. Barker loading taconite while the James R. Barker unloads coal in the hopper.

Goderich -
Adam Gagnon
Algoma-Transfer-Goderich-2.jpg (129917 bytes)
Algoma Transfer
Algoma-Transfer-2.jpg (179890 bytes)
Peter-R.-Cressnell-3.jpg (118711 bytes)
The Peter R. Cresswell loading salt at dock in the Port of Goderich on May 19.

Calumet River in South Chicago -
Scott Niksich
2013FathersDay-048.jpg (123251 bytes) 2013FathersDay-047.jpg (128651 bytes) 2013FathersDay-007.jpg (108589 bytes)    

Cleveland -
Kate White
2-Columbus-Drawbridge-6-17-13-kw.jpg (224672 bytes)
The old drawbridge of the Columbus road bridge.
1-American-Courage-6-17-13-kw.jpg (175966 bytes)
American Courage

Port Huron -
Bruce Hurd
DSCF1250.jpg (88211 bytes)
Baie St. Paul downbound
DSCF1259.jpg (113041 bytes)
Salt Water Vessel Emilie off the Port Huron Beandock.

Willy's Contracting new work boat Howard W. Fitzpatrick in Sarnia - George Lee
Misc-1664.jpg (185333 bytes) Misc-1668.jpg (136615 bytes) Misc-1667.jpg (87381 bytes) Misc-1670.jpg (148831 bytes) Misc-1671.jpg (152928 bytes)

Qamutik at Algonac State Park with interesting cargo on Sunday -
Don Detloff
1-qamutik-16jun13-djd.jpg (53661 bytes) 2-qamutik-16jun13-djd.jpg (55687 bytes) 3-qamutik-16jun13-djd.jpg (74063 bytes)    

Hamilton June 15 -
John van der Doe.
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-15-June-2013-(35).jpg (105417 bytes)
Federal Leda at the P&H terminal.
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-15-June-2013-(6).jpg (84998 bytes)
Hamilton Energy finished with bunkering the Dutch tanker

Dutch salty Qamutik upbound at Thorold - Bill Bird
2-Qamutikyacht-06-15-13-a-bb.jpg (92982 bytes)
Hull of carbon fibre yacht built overseas. Owned by a Russian billionaire.
3-Qamutikyacht-06-15-13-b-bb.jpg (102639 bytes)
Another view-yacht said to be worth 55 million when seaworthy.
4-Qamutik-06-15-13-b-bb.jpg (84285 bytes)
Headed to Sturgeon Bay where job will be finished

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
1-Algomarine-6-12-13-JS--.jpg (146855 bytes)
Algomarine backing out of Prescott port.
2-Algomarine-6-12-13-JS-.jpg (107508 bytes) 3-Algomarine-6-12-13-JS-.jpg (105072 bytes) 4-Algomarine-6-12-13-JS-.jpg (123577 bytes)
Maneuvering around the end of the pier to go upstream
5-Johnstown-bridge-Chemstrans-Alster-6-12-13-JS-.jpg (307023 bytes)
Chemstrans Alster at Johnstown Bridge
6-bridge-Chemstrans-Alster-6-12-13-JS-.jpg (146692 bytes) 7-Fair-Jeanne-rigging-crew-6-8-13-JS-.jpg (156482 bytes)
Crew in rigging of Fair Jeanne at Prescott.
8-Speedboat-Fair-Jeanne-6-8-13-JS-.jpg (111176 bytes)
Speedboat & Fair Jeanne bow.
9-Sorlandet-Fair-Jeanne-6-13-13-JS--.jpg (342675 bytes)
Solandet and Fair Jeanne.
10-Sorlandet-6-13-13-JS-.jpg (190917 bytes)
Solandet from Norway passing Ogdensburg.
11-Peacemaker-Prescott-6-13-13-JS-.jpg (275768 bytes)
 tall ship Peacemaker, note stern arrangement.
12-Peacemaker-Prescott-6-13-13-JS-.jpg (111249 bytes)      

- Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw-6-14-13-bv.jpg (106035 bytes)
Saginaw heading out
2-Saginaw-6-14-13-bv.jpg (86535 bytes)
Saginaw leaving Toledo
3-AmericanMariner-6-14-13-bv.jpg (104978 bytes)
American Mariner loading coal under the shiploader
4-AmericanMariner-6-14-13-bv.jpg (127440 bytes)
A look at the Shuttle car loading the American Mariner
5-AmericanMariner-6-14-13-bv.jpg (118991 bytes)
Another view
6-Atlantic-Erie-6-14-13-bv.jpg (132486 bytes)
Atlantic Erie bring ore from Port Cartier, almost unloaded
8-SteveDains-6-14-13-bv.jpg (110073 bytes)
Steve Dains retiring June 26 with 39 1/2 years of service
7-4RetTower-6-14-13-bv.jpg (130094 bytes)
The #4 Retarder Tower

YM Jupiter upbound off Port Huron June 14 -
Bruce Hurd
DSCF1239.jpg (121114 bytes) DSCF1245.jpg (146724 bytes)      

Algorail upbound on the St. Clair River at Port Lambton -
Butch Dompierre
RJD_2294-Upbound-AlgoRail.jpg (62858 bytes)        

Detroit River
- Ken Borg
IMG_9508.jpg (83516 bytes)
Calumet upbound the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River after discharging a load of coal at DTE Electric Trenton Channel Power Plant on June 13
IMG_9533.jpg (125689 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker up-bound the Rouge River coming through the Fort St. draw on June 13

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-olm-ljk-6-13-13-ts.jpg (96059 bytes)
Unloading at the Burroughs North dock in Essexville
2-olm-ljk-6-13-13-ts.jpg (115482 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber

Wedding on board the J.W. Westcott II -
Adam Spencer Photography
Sarah-and-Steve-on-JW-Westcott.jpg (57822 bytes) Sarah-and-Steve-Westcott-1.jpg (51992 bytes) Sarah-and-Steve-on-Westcott-2.jpg (48927 bytes) 081.jpg (49648 bytes)  

The St. Marys Challenger unloading cement at the Miller Cement Silos in Owen Sound May 16
7-St.-Marrys-Challenger-16-05-13.jpg (117368 bytes) 1-Unknowen-Barges-13-6-13-SR.jpg (165895 bytes)
An unknown pair of Barges and a small tug owned by Ontario Construction have been in the Owen  Harbour for  past two months.
2-Unknowen-Barges-13-6-13-SR.jpg (141861 bytes) 3-Unknowen-Barges-13-6-13-SR.jpg (266978 bytes) 4-Unknowen-Barges-13-6-13-SR.jpg (177852 bytes)
 6-Unknowen-Barges-13-6-13-SR.jpg (176249 bytes) 5-Unknowen-Barges-13-6-13-SR.jpg (218731 bytes)      

Q105 - Sarnia Observer and George Lee
Sarnia: The former Second World War submarine chaser Q105 and cruise boat Duc d'Orleans will be broken up and taken to the dump. Plans by a volunteer group to rebuild the vessel to her original configuration nearly six years ago have fallen through. The wooden 112' ship was built in 1942 by Mac Craft in Sarnia. Dry rot has taken over the hull which is beyond repair. The Detroit Diesel 6-71 main engines and 2-71 generator have been removed and sold. The hull has been stripped of metal and fittings in preparation to be demolished. The group believed the Q105 would be the only remaining Second World War naval vessel still under power.
q105sarnia5-13-(1).jpg (161249 bytes)
Q105 awaits demolition
q105sarnia5-13-(2).jpg (118844 bytes)
Original configuration as a Second World War sub chaser
q105sarnia5-13-(3).jpg (151230 bytes)
Hole cut to remove the engines
q105sarnia5-13-(4).jpg (199409 bytes) q105sarnia5-13-(5).jpg (166748 bytes)

We continued to build our collection of historic images for a future Historic Gallery
Duluth post cards
AdriaticDuluth.jpg (116701 bytes)
North-Land-Duluth.jpg (105930 bytes)
North Land
Stanley,Robert-CLoad.jpg (119916 bytes)
Robert C. Stanley
Huronic-Duluth.jpg (140906 bytes)
Crosbie,E.G.-tugDuluth.jpg (107980 bytes)
E.G. Crosbie
Juniata-Duluth.jpg (96863 bytes)

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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