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July 4, 20

Tug Hammond Bay refloated - USACE, USCG and Matt Miner
hammondbay7-3-13-(2).jpg (122857 bytes) hammondbay7-3-13-(4).jpg (184448 bytes) hammondbay7-3-13-(3).jpg (169666 bytes) hammondbay7-3-13-(1).jpg (171125 bytes) Hammond-Bay-Rasied.jpg (201797 bytes)
IMG_2063.jpg (59196 bytes)
View from Mission Hill
IMG_2100.jpg (45035 bytes)
Saginaw passing the wreck site.
IMG_2103.jpg (43275 bytes) IMG_2109.jpg (47754 bytes)
Kaye E Barker passing the Saginaw below Gros Cap.
IMG_2126.jpg (43672 bytes)
IMG_2135.jpg (46234 bytes)
The tug has been raised but is behind the H J Schwartz barge.
HammondBay-Sunk.jpg (24733 bytes)
USCG photo of the sunken tug.
hammondbay-rl.jpg (52837 bytes)
Underway prior to the sinking. Roger LeLievre
hammondbay.jpg (70095 bytes)
Under tow prior to the sinking. Roger LeLievre

St. Mary River -
Roger LeLievre
DSC_1174.jpg (61675 bytes)
Canada Day fireworks light up the museum ship Valley Camp.
DSC_1173.jpg (50837 bytes) Alpena-Cort-RL.jpg (117926 bytes)
Alpena and Cort pass.

Port Huron July 3 -
Kevin Majewski
1.Buff-7-3-13-KM.jpg (177925 bytes)
Buffalo downbound under the Blue Water Bridge spans.
2.MaryD-7-3-13-KM.jpg (161758 bytes)
Fish tug Mary Dale downbound at Sarnia.

Recent Traffic at the  Soo -
David Kaye
1-hlwhite-7-2-13-dk.jpg (145787 bytes)
H. Lee White at the International Bridge
2-alpena-7-2-13-dk.jpg (113448 bytes)
Alpena tied up at the West Pier
3-saginaw-7-3-13-dk.jpg (96305 bytes)
Saginaw at Mission Point
4-wmcohen-7-3-13-dk.jpg (99479 bytes)
Wilfred M Cohen at Mission Point

Foreign Flag ships -
Ron Beaupre
1-ayane-13-06-13--rfb.jpg (108576 bytes)
Ayane sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-ayane-13-06-13-rfb.jpg (106931 bytes)
Stern view of Ayane.
3-chemtrans-12-06-13-rfb.jpg (91850 bytes)
Chemtrans Alster passing Mariatown.
4-lancer-13-07-08--rfb.jpg (88807 bytes)
Clipper Lancer passing Mariatown.
5-karina-27-04-13--rfb.jpg (94584 bytes)
Clipper Karina passing Mariatown
6-pioneer-04-05-13-rfb.jpg (102801 bytes)
Harbour Pioneer passing Mariatown.
7-copenhagen-28-05-13-rfb.jpg (69556 bytes)
Nordic Copenhagen downbound at Mariatown's Duncan Park.

Osprey, an Iroquois Lock resident, checks out the HMCS Kingston and lets her pass -
Jim Scrimger
1-HMCS-Kingston-5-27-13-JS-.jpg (153607 bytes) 3-HMCS-Kingston-Osprey-5-27-13-JS-.jpg (126993 bytes) 2-Osprey-Iroquois-Lock-5-27-13-JS-.jpg (130243 bytes)    

S.S. Columbia July,1970 at the Bob-Lo dock in Detroit, Michigan
- R.E. Barber
1970-July-S.S.-Columbia.jpg (168918 bytes)        

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