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July 11, 20

Whitefish Bay arrival in Montreal July 9 - René Beauchamp
Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(12).jpg (101678 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(14).jpg (115152 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(20).jpg (137095 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(27).jpg (153311 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(35).jpg (126748 bytes)
Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(39).jpg (147253 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(38).jpg (195047 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B.-(40)1.jpg (112453 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-9-July-13-René-B..jpg (275847 bytes)  

Whitefish Bay approaching the village of St-Jean-ile d'Orleans July 7 -
Bruno Boissonneault
Whitefish-Bay2.jpg (96875 bytes) Whitefish-Bay.jpg (107003 bytes)      

Baie Comeau sailing for North American
Baie-Comeau7-6-13-(2).jpg (83492 bytes)
In the South China Sea, west of the Philippines.
Baie-Comeau7-6-13-(1).jpg (97715 bytes) Baie-Comeau7-6-13-(3).jpg (183740 bytes)    

HMCS Glace Bay entering the Burlington Ship Canal -
Jack Zulerons
Hamilton-2-20130710-00105.jpg (121126 bytes) Hamilton-2-20130710-00106.jpg (144608 bytes) Hamilton-2-20130710-00107.jpg (101914 bytes) Hamilton-2-20130710-00109.jpg (107994 bytes) Hamilton-2-20130710-00110.jpg (157143 bytes)

American Mariner loading at the LS&I Ore Dock with all chutes down
- Luke Archer
americanmariner7-10-13-la.jpg (106313 bytes)        

Algoma Hansa on the St. Clair River -
Bruce Hurd
alHans7813.jpg (91722 bytes)
Algoma Hansa off Marysville July 8 bound for Sun Oil in Sarnia. Michael Hurd
algomahansa7913.jpg (81081 bytes)
Upbound near the Blue Water Bridge 7-9-13. She was moving to Lake Huron anchorage waiting a dock in Sarnia.
NthCon7713.jpg (96604 bytes)
Tanker North Contender off Marine City on July 7

Soo -
David Kaye
6-samlaud-6-23-13-dk.jpg (132055 bytes)
Sam Laud Passing Under the International Bridge
3-jrbarker-7-4-13-dk.jpg (172627 bytes)
James R. Barker Under the International Bridge.
1-sjcort-7-4-13-dk.jpg (99539 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort leaving the Poe Lock.
2-alogsoo-7-4-13-dk.jpg (137549 bytes)
Algosoo in the MacArthur Lock.
1-stmich-6-22-13-dk.jpg (131128 bytes)
State Of Michigan in the Locks
2-wendyanne-6-22-13-dk.jpg (126363 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne working
3-stclair-6-22-13-dk.jpg (135992 bytes)
St. Clair Upbound leaving the Locks
4-ojibway-6-22-13-dk.jpg (128243 bytes)
Ojibway Upbound For Lake Superior
5-amanderson-6-23-13-dk.jpg (77411 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson passing Mission Point
7-rogerblough-6-23-13-dk.jpg (84657 bytes)
Roger Blough Downbound approaching the Locks

Phoenix Star, Toledo
- Jim Hoffman
a-phoenix-star-3JH.jpg (79390 bytes)
Phoenix Star in the Ironhead drydock. Closeups
a-phoenix-star-1JH.jpg (93486 bytes) a-phoenix-star-2JH.jpg (147668 bytes)
Holes cut in the starboard side.
a-phoenix-star-4JH.jpg (124891 bytes)  

Point Edward/ Sarnia
- Marc Dease
1-tec-5-27-13-md.jpg (63169 bytes)
Tecumseh downbound at 1 & 2.
2-rog-5-31-13-a-md.jpg (67656 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound above 1 & 2.
3-rog-5-31-13-b-md.jpg (64896 bytes)
Making the turn.
4-stel-5-31-13-md.jpg (67224 bytes)
Algosteel making the turn at 1 & 2.
5-cent-5-31-13-md.jpg (60470 bytes)
American Century head on.
6-nova-5-31-13-a-md.jpg (87711 bytes)
Algonova turning in the north slip.
7-nova-5-31-13-b-md.jpg (90757 bytes)
Swinging around.
8-hcj-5-13-31-md.jpg (43192 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound under a very low ceiling.
9-fron-6-4-13-md.jpg (85374 bytes)
Frontenac alongside fleetmate CSL Tadoussac in the north slip.
10-sar-6-5-13-a-md.jpg (76222 bytes)
Algosar at the government dock.
11-sar-6-4-13-b-md.jpg (70780 bytes)
Night shot.
12-mani-6-5-13-md.jpg (98805 bytes)
Manitoba in the north slip at Point Edward.
13-gott-6-9-13-a-md.jpg (105281 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott upbound under the bridges.
14-gott-6-9-13-b-md.jpg (71765 bytes)
Into Lake Huron.
15-mich-6-9-13-md.jpg (69163 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound at 1 & 2.
16-manis-6-18-13-md.jpg (84139 bytes)
Manistee making the turn at 1 & 2.
17-prt-6-20-13-md.jpg (83091 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha heads into Lake Huron.
18-cent-6-20-13-md.jpg (91673 bytes)
American Century heads into Lake Huron.
19-rog-6-20-13-md.jpg (78736 bytes)
Roger Blough above 1 & 2.
20-mani-6-20-13-md.jpg (131932 bytes)
Manitoba laid up in the north slip.
21-dool-6-23-md.jpg (80886 bytes)
Tim S. Dool making the turn at 1 & 2.

Former Normac reopens and Welland Canal -
Skip Gillham
Normac-Restaurant-July-6-13-(1).jpg (100691 bytes)
Riverboat Mexican Grill at Port Dalhousie - July 6
Normac-Restaurant-July-6-13-(5).jpg (104952 bytes)
Stern view of Riverboat Mexican Grill
Normac-Restaurant-July-6-13-(6).jpg (103926 bytes)
 Name along side of ship
Normac-Restaurant-July-6-13-(2).jpg (181701 bytes)
Interior deck
Normac-Restaurant-July-6-13-(3).jpg (160414 bytes)
Algoma-Montrealais-Bel.-L.-1-July-6-13-(1).jpg (80473 bytes)
 Algoma Montrealais (taken through the chain link fence)  inbound below Lock 1
SorlandetJuly-2-13SkipGillham.jpg (139991 bytes) Atlas---L.-3---June-29-13-(3).jpg (164201 bytes)
Tug Atlas downbound in Lock 3 on June 29
 Baie-St.-Paul-(ii)---Bel.-L.-1-June-29-13-(1).jpg (94688 bytes)
Baie St. Paul (II) tied below Lock 1 for a few hours on June 29

Algoma Montrealais in Duluth
- Rod Burdick
AMont63013unldD3_rb.jpg (108438 bytes)
Unloading cement at Holcim

Manitowoc in Manistee -
Matt Wohlfeill
manitowoc-(2).jpg (164607 bytes) manitowoc-(1).jpg (149738 bytes)      

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-defiance-7-8-13-ts.jpg (87827 bytes)
Defiance - Ashtabula inbound at the Essexville Range Light
2-defiance-7-8-13-ts.jpg (77833 bytes)
Another view
3-defiance-7-8-13-ts.jpg (64182 bytes)
Head on
1-kristas-7-5-13-ts.jpg (119092 bytes)
 Tug Krista S. outbound on the Saginaw River at the Veteran's Memorial Bridge. 
2-amintegrity-7-5-13-ts.jpg (72769 bytes)
American Integrity unloading at Consumers Energy in Essexville
3-amintegrity-7-5-13-ts.jpg (71023 bytes)
Another view
1-olmoore-7-1-13-ts.jpg (75467 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound at Wheeler's Landing
2-olmoore-7-1-13-ts.jpg (89937 bytes)
Stern view at Bay City Wirt. 
3-luedtke-7-1-13-ts.jpg (74074 bytes)
Luedtke crew dredging near downtown Bay City, where Algorail was stuck last week.

Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Sea-Eagle-II---St.-Marys-Cement-II-7-6-13-BRW.jpg (106004 bytes)
 The Sea Eagle II - St. Mary's Cement II assisted in Buffalo Outer Harbor by the tugs Washington & New Jersey as seen from the Cargil Pool Elevator Pier. They were turning her to head into Lackawanna.
2-Sea-Eagle-II---St.-Marys-Cement-II-7-6-13-BRW.jpg (94607 bytes)
Backing into the Bethlehem Slip. This was her first trip into the Buffalo area and it was the first time a cement carrier has tied up inside the old steel plant.
3-Sea-Eagle-II---St.-Marys-Cement-II-7-6-13-BRW.jpg (88662 bytes)
The Buffalo South End Lighthouse can be seen as the New Jersey holds off the bow of the St. Mary's Cement II while the tug-barge lines up for the reach down the slip to the Gateway Metroport Main Dock.
4-Sea-Eagle-II---St.-Marys-Cement-II-7-6-13-BRW.jpg (109854 bytes)
The tug is backing down the slip past the old Coke Oven complex that is now under demolition.
1-English-River-7-5-13-BRW.jpg (175554 bytes)
 The English River is being towed up to Lafarge Cement & has just passed under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge as seen from the Metrorail (DL&W) Terminal downtown.
2-English-River-7-5-13-BRW.jpg (138796 bytes)
Now passing General Mills, the tow heads down the reach to the Michigan St. Bridge.
3-English-River-7-5-13-BRW.jpg (120445 bytes)
The GLF Elevator stands silent sentinel, as the tow passes right on by, waiting for a boat that will never come. 
4-English-River-7-5-13-BRW.jpg (148249 bytes)
Heading up the Buffalo River past the firetug Cotter & through the draw at Michigan St. as kayakers catch up.
5-English-River-7-5-13-BRW.jpg (130997 bytes)
The tug is off the tow line & pushing her into the corner dock at the Lafarge Plant. The Ohio St. Bridge is raised due to close clearance as the ship makes up her mooring.
6-English-River-7-5-13-BRW.jpg (144707 bytes)
Coming up against the pier, the Ohio St. Bridge goes back down, the tow is just about complete.
1-American-Mariner-6-30-13-BRW.jpg (104840 bytes)
American Mariner just before she departed from General Mills with her unloading rig framing the tower crane that's gone up over the Erie Canal Harbor development in downtown Buffalo.

American Integrity emerges from dense fog Sunday morning -
Tom Anderson
1-AMINT-7-7-13-ta.jpg.jpg (55756 bytes) 2-AMINT-7-7-13-ta.jpg.jpg (92953 bytes)
Lining up under the conveyors

Algoma Hansa passing Mariatown on her first trip in the Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-hansa-05-07-13-rfb.jpg (80443 bytes) 2-hansa-05-07-13-rfb.jpg (102559 bytes)
Cabin structure details.
3-hansa-05-07-13-rfb.jpg (105102 bytes)
Stern view. Note the flag. Registered in Nassau.

Toronto Ferries and Tall Ships
- John McCreery
1-TorontoWaterfront-6-23-13-jm.jpg (209628 bytes)
Summer on the waterfront
2-Inglis-Ferrydock-6-23-13-jm.jpg (113605 bytes)
Crowds gather for the tall ship parade
3-Trillium-Quebecois-6-23-13-jm.jpg (117932 bytes)
Bow of the Trillium juxtaposed with the laid up Algoma Quebecois and the only freighter in port
4-SamMcBride-6-23-13-jm.jpg (74083 bytes)
Sam McBride back from the island
5-Trillium-6-23-13-jm.jpg (112843 bytes)
The Trillium now 103 years old gets underway, but no passengers?
6-Trillium-Rennie-McBride-6-23-13-jm.jpg (123606 bytes)
Trillium of 1910 vintage seen with the Thomas Rennie of 1958 along with the Sam McBride built in 1939 - history afloat.
7-Trillium-McBride-Rennie-6-23-13-jm.jpg (114789 bytes)
Another view
8-WmLyonMackenzie-6-23-13-jm.jpg (114829 bytes)
Fire boat William Lyon Mackenzie heralds start of the Tall Ship Parade.
9-Mackenzie-6-23-13-jm.jpg (76274 bytes)
Cool with bird's eye view.
10-EmpireSandy-6-23-13-jm.jpg (111687 bytes)
Empire Sandy leads off
11-EmpireSandy-6-23-13-jm.jpg (115253 bytes)
Canon smoke
12-Challenge-McBride-6-23-13-jm.jpg (122488 bytes)
Challenge crosses in front of the McBride
13-Playfair-Kajama-6-23-13-jm.jpg (106319 bytes)
Playfair passing the Kajama.
14-Pathfinder-6-23-13-jm.jpg (143192 bytes)
Pathfinder and other craft, there was a bit of everything that could float.
15-Pathfinder-StLawrenceII-6-23-13-jm.jpg (123377 bytes)
Pathfinder and St Lawrence II
16-Kajama-StLawrenceII-Pathfinder-6-23-13-jm.jpg (107020 bytes)
Kajama, St Lawrence II and Pathfinder towards the east end of the harbour, most would depart through the eastern gap except for some of the local boats which circled back to their piers.
17-Liana'sRansom-6-23-13-jm.jpg (117082 bytes)
Liana's Ransom
18-PrideOfBaltimoreII-6-23-13-jm.jpg (129221 bytes)
Canon shot from the Pride of Baltimore II
19-Sorlandet-6-23-13-jm.jpg (176336 bytes)
Norway's Solandent of 1927 head to head with the 103 year Trillium - together 189 years afloat.
20-Sorlandet-6-23-13-jm.jpg (144965 bytes)
Full view of Solandent, beautiful but a little more sail would have been nice.
21-Trillium-6-23-13-jm.jpg (127492 bytes)
A little smoke from the classic Trillium but still no passengers aboard.
22-Sorlandet-PBaltimoreII-6-23-13-jm.jpg (186412 bytes)
23-Niagara-6-23-13-jm.jpg (171980 bytes)
Brig Niagara
24-Peacemaker-6-23-13-jm.jpg (154445 bytes)
Peacemaker up from Savannah
25-Toronto-6-23-13-jm.jpg (129867 bytes)
Cross traffic, tight quarters, but all went well.

Eastside of the Algorail bow stuck in the Saginaw River between Veterans Bridge & Liberty Bridge in downtown Bay City -
Lynette Shelton
algorail7-1-13 (1).jpg (95289 bytes) algorail7-1-13 (2).jpg (85527 bytes)      

Lake Muskoka steamers Segwun and Wenonah II at Gravenhurst on June 27
- Skip Gillham
Segwun---G'hurst-June-27-13.jpg (120455 bytes)
Wenonah-II---G'hurst---June-27-13.jpg (195617 bytes)
Wenonah II

Tug Aura leaving Cleveland
IMG_1292.jpg (48641 bytes) _2128364718.jpg (254197 bytes)      

Baie Comeau at the builders yard in China
baiecomeau5-13.jpg (68391 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati  
Manistee-6-28-13-dd.jpg (102257 bytes)
Westbound Manistee in Lake Huron 6-28

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