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July 15, 20

Saturday in Cleveland - Scott Tish
1-mnstee-7-13-13-st.jpg (209580 bytes)
After unloading at ArcelorMittal and stopping for a moment to contemplate how to get by the Manistee, the Calumet squeezes by the Manistee with the assistance of G tug Iowa
2-iowa-7-13-13-st.jpg (195192 bytes)
After passing through drawbridge NS2 the tug Iowa pulls hard to keep the Calumet on course as the tug Illinois heads upriver to meet the Manistee and wait for them to finish unloading
3-calumet-7-13-13-st.jpg (191599 bytes)
Almost out of the river, the Iowa and the Calumet pass the cruise ship Yorktown which was in town on its way to the Welland Canal.
4-calumet-7-13-13-st.jpg (64636 bytes)
Out of the river the Calumet heads towards Cleveland Bulk Terminal where it will load iron ore and make another trip up to ArcelorMittal while over in the east basin the Sam Laud stands by waiting for the Calumet to pass before heading upriver to the steel mill
5-laud-7-13-13-st.jpg (172928 bytes)
The Sam Laud leads the traffic inbound for Cleveland
6-mnstee-7-13-13-st.jpg (159683 bytes)
The Manistee passes the remains of the Columbus Rd. lift span on its way backing out of the Cuyahoga
7-laud-7-13-13-st.jpg (185541 bytes)
The Manistee has pulled over to let the Sam Laud by at the location appropriately named Collision Bend.
8-mnstee-7-13-13-st.jpg (202205 bytes)
With the Sam Laud by the Manistee resumes its journey out to the lake.
9-algoway-7-13-13-st.jpg (131248 bytes)
G tug Iowa pours on the power keeping the Algoway under control with the tug Illinois controlling the stern.
10-algway-7-13-13-st.jpg (132786 bytes)
The G tug Illinois controls the stern of the Algoway as they pass through Carter Rd.
11-algway-7-13-13-st.jpg (143660 bytes)
 The Algoway and its tugs pass through Eagle St. headed for the Lafarge dock
12-algway-7-13-13-st.jpg (106863 bytes)
The Algoway cruises down the Cuyahoga
13-algway-7-13-13-st.jpg (138610 bytes)
After a 2-1/2 day delay getting out of Lorain, the Algoway finally reaches its next destination at Lafarge River Dock

St. Clair River
- Kevin  Majewski
1.Algo-7-14-13-KM.jpg (131354 bytes)
Algosea upbound at St. Clair.
2.Alg-7-14-13-KM.jpg (121792 bytes) 3.Ojib-7-14-13-KM.jpg (98309 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at St. Clair.
4.Oji-7-14-13-KM.jpg (125798 bytes) 5.Arail-7-14-13-KM.jpg (115741 bytes)
Algorail in temporary lay-up at the Sidney E. Smith dock in Sarnia.

USCG Mackinaw on the Detroit River Friday
- Ken Borg
mackinaw7-12-13.jpg (85274 bytes)        

Cleveland Activity Saturday -
Rich Nicholls
1-Yorktown-7-13-13-rn.jpg (115227 bytes) 2-Yorktown-7-13-13-rn.jpg (116780 bytes) 3-Columbus-Rd-Bridge-7-13-13-rn.jpg (136337 bytes)
Close up of bridge draw demolition. The barge is not evident in this view.
4-Manistee-7-13-13-rn.jpg (83537 bytes) 5-Manistee-7-13-13.jpg (104431 bytes)

Manistee on the Cuyahoga River -
Kate White
1-Manistee-7-13-13-kw.jpg (207982 bytes)
July 13 from the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Passenger ship Yorktown downbound in the Detroit River, Ballard's Reef Channel on Friday -
Jim Jackson
YORKTOWNb17071213jhj.jpg (88908 bytes) YORKTOWNs18071213jhj-2.jpg (87434 bytes)      

Merwedegracht upbound in Montreal for Cote Ste. Catherine in the St. Lawrence Seaway on Saturday - Rene Beauchamp
Merwedegracht-130713-René-B.-(1).jpg (79947 bytes)
She is a sistership to Muntgracht which called at Milwaukee last year.

 Manitowoc was arrived in Green Bay on a sunny Friday evening with a load of coal for Georgia Pacific -
Jake Heffernan
1-Manitowoc-7-12-13-jh.jpg (92890 bytes)
Manitowoc lining up for the Walnut St bridge
2-Manitowoc-7-12-13-jh.jpg (84155 bytes)
Making the approach to the Walnut St. bridge. The crowd on the City Deck along the river was treated to a salute.
3-Manitowoc-7-12-13-jh.jpg (79137 bytes)
Entering the draw.
4-Manitowoc-7-12-13-jh.jpg (89068 bytes)
Passing through the Mason St/Highway 54 Bridge
5-Manitowoc-7-12-13-jh.jpg (100455 bytes)
Passing through the old swing railroad bridge, just south of the Reiss Dock.
Soo - David Kaye
2-saginaw-7-14-13-dk.jpg (126629 bytes)
Saginaw Leaving the MacArthur Lock.
1-aolympic-7-14-13-dk.jpg (95159 bytes)
Algoma Olympic leaving the MacArthur Lock.
6-Michipcoten-7-14-13-dk.jpg (48498 bytes)
Michipicoten at the export dock.
5-PTR-7-13-13-dk.jpg (112240 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha approaching the International Bridge.
3-PhiliprClark-7-13-13-dk.jpg (103835 bytes)
Philip R Clark at Mission point.
1-great_rep-7-12-13-dk.jpg (135148 bytes)
Great Republic passing Mission Point.
3-aerie-7-12-13-dk.jpg (98530 bytes)
Atlantic Erie at Mission point
4-Niagara-7-14-13-dk.jpg (100292 bytes) 2-montrealis-7-12-13-dk.jpg (93743 bytes)
Montrealais at the International Bridge
5-pisle-7-12-13-dk.jpg (88151 bytes)
Presque Isle leaving the Poe Lock
4-bstpaul-7-12-13-dk.jpg (78844 bytes)
Baie St. Paul under the International Bridge

Tall Ships along the St. Clair River Tuesday -
Dave Noordhoff
1-Sorlandet-7-9-13-dn.jpg (133342 bytes)
2-Niagara-7-9-13-dn.jpg (308478 bytes)
3-Lynx-7-9-13-dn.jpg (269398 bytes)
4-DenisSullivan-7-9-13-dn.jpg (156760 bytes)
Dennis Sullivan
5-Unicorn-7-9-13-dn.jpg (69526 bytes)
Unicorn entering Lake Huron

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