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July 23, 20

Whitefish Bay upbound Tuesday on the Detroit River at Belle Isle on her maiden voyage for Superior Wisconsin - Ted Hanifan
whitefishbay7-23-13-(2).jpg (65185 bytes) whitefishbay7-23-13-(1).jpg (65170 bytes) whitefishbay7-23-13-(3).jpg (75232 bytes)    

Whitefish Bay passing Port Huron Tuesday night when a small boat drifted into the shipping channel

Whitefish Bay.jpg (91456 bytes)
Smoke Flare.jpg (82183 bytes)
Smoke flare dropped by Whitefish Bay
Civilian Vessels making rescue.jpg (80881 bytes)
Pleasure craft pick up fishermen who jumped from boat.

Audio from the Whitefish Bay
reporting to the Coast Guard.


Dutch asphalt tanker Stella Polaris departing Hamilton -
John van der Doe
Stella-Polaris-23-July-2013-departure-(22).jpg (98216 bytes) Stella-Polaris-23-July-2013-departure-(24).jpg (79699 bytes) Stella-Polaris-23-July-2013-departure-(27).jpg (99077 bytes) Stella-Polaris-23-July-2013-departure-(28).jpg (161356 bytes) Stella-Polaris-23-July-2013-departure-(32).jpg (103486 bytes)

Recent Soo Traffic -
David Kaye
1-ehgott-7-21-13-dk.jpg (99916 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott at the west pier.
2-wendyAnn-7-23-13-dk.jpg (93395 bytes)
Tug Wendy Ann just west of the bridge.
3-aintegrity-7-22-13-dk.jpg (79951 bytes)
American Integrity entering the Poe Lock.
4-kaminstiqua-7-23-13-dk.jpg (97866 bytes)
Kaminstiqua leaving the MacArthur Lock.

Oslo Bulk 1 entering the Seaway for the first time and bound for Valleyfield - Rene Beauchamp
Oslo-Bulk-1-220713-RBMTL-(2).jpg (108578 bytes) Oslo-Bulk-1-220713-RBMTL-(1).jpg (100492 bytes)      

Whitefish Bay between Lock 2 & 3
whitefishbay7-22-13-(2).jpg (103369 bytes) whitefishbay7-22-13-(1).jpg (82365 bytes)      

Whitefish Bay on her maiden voyage into the Great Lakes
- Ron Beaupre
1-whitefish-21-07-13-rfb.jpg (99403 bytes)
She is passing Mariatown on Sunday morning.

Hon. James L. Oberstar Sunday -
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-HJLOberstar-7-21-13-GHB.jpg (190113 bytes)
Leaving Duluth Just before 11 a.m.
2-HJLOberstar-7-21-13-GHB.jpg (142545 bytes)
Two hours later arriving at Two Harbors, Minn.

US Brig Niagara, heading up the St. Marys River last week -
Bonnie Barnes
2.US-Brig-Niagara,-crew-in-masts-7.19.13.jpg (58029 bytes)
Crew aloft
1.Niagara-passing-Paul-Tregurtha.jpg (68496 bytes)
Brig Niagara passing the Paul Tregurtha
3.US-Brig-Niagara-7.19.13.jpg (118991 bytes)    

Twin Ports -
Peter Lapinski
b17.jpg (117304 bytes)
Edwin H Gott arriving Dulut
b41.jpg (97385 bytes) b7.jpg (100896 bytes) b81.jpg (116409 bytes) b10.jpg (195967 bytes)
c1.jpg (114158 bytes)
American Century arriving Two Harbors
c2.jpg (109487 bytes) c6.jpg (120159 bytes) c10.jpg (155723 bytes)
Algoma transport backing through harbor to Hallet 8 to unload stone
c9.jpg (99162 bytes)
b13.jpg (105626 bytes)
Presque isle at port terminal for repairs
b14.jpg (116334 bytes) b15.jpg (140252 bytes) b121.jpg (103601 bytes) b131.jpg (90234 bytes)

Algosteel arrives in Owen Sound for lay-up -
Shane Ruther
1-Algosteel-17-07-13.jpg (69504 bytes)
 Algosteel a few Miles off Owen Sound around noon.
2-Algosteel-17-07-13.jpg (116307 bytes)
  The Owen Sound harbor, for those who are not familiar with it. It consists of 1 Large Grain Elevator (right) and 2 cement silos(left). Also Along the East (left) side of the harbor is a few thousand feet of dock space which is used to tie up ships in the winter months for layup. Even though not visible in the Picture, between the elevators and Silos is a channel, which will lead into the harbor.
5--Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (92461 bytes)
Algosteel off Balmy Beach ON again, showing how wide Owen Sound Bay really is.
6-Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (93150 bytes)
 Algosteel Entering Owen Sound Harbor
7-Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (102505 bytes)
Stern view.
8-Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (62428 bytes)
Alongside South East Layup dock.
9-Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (133491 bytes)
Pushing on the power to Get the ship against the dock wall.
10-Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (95740 bytes)
Later in the day, work has begun on her, notice the boom up.
11-Algosteel&Harbor-work-Bardge-17-07-13-SR.jpg (149765 bytes)
Algosteel and work barge. Taken from tenth street bridge.
12-Algosteel-17-07-13-SR.jpg (105054 bytes)
Bow view, docked.

Kayaking with tall ships on the St. Clair River -
Aidan Kemp
stclairriver7-19-13.jpg (68794 bytes)        

Recent St. Marys River Traffic
- Roger LeLievre
1Alder-RL.jpg (79974 bytes)
USCG Alder in the Mac Lock.
2AlgomaMontrealais-RL.jpg (86333 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais in the upper lock approach.
3BaieStPaul-RL.jpg (45127 bytes)
Baie St. Paul at Mission Point.
4BarkerKayeE-RL.jpg (86651 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker and tour boat Bide-A-Wee against at backdrop of bridges.
5Corps-Tug-Basin.jpg (67207 bytes)
Corps of Engineers tug basin showing Paul Bunyan, Billmaier and the recently sunk tug Hammond Bay, which is now back in action.
6EmpireState-RL.jpg (100335 bytes)
Pilot tug Empire State.
8HoeyWilliam-RL.jpg (82351 bytes)
Ferry Joelle AnnMarie and the tug formerly known as William Hoey.
9Ojibway-RL.jpg (58519 bytes)
Ojibway in the Mac Lock.
10Peacemaker-RL.jpg (58721 bytes)
 Tall Ship Peacemaker
11Sorlandet1-RL.jpg (60681 bytes)
Norwegian tall ship Sorlandet.
12Sorlandet2-RL.jpg (77420 bytes)
Norwegian tall ship Sorlandet - another view.
13Virginaborg-RL.jpg (76497 bytes)
Virginiaborg in the Mac Lock.
14ZealandBeatrix-RL.jpg (57405 bytes)
Zealand Beatrix downbound at Mission Point.
soostormrl-7-18-13.jpg (47742 bytes)
Awesome storm that moved through July 18.

Federal Asahi upbound after being anchored for nearly a month in the lower river.

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
Algocanada-dbnd-above-L1-(3).jpg (103580 bytes)
kind-of-gives-you-a-warm-fuzzy-feeling.jpg (29300 bytes)
new crew member
Labrador-(Cyp)-headed-upbnd-to-L2.jpg (110241 bytes)
Labrador-(Cyp)-lining-up-for-L2-approach.jpg (106921 bytes) Atlantic-Erie-dbnd-headed-toward-L1-(2).jpg (86559 bytes)
Atlantic Erie

Cedarglen at the Upper Harbor in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
cedar71413arrdk_rb.jpg (115800 bytes)
Arriving at the ore dock

Montreal -
Rene Beauchamp
Atlantic-Superior-160713-RBMTL-(3).jpg (140846 bytes)
In the background are Saguenay and Richelieu astern of Atlantic Superior. In the foreground are some remains of the Canadian Vickers Shipyard.
Atlantic-Superior-160713-RBMTL-(2).jpg (100199 bytes) Oakglen-090713-René-B..jpg (122942 bytes)
Oakglen laid up in Montreal
Mapleglen-170713-RBMTL.jpg (116909 bytes)
Mapleglen laid up in the Old Port of Montreal.
Port-de-Mtl-170713-RBMTL.jpg (84746 bytes)
Federal Shimanto departing a bunkering dock in Montreal-East for Hamilton on Wednesday while the tanker British Serenity is docking at section 94 a few minutes before a thunder storm.

Manistee in the Trenton Channel
- Ken Borg
IMG_0084.jpg (76548 bytes) IMG_0089.jpg (79943 bytes) IMG_0094.jpg (113197 bytes) IMG_0102.jpg (63898 bytes)  

2013 Detroit River Tug Boat Race photographed from the Portofino's Friendship -
Ron Piskor
1-pass-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (128557 bytes)
Passengers aboard the Friendship enjoying breakfast before heading to the starting line.
2-jw-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (239485 bytes)
Captain Sam and crew prepare to board the Westcott and head for the race site.
3-jwr-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (248109 bytes)
Having departed its mooring under the Ambassador Bridge, the Westcott is about to swing downriver to the starting line.
4-fsph-6-22-1013-rjp.jpg (57703 bytes)
The Friendship's captain follows the Westcott to the race site.
5-dkrlass-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (144453 bytes)
The crew of the Dykerlass shows off it’s “Catch of the Day” prior to joining in the race.
6-titan-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (155857 bytes)
The Tug Titan is seen with a Canadian Coast Guard boat in the background.
7-hogan-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (157014 bytes)
The mail boat Joseph J. Hogan with the tug Dykerlass in the background.
8-joweho-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (138687 bytes)
And they are off----With the Josephine, Westcott, and Hogan running neck and neck.
9-rrtit-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (162202 bytes)
The tugs R&R and  Titan along the Windsor seawall amongst the Canadian on lookers.
10-hogwav-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (129815 bytes)
The Joseph J. Hogan punches through a huge river wave that was generated from the racing tugs.
11-shk-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (118132 bytes)
The Shiela Kaye is seen mid-river after finishing the race.
12-pho-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (253936 bytes)
The female pirate crew of the tug Phoebe crossing mid-river after the race.
13-phoam-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (133996 bytes)
The Phoebe’s pirate crew heading toward America
14-fscrw-6-22-2013-rjp.jpg (220809 bytes)
The Friendship’s smiling crew members greeted their passengers after a great day on the river.
1-alrl-6-23-2013-rjp.jpg (121912 bytes)
The Algorail unloading salt along the Rouge River in Detroit just prior to running aground in the Saginaw River in June.

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