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August 4, 20

Canal schooner barge Lois McClure at the Central Wharf with her tug C.L. Churchill tied up at the Central Wharf in Buffalo Saturday - Brian W.
1-Lois-McClure-8-3-13-BRW.jpg (166038 bytes) 2-Lois-McClure-8-3-13-BRW.jpg (130461 bytes)
The design of the McClure that was specially built for transit through canal locks at maximum internal capacity & would eventually lead to the modern lake freighter hull on a scaled up size.
3-Lois-McClure-8-3-13-BRW.jpg (255327 bytes)
A New York State Canal tug was also on hand for public viewing.
4-Lois-McClure-8-3-13-BRW.jpg (51548 bytes)
The Boeing B-17 Memphis Belle made an appearance over downtown on a flight tour out of Buffalo Airport.

Thunder Bay upbound Friday at Amherstburg, Ont. -
Ted Hanifan
thunderbay8-2-13-th-(2).jpg (69792 bytes)
On her maiden voyage. She has a load of stone for Southwest Sales in Windsor.
thunderbay8-2-13-th-(1).jpg (71031 bytes) Thunder-Bay8-2-13-(1).jpg (108818 bytes) Thunder-Bay8-2-13-(2).jpg (112778 bytes) Thunder-Bay8-2-13-(4).jpg (99841 bytes)
Thunder-Bay8-2-13-(3).jpg (89023 bytes)        

Welland Canal traffic -
Barry Andersen
Thunder-Bay-upbnd-on-maiden-voyage-headed-to-L3.jpg (90220 bytes)
Thunder Bay upbound headed to Lock 3 on maiden trip.
Thunder-Bay-accommodations.jpg (127045 bytes) Thunder-Bay-upbnd-on-maiden-headed-to-L3-(9).jpg (94366 bytes) Peter-R.-Cresswell-dbnd-clear-of-L2-loaded-(5).jpg (78598 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound headed to Lock 1.
Herbert-P.-Brake-and-new-barge-Hudson.jpg (106969 bytes)
Tug Herbert P. Brake with new Don Jon barge Hudson secured in Lock 3.
tug-Herbert-P.-Brake-leaving-L3-with-barge-Hudson.jpg (182534 bytes)
Tug Herbert P. Brake departing.

Thunder Bay on her maiden voyage sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-thunder-31-07-13-rb.jpg (153318 bytes)        

 Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
1-Thunder-Bay-7-31-13-JS-.jpg (94520 bytes)
Thunder Bay at Johnstown Bridge.
2-Thunder-Bay-7-31-13-JS-.jpg (43200 bytes)
Bow with Ogdensburg in background.
3-Thunder-Bay-7-31-13-JS-.jpg (76210 bytes)
Prescott marina in foreground.
4-Algoma-Olympic-7-24-13-JS-.jpg (90530 bytes)
Algoma Olympic inching around end of pier.
5-Algoma-Olympic-7-24-13-JS-.jpg (88192 bytes)
Algoma Olympic entering the slip.
6-Algoma-Olympic-7-24-13-JS-.jpg (81571 bytes)
Ready to tie up.

Thunder Bay in the Welland canal
Thunder-Bay-Below-Lock1-.jpg (62143 bytes) Thunder-Bay-Below-Lock1-close-up.jpg (97460 bytes) Thunder-Bay-Between-Lock2--3.jpg (95591 bytes) Thunder-Bay-Between-Lock2--3-.jpg (111004 bytes) Thunder-Bay-Between-Lock2--3-on-her-way-to-Homer-Bridge-.jpg (105478 bytes)

BoatNerd Detroit River Cruise Saturday
1-Starboard-8-3-13-djw.jpg (76278 bytes)
Portside cruisers aboard the Friendship.
2-portside-8-3-13-djw.jpg (82435 bytes)
Starboard siders enjoying the sunshine
3-Spencer-8-3-13-djw.jpg (56729 bytes)
Sarah Spencer still waiting for a buyer
4-JaneAnnIV-8-3-13-djw.jpg (72035 bytes)
Spencer's power source, Jane Ann IV
5-Helena-8-3-13-djw.jpg (82215 bytes)
Sunken and raised former yacht Helena
6-columbia-8-3-13-djw.jpg (86433 bytes)
Former Boblo Island ferry Columbia
7-SteClaire-8-3-13-djw.jpg (92304 bytes)
Columbia's fleetmate Ste. Claire
8-Manistee-8-3-13-A-djw.jpg (47992 bytes)
Tecumseh pulling into Morterm in Windsor for rest period.
9-Manistee-8-3-13-B-djw.jpg (65218 bytes)
Tecumseh's accommodation block
10-Stormont-8-3-13-djw.jpg (75615 bytes)
Stormont, the hazard load tug at her Canadian terminal
11-Lee A-8-3-13-djw.jpg (88695 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha unloading at Severstal Steel in the Rouge River
12-WJWarner-8-3-13-djw.jpg (107973 bytes)
Vessel fueling barge William J. Warner
13-Jefferson-8-3-13-djw.jpg (84297 bytes)
Fort Street bridge being replaced
14-Fort St-8-3-13-djw.jpg (42071 bytes)
Damaged Jefferson Ave. bridge after being lowered in front of a freighter
15-G tugs-8-3-13-djw.jpg (76547 bytes)
"G" tugs at their new dock in the Rouge River
16-LacStJean-8-3-13-djw.jpg (87324 bytes)
Lac St. Jean, the other half of the hazard load team, at their American side terminal.
17-Mailboat-8-3-13-djw.jpg (87199 bytes)
Here comes the mailboat with the pizza for lunch.
18-Pizza-8-3-13-djw.jpg (97114 bytes)
Pizza being delivered
19-D-Jack-8-3-13-djw.jpg (76735 bytes)
Diamond Jack heading upbound as we head back to Portofino's.

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lakes-Contender-7-31-13-BRW.jpg (63302 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. - Lakes Contender inside the Lackawanna Canal at the Gateway Metroport. To the left you can see the tug-barge Sea Eagle II-St. Mary's Cement II laid up in the background.
2-Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lakes-Contender-7-31-13-BRW.jpg (71218 bytes)
The Boothe is now backing her barge into the Buffalo Harbor Southern Channel & clear of the pier at Gateway as the Erie County Sheriff patrol boat runs interference for them. 
3-Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lakes-Contender-7-31-13-BRW.jpg (95600 bytes)
The pair start to swing around to Starboard with the old Bethlehem Steel Coke Ovens & the new Steel Winds windmills in the background.
4-Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lakes-Contender-7-31-13-BRW.jpg (76747 bytes)
Now almost to the line up for the South Entrance Channel, the tug is about to power up & head out for the lake. They are still swinging around just a little bit more but they are ready to start moving ahead.
5-Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lakes-Contender-7-31-13-BRW.jpg (102697 bytes)
Here is a closer view of the tug in the notch of her barge. The abandoned quench towers & stocking conveyors from the coke works that are now under demolition rise in the background.
6-Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lakes-Contender-7-31-13-BRW.jpg (67076 bytes)
A perfect contrast between old & new technology, the brand new barge starts out through the piers past the retired, 110 year old South Buffalo South Side Light & Fog Horn.

Fish Tugs moored at the Whitefish Point State Harbor July 27
- Kevin Majewski
1.Tugs-7-27-13-KM.jpg (97790 bytes)
Fish Tugs moored at Whitefish Point State Dock
2.ESon-7-27-13-KM.jpg (93489 bytes)
Fish Tug Emerald's Son
3.SAnn-7-27-13-KM.jpg (101196 bytes)
Fish Tug Shirley Ann 2
5.Cal-7-27-13-KM.jpg (100644 bytes)
Fish Tug Callah II
4.Cal2-7-27-13-KM.jpg (136756 bytes)
Callah II
6.Boyd-7-27-13-KM.jpg (111864 bytes)
R.V. David Boyd, owned by the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society
7.Boy-7-27-13-KM.jpg (109663 bytes)
Port view
8.Bo-7-27-13-KM.jpg (183422 bytes)
Boyd vessel used for underwater research
9.BoEm-7-27-13-KM.jpg (101514 bytes)
Stern view of Boyd and Emerald's Son
10.Deri-7-27-13-KM.jpg (200720 bytes)
Derelict fish tugs
11.Der-7-27-13-KM.jpg (149116 bytes)
Been sitting here for years
12.DE-7-27-13-KM.jpg (241398 bytes)
Waiting for better times
13.MegL-7-27-13-KM.jpg (112303 bytes)
Fish Tug appears to be the Megan Lynn
14.Meg-7-27-13-KM.jpg (112349 bytes)
Port view
15.ML-7-27-13-KM.jpg (53050 bytes)

Yorktown docked in Saugatuck, Michigan -
Dave Noordhoff
1-Yorktown-210713-dn.jpg (275055 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Frank Hood
01-hhlmississippi-7-26-13-fh.jpg (110454 bytes)
HHL Mississippi downbound from Lock 3.
2-hhlmississippi-7-26-13-fh.jpg (159717 bytes) 3-hhlmississippi-7-26-13-fh.jpg (162088 bytes) 2-algonova-7-26-13-fh.jpg (151096 bytes)
Algonova upbound exiting lock 2.
3-algonova-7-26-13-fh.jpg (112518 bytes)
4-algonova-7-26-13-fh.jpg (117332 bytes) 5-algonova-hhlmississippi-7-26-13-fh.jpg (102298 bytes)      

Stephen B Roman leaving port of Rochester
- Derek Tesch
IMG_20130727_145236.jpg (65026 bytes) IMG_20130727_145325.jpg (66138 bytes) IMG_20130727_145520.jpg (69054 bytes)    

Toledo Docks -
Steve F.
miner-prop-change7-26-13-(1).jpg (124263 bytes)
Mesabi Miner just finished offloading ore at CSX Torco dock
miner-prop-change7-26-13-(2).jpg (102576 bytes)
Workers starting job of replacing broken blade on the Miner.
miner-prop-change7-26-13-(3).jpg (183105 bytes)
Mesabi Miners new blade.
miner-prop-change7-26-13-(4).jpg (68888 bytes)
Hoisting the bad blade on shore.
miner-prop-change7-26-13-(5).jpg (135085 bytes)
Lowering new blade down to the workers.

South Chicago -
Lou Gerard
Salarium-7-25-13-lg-DSC_0604.jpg (141496 bytes)
A rare visitor to South Chicago, CSL's Salarium comes under the EJ&E bridge with G tug Massachusetts leading. She's heading to the Morton Salt Dock at 100th St.
Salarium-7-25-13-lg-DSC_0641.jpg (90826 bytes)
Waiting for NS5 to go up Salarium sits opposite Crowley's Marina.
Salarium-7-25-13-lg-DSC_0654.jpg (172457 bytes)
Clear of NS5 she approaches 100th St.
Salarium-7-25-13-lg-DSC_0683.jpg (122084 bytes)
With G tug Colorado working her stern Salarium docks at the Morton Dock at 100th St.
Stmarchall-7-21-13-lg-DSC_0509.jpg (129030 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger holding between 92nd and 95th St. for NS rail traffic to clear.
Stmarchall-7-21-13-lg-DSC_0528.jpg (91328 bytes)
Due to the heat the Chicago Fire Dept. Engine 74 had to water down the 100th St. bridge  to cool it down so it could be raised.
Stmarchall-7-21-13-lg-DSC_0540.jpg (172146 bytes)
The Challenger always attracts a crowd of Boatnerds when she appears. This is 100th
Stmarchall-7-21-13-lg-DSC_0565.jpg (92803 bytes)
The Challenger comes up to Cargill Bend. She is heading for a two week layup at the Sheds.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
2-olmoore-7-25-13-ts.jpg (83337 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound on the Saginaw Bay
3-olmoore-7-25-13-ts.jpg (99237 bytes)
Stern view
4-olmoore-7-25-13-ts.jpg (109247 bytes)
 Boom out at Bay City Wirt
5-olmoore-7-25-13-ts.jpg (109638 bytes)
 Moore- Kuber unloading at Bay City Wirt
6-floyd-7-25-13-ts.jpg (181744 bytes)
Floyd Sr. at Stender Marine in Bay City
7-jillmarie-7-25-13-ts.jpg (153558 bytes)
Jill Marie upbound the Saginaw river near the airport

Whitefish Bay at the Soo for the first time -
David Kaye
1-whitefb-7-24-13-dk.jpg (82783 bytes)
Whitefish Bay on the St Marys River.
2-whitefb2--7-24-13-dk.jpg (143393 bytes)
Upbound for the Soo Locks.
3-whitefb3--7-24-13-dk.jpg (64869 bytes)
Waiting to enter the Poe Lock for the first time.
4-whitefb4-7-24-13-dk.jpg (77992 bytes)
In the Poe lock at the lower river level.

Cheboygan, Michigan
- Dianne Donati
Lee-Tragurtha-7-24-13-dd.jpg (122038 bytes)
Westbound Lee A. Tregurtha on 7-24-13 in Lake Huron.

Around the upper lakes -
Danielle Adams
2013-05-12-018.jpg (136995 bytes)
May 12, 2013 - Lac La Belle, MI - Edwin H Gott
2013-05-30-048.jpg (137469 bytes)
May 30, 2013 - Marquette, MI - Ken Boothe Sr and Lakes Contender
2013-06-13-019.jpg (101494 bytes)
June 13, 2013 - Houghton, MI - Great Lakes Maritime Academy
2013-06-13-055.jpg (101470 bytes) 2013-07-10-073.jpg (110321 bytes)
July 10, 2013 - Sault Ste Marie, MI - James R Barker
2013-07-10-051.jpg (89102 bytes)
July 10, 2013 - Marquette, Mi - American Mariner
2013-07-31-046.jpg (87560 bytes)
July 16, 2013 - Marquette, MI - James R Barker
2013-07-25-012.jpg (134818 bytes)
July 25, 2013 - Houghton, Mi - Grande Mariner
2013-07-29-116.jpg (110685 bytes)
July 29. 2013 - Marquette, Mi - Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L VanEnkevort

Erie Canal Harbor Redevelopment
- Brian W.
1-Erie-Canal-7-28-13-BRW.jpg (208007 bytes)
The reconstructed Erie Canal where it joins the Commercial Slip (coming in from the right) in Buffalo. The tower cranes in the background are working on the new Harbor Center project.
2-Main-Hamburg-Canal-7-28-13-BRW.jpg (253142 bytes)
View from the opposite angle showing the incomplete foundation for a rebuilt section of the old Main-Hamburg Canal that will tie in with the other waterways in the pervious picture. 

NYC - Lakes Connections
- Rich Nicholls
The pictures were taken from the Staten Island Ferries Guy Molinari and Senator John I. Marchi (Marinette Marine Hulls 511 and 512)
1-Barge-Georgia-8-2-13-rn1.jpg (87250 bytes)
Barge Georgia (Bay Shipbuilding Hull 757)
2-Samuel-S.-Coursen-8-2-13-rn.jpg (94706 bytes)
Governors Island ferry Samuel S. Coursen
3-Laura-K.-Moran-8-2-13-rn.jpg (97915 bytes)
Tug Laura K. Moran
4-Paris-Express-8-2-13-rn.jpg (77241 bytes)
Containership Paris Express
5-Stolt-Sneland-8-2-13-rn.jpg (68528 bytes)
Tanker Stolt Sneland
6-Margaret-Moran-8-2-13-rn.jpg (86901 bytes)
Tug Margaret Moran with the Statue of Liberty in the back ground.
7-NYC-Skyline-8-12-13-rn.jpg (85100 bytes)
8-One-World-Trade-Center-8-2-13-rn.jpg (239825 bytes)
One World Trade Center, Freedom Tower
9-Samuel-I-Newhouse-8-2-13-rn.jpg (117254 bytes)
Staten Island Ferry Samuel I. Newhouse

Budweiser Clydesdales smile for a picture along the St. Clair River at Port Huron
- Tim Buelow
Clydesdales-Smile.jpg (194014 bytes)        

New Jason Islands (a small country off South America) Currency featuring the Edmund Fitzgerald -
George Walton
002.jpg (136323 bytes) 003.jpg (233067 bytes)      

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