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August 9, 10 & 11, 20

8/11 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye

Whitefish Bay downbound at the International Bridge

Stewart J Cort upbound at the International Bridge

Resco upbound west of the Bridge, with small tug trying to keep up to make a delivery

Saginaw just south of Mission Point

American Integrity and American Spirit passing just south of Rotary Park.

8/11 - The Kawartha Voyageur approaching Lock 17 on Rideau Canal at Burritt Rapids - Fran Hood

She is the largest vessel on the canal system.

The bow of the vessel lifts up to
permit her to fit into some the locks


up, up...

and out of the way.

Still a tight fit
8/11 - BBC Queensland - Ron Beaupre

Passing Mariatown
She was built in Portugal.

Her first trip into the Great Lakes

The aft deck is open under the accommodation structure.

8/11 - Atlantic Erie in Lake Huron off Cheboygan - Dianne Donati

8/10 - Toledo scenes - Bob Vincent

Atlantic Huron unloading iron ore onto Torco Live Pad

Another View

Atlantic Huron at CSX Torco side of the Toledo Docks

American Fortitude still sitting in long term layup

Phoenix Star flying two Jolly Roger's flag in the Toledo Ship

Salvaged steel from the mid section of the Phoenix Star

Another view

Look close, Phoenix Star missing mid section

8/10 - Great Republic West bound off Cheboygan - Dianne Donati

8/9 - St. Clair River traffic - Kevin Majewski

Saginaw upbound at St. Clair.

Forward view

Aft cabins

Continuing upbound

Stern view.

Buffalo upbound at St. Clair

Forward close-up

Continuing upbound

8/9 - Michipicoten in Marquette - Terry Langenberg

8/9 - Fishtug
Skipper at Gills Rock WI museum -

8/9 - St. Lawrence River traffic - Jim Scrimger

Composite of the Federal Nakagawa (Hong Kong registry) at Johnstown. Unlike the self loading/unloading lakers this saltie has been at the pier for about a week scooping red earth (I think) out of the holds.

Federal Satsuki passing Prescott/Ogdensburg

circa 1700, Gaff Schooner La Revenante

Ruth Agnes B. La Revenante and Ruth Agnes B are part of War of 1812 reenactments


Pleasure craft Blue Moon

8/9 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye

American Courage downbound at the International Bridge

Algoma Enterprise near Mission Point

Tug Zeus and barge Robert F Deegan downbound at Mission Point

Passing below Mission Point

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