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August 15 - 16, 20

8/16 St. Clair Wednesday - Kevin Majewski 
1.calla-8-15-13-KM.jpg (104043 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway upbound at St. Clair. (109288 bytes)
Forward profile. (118661 bytes)
Close-up of aft cabins. (105295 bytes)
Stern view.
5.SAF-8-15-13-KM.jpg (131248 bytes)
S.A. Fiscelli Marine Construction barge and work boat upbound at St. Clair.
6.HLee-8-15-13-KM.jpg (81079 bytes)
H. Lee White downbound at St. Clair.
7.Hle-8-15-13-KM.jpg (87074 bytes)
Forward close-up.
8.Hl-8-15-13-KM.jpg (110548 bytes)
 Close-up of aft cabins, note the PWC just forward of the stern thruster.
9.H-8-15-13-KM.jpg (90981 bytes)
White continuing downbound.
10.Pri-8-15-13-KM.jpg (114111 bytes)
Tug Pride upbound at St. Clair.
11.Kaye-8-15-13-KM.jpg (85430 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker upbound at St. Clair.
12.Kay-8-15-13-KM.jpg (81010 bytes)
Forward profile.
13.Ka-8-15-13-KM.jpg (88759 bytes)
View of aft cabins.
14.Walt-8-15-13-KM.jpg (69821 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. downbound at St. Clair.
15.Wal-8-15-13-KM.jpg (61288 bytes)
Forward close-up.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-dann-12-08-13-rb.jpg (95401 bytes)
Kaministiqua passing the Stephanie Dann tow above Mariatown.
2-dann-12-08-13-rb.jpg (90778 bytes)
Stephanie Dann towing barge JMC 180 with Molly M1 on the tail.
3-dann-12-08-13-rb.jpg (96604 bytes)
The barge has components for the steel mill in Detroit.
4-dann-12-08-13-rb.jpg (98157 bytes)
A close up look at Stephanie Dann. The tow came from Mobile.

Thunder Bay as she passes the Davis Building at the Soo Locks on Thursday afternoon -
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by Michelle Hill
thunderbay-8-15-13-usace-(1).jpg (80149 bytes)
Bow view
thunderbay-8-15-13-usace-(2).jpg (91942 bytes)
Stern view of the Thunder Bay entering the Poe Lock, she is upbound for Superior, Wisconsin.

Port Huron August 10
 - Ken Gola
DSC_1696.jpg (144013 bytes)
Cuyahoga is heading upbound
DSC_1994.jpg (117787 bytes)
Whitefish Bay is heading downbound.

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
Robert-S-Pierson-8-15-13-dd.jpg (124610 bytes)
Westbound Robert S Pierson in Lake Huron

8 /15 - Phoenix Star being scrapped at the Ironhead drydock in Toledo
phoenixstar8-14-13-tpa.jpg (87688 bytes)
The pilothouse  collapsed during the project on Tuesday - Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority
PHXSTAR-8-14-13-JH.jpg (99273 bytes)
Another view - Jim Hoffman

Port Dolomite -
Skip Gillham
Kaye-E.-Barker---inbd-Pt.-Dolo-Aug.-3-13-(3).jpg (91835 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker on Aug. 3
Wilfred-Sykes---inbd-Port-Colo.-Aug.-7-13-SG-(1).jpg (96129 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes on Aug. 7
Southdown-Challenger-at-Medusa-dock--Detroit.jpg (95870 bytes)    

St. Clair River -
Debi Dutcher
IMG_4198.jpg (95073 bytes) IMG_4200.jpg (72961 bytes) IMG_4206.jpg (135289 bytes) IMG_4114.jpg (97739 bytes) IMG_4124.jpg (87539 bytes)
IMG_4143.jpg (109580 bytes) IMG_4266.jpg (70607 bytes) IMG_4249.jpg (95913 bytes) IMG_4221.jpg (100518 bytes) IMG_4223.jpg (50863 bytes)

Roger Blough exiting the Soo locks downbound August 1
- Scott Boerman
blough8-1-13-bs.jpg (53002 bytes)        

Great Lakes Shipyard Cuyahoga River Flats West Yard, Cleveland, Ohio -
Norbert Schmitz
2013-03-27_11-00-37_124.jpg (181256 bytes)
Krista Spring, 2013
2013-03-27_11-04-42_42.jpg (180734 bytes)
This freshly fabricated tug, immediately behind Krista, was just being outfitted prior to paint.

Southdown Challenger in 2005 or 2006 on the Detroit River from Windsor, Ontario
- Tim Rusling
Southdown-Challenger-at-Medusa-dock--Detroit.jpg (95870 bytes)
At the Medusa Cement Dock.

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