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August 18, 20

Seaway - Jim Scrimger
1-Alouette-Spirit--Sarah-Desgagnes-8-16-13-JS-.jpg (82798 bytes)
Alouette Spirit and Sarah Desgagnes  at Prescott.
2-Sarah-Desgagnes-8-16-13-JS-.jpg (92346 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes.
3-Johnstown-Bridge--Sarah-Desgagnes-8-16-13-JS-.jpg (120009 bytes) 4-Johnstown-Bridge--Sarah-Desgagnes-8-16-13-JS-.jpg (144879 bytes)
Bridge traffic, above and below.
5-Johnstown-Bridge-8-16-13-JS-.jpg (106031 bytes)
6-Kwintebank-8-17-13-JS-.jpg (70582 bytes)
Kwintebank abeam Cardinal and at Iroquois Lock.
7-Kwintebank-8-17-13-JS-.jpg (92823 bytes) 8-Iroquois-lock--Kwintebank-8-17-13-JS-.jpg (151758 bytes)    

Cleveland Saturday
- Kate white
1-algoway-8-17-13-kw.jpg (201134 bytes)
Algoway and two tugs Saturday from the Hope Memorial Bridge
1-zeus-8-17-13-kw.jpg (134447 bytes)
Tug Zeus from the Carter Bridge.
2-zeus-8-17-13-kw.jpg (190943 bytes)    

Toledo - Greg Hornyak

01-af-av.jpg (58543 bytes)
American Valor and American Fortitude in Layup at the Lakefront Docks
04-ah-broadsidestern.jpg (57685 bytes)
Atlantic Huron Loading Petcoke at the Toledo Midwest Terminals for Sydney NS
02-ah-boom.jpg (51578 bytes) 03-ah-bow.jpg (57495 bytes) 05-lc--oowpaint.jpg (55224 bytes)
Lakes Contender getting the ASC white strip painted on the bow (You can see the painter on the deck at the bow).
06-lc-halfpainted.jpg (58992 bytes)
ASC white strip half painted.
06a-lc.jpg (55877 bytes) 07-pm-headon.jpg (28478 bytes)
Paul Martin outbound after unloading at TORCO. Channel Dredge in the Background.
08-pm-clouds.jpg (65476 bytes) 09-pm-bow1.jpg (46262 bytes)
 10-pm-thl.jpg (66830 bytes)
At the Toledo Harbor Light.
11-htl-pm.jpg (73174 bytes) 12-hlw-bow.jpg (46974 bytes)
H. Lee White Outbound with a load of coal.

13-hlw-outbound.jpg (33000 bytes)
14-hlw-sten-bird.jpg (55263 bytes)
Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(3).jpg (70331 bytes)
Phoenix Star scrapping
Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(2).jpg (95111 bytes) Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(4).jpg (65838 bytes) Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(8).jpg (68673 bytes) Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(7).jpg (79723 bytes)
Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(5).jpg (94477 bytes) Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(6).jpg (57188 bytes) Phoenix-Star8-10-13-(1).jpg (76857 bytes)    

Recent Traffic on the St. Clair River at Harsens Island
- Rod Burdick
1salarium72813HIrb.jpg (103650 bytes)
Salarium upbound with salt
2whtfishbay72813HIrb.jpg (98083 bytes)
Whitefish Bay downbound on her first trip to the Upper Great Lakes
3algomarine72913HIrb.jpg (99540 bytes)
Algomarine upbound
4manitoba8213HIrb.jpg (80307 bytes)
Manitoba heading to lay-up in Sarnia

Historical Perspectives -
Advertising from fleets gone by - Roger LeLievre Collection
CliffsVictoryAd.jpg (101586 bytes) UpperLakesAd.jpg (89199 bytes) OglebayNortonAd.jpg (122655 bytes) Paterson.jpg (127581 bytes) MisenerAd.jpg (52954 bytes)
Q&O-ad.jpg (75511 bytes)        

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