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August 19, 20

Waiting out the 'Port Huron Float Down' river closure Sunday - Kevin  Majewski
1.FedK-8-18-13-KM.jpg (119343 bytes)
The saltie Federal Kumano on the hook just above Marine City below Recor Point.

Recent Welland Canal Traffic -
Barry Andersen
H-Lee-White-dbnd-clear-of-L1-headed-for-Hamilton-(3).jpg (91218 bytes)
H. Lee White - clear of Lock 1 bound for Hamilton
H.-Lee-White-clear-of-L2.jpg (90122 bytes) tug-M.R.Kane-underway-from-L7.jpg (145645 bytes)
tug M.R. Kane departs Lock 7 with tow - 8-17
Radium-barges-with-machinery-clearing-L7.jpg (126391 bytes)
Radium barges loaded with machinery for Bruce Power Station at Tiverton
Radium-Yellowknife-tow-pushing-Radium-barges-departs-L7.jpg (130978 bytes)
tug Radium Yellowknife departing Lock 7 with barges
stack---Toronto-Drydock-Co-on-tug-Radium-Yellowknife.jpg (160382 bytes)
stack on Radium Yellowknife
Cedarglen-clear-of-L2.jpg (78917 bytes)
Cedarglen - clear of Lock 2 downbound
Cedarglen-accommodations.jpg (88140 bytes)
Cedarglen - accommodation block
Yorktown-(Ame)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (94571 bytes)
Yorktown - downbound clear of Lock 2
Brant-(Cyp)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-at-dusk.jpg (81853 bytes)
Brant (Cyp) downbound clear of Lock 2 at dusk
Federal-Satsuki-(Mhl)-departs-anchorage-at-Port-Weller.jpg (93271 bytes)
Federal Satsuki (Mhl) departing Port Weller anchorage for Hamilton to load - 8-18

Welland Canal Saturday -
Skip Gillham
Cedarglen-(ii)-Ab.-L.3-Aug.-17-13-(3).jpg (97952 bytes)
Cedarglen (II) approaching Homer Bridge
Brant-L.7-Aug.-17-13-(2).jpg (149796 bytes)

Sarnia -
Terry McCullough
1-Baie-St-Paul-Aug-16-2013-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (79514 bytes)
Baie St Paul - Aug 16
3-Algoma-Montrealais-Aug-13-2013-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (71492 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais - Aug 13
5-Whitefish-Bay--Aug-10-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (70608 bytes)
Whitefish Bay - Aug 10
6-Manitoba--Aug-2-2013-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (79733 bytes)
Manitoba - Aug. 2
7-Private-Robertson-VC--Aug-1-2013-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (90870 bytes)
Private Robertson VC  Aug 1
2-Kaye-E-Barker-July-16-2013-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (74391 bytes)
Kaye E Barker - July 16
4-CSL-Tadoussac-and-Frontenac-June-22-2013-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (88494 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac and Frontenac - June 22
8-Howard-W-Fitzpatrick--June3-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (152446 bytes)
Howard W Fitzpatrick - June 3

Toronto -
George Lee
toronto-8-13-gl-(5).jpg (114645 bytes)
Tour boat Oriole
toronto-8-13-gl-(4).jpg (152679 bytes)
Captain John's restaurant ship Jadran awaits fate
toronto-8-13-gl-(3).jpg (160058 bytes)
Jaguar back in Toronto after layup in Port Colborne
toronto-8-13-gl-(2).jpg (112107 bytes)
Greenwing unloading at Redpath Sugar
toronto2-sg-8-13-(1).jpg (118581 bytes)
1910 built steam sidewheeler passenger ferry Trillium heads for Toronto Islands
toronto-8-13-gl-(1).jpg (112555 bytes) toronto2-sg-8-13-(5).jpg (155412 bytes)
View from the Oriole of the Mariposa Belle on a harbor tour.
toronto2-sg-8-13-(4).jpg (265705 bytes)
Ned Hanlan on display at Hanlan's Point, part of Toronto Islands. Steam tug built by Toronto Drydock Company in 1932. Served the city its entire career
toronto2-sg-8-13-(3).jpg (105736 bytes)
 Billy Bishop Airport. Big fine for any vessel caught between the buoys and shore.
toronto2-sg-8-13-(2).jpg (159528 bytes)
Yacht Seven J's visiting the city

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-integrity-8-18-13-ts.jpg (113648 bytes)
G.L. Ostrander - Integrity at the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville
2-integrity-8-17-13-ts.jpg (67181 bytes)
Another view

Grain Elevator tour in Buffalo
- Brian W.
buffalo-silo-8-18-13-bw-(2).jpg (60266 bytes)
Looking straight up inside one of the grain storage bins of the Marine 'A' Elevator on the Buffalo River. The open hatch at the top is where the grain pours in to fill the bin.
buffalo-silo-8-18-13-bw-(1).jpg (142676 bytes)      

Saturday was the 100th anniversary of: “There’s A Ship In My Yard”.  - Geof Kusch
Atikokan.jpg (61124 bytes)

On August 17, 1913, the whaleback steamer Atikokan lost steerage as it was downbound in the St. Clair River at Marine City.  The Atikokan came out of the water and came to rest with its bow resting well out of the water on land.  The crash scene was at the current site of the Marine City water treatment plant.  At the time, the grounding was just downstream of the famous Pesha Photographic Art Studio and Brake Marine Reporting Agency.  Two small out buildings were destroyed, but there were no injuries.  The attached picture was taken by Lena Pesha, who grabbed one of her late husband’s cameras and ran out to record the event.  The Atikokan was refloated with the assistance of local tug boats and sustained almost no damage.
Source:  Volume 29, No 4, July/Aug 2008 – Lake Huron Lore


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