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August 24 - 25, 20

8/25 - Baie Comeau near St. Antoine-de-Tilly, Quebec on her maiden voyage- Vernon Munden
baiecomeau-8-24-13-bb-(1).jpg (90823 bytes) baiecomeau-8-24-13-bb-(2).jpg (62041 bytes) baiecomeau-8-24-13-bb-(3).jpg (78217 bytes) baiecomeau-8-24-13-bb-(4).jpg (87928 bytes) baiecomeau-8-24-13-bb-(5).jpg (107821 bytes)

Baie Comeau Baie Comeau today on the St. Lawrence River between Lotbinière and Montreal-
René Beauchamp
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0564.jpg (61091 bytes)
 Passing Lotbinière
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0567.jpg (138649 bytes)
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0571.jpg (111384 bytes) BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0582.jpg (99662 bytes)
Passing under the Laviolette bridge at Trois-Rivieres
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0588.jpg (116416 bytes)
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0589.jpg (91540 bytes)
Montreal and almost abreast of Umiak I at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage.
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0592.jpg (117682 bytes)
Montreal taken a short time before sunset.
BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0600.jpg (109306 bytes) BaieComeau-8-24-13-rb0605.jpg (118457 bytes)  

Baie Comeau
- Bruno Boissonneault
baiecomeau-8-24-13-qc-bb.jpg (169983 bytes)
Passing fleetmate Baie St. Paul at Quebec.
South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-8-15-13-lg-DSC-0259.jpg (151555 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaching 92nd St. outbound for the lake on 8/15.
Robertspierson-8-16-13-lg-DSC-0322.jpg (142884 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson at 95th St. enroute to Chicago Export dock on 8/16.
Manitowoc-8-18-13-lg-DSC-0432.jpg (183063 bytes)
Manitowoc outbound at NS 5 on 8/18.
Stmarchall-8-18-13-lg-DSC-0462.jpg (92998 bytes)
 St. Marys Challenger at the the Lafarge dock at 130th St. getting ready to take on a load of cement slag for Manitowoc. First time ever at the Lafarge dock for her. 8/18.

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-samlaud-8-24-13-dk.jpg (105936 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound leaving the MacArthur Lock.
2-jve-8-24-13-dk.jpg (121959 bytes)
Joyce Van Enkevort upbound leaving the Poe Lock.
3-hjlo-8-24-13-dk.jpg (136077 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar upbound at the International bridge. 
4-jhtompson-8-24-13-dk.jpg (81538 bytes)
Joseph H Tompson entering the MacArthur lock.
5-jhtompson-8-24-13.jpg (100846 bytes)
Stern view.
6-wjmccarthy-8-24-13-dk.jpg (134556 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy upbound at the west Pier.
7-aspirit-8-24-13-dk.jpg (103260 bytes)
American Spirit upbound just east of the Locks.
8-mesminer-8-24-13-dk.jpg (99323 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound just east of the Locks.
9-mmas-8-24-13-dk.jpg (79274 bytes)
American Spirit and Mesabi Miner Passing.

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
Algoma-Enterprise-8-24-13-dd.jpg (127783 bytes)
Westbound Algoma Enterprise

8/24 St. Lawrence Seaway
- Rene Beauchamp
Marthal-L.-Black-230813-RBMTL-(1).jpg (207839 bytes)
Icebreaker Martha L. Black bound for Quebec City from Port Weller where she had a refit.
St.L.Seaway-230813-RBMTL-(1).jpg (141137 bytes)
Stella Polaris making her 5th voyage in the Seaway on Friday.
Stella-Polaris-230813-RBMTL.jpg (173433 bytes) Stella-Polaris-230813-RBMTL2.jpg (149705 bytes) VM-S-Maisonneuve-230813-RBMTL.jpg (112674 bytes)
VM/S Maisonneuve owned by the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.
Tim-S.-Dool-230813-RBMTL.jpg (100343 bytes)
Tim S. Dool nearing CIP2, the entrance of the Seaway in Montreal.
Liwa-230813-RBMTL.jpg (111022 bytes)
The big tanker Liwa registered in Panama leaving Montreal, section 94, for Newark, N.J. on Friday.
Liwa-230813-RBMTL-(1).jpg (85294 bytes) Port-de-Mtl-230813-RBMTL.jpg (91088 bytes)  

Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-amariner-8-23-13-dk.jpg (78690 bytes)
American Mariner upbound west of the bridge.
2-stclair-8-23-13-dk.jpg (98535 bytes)
St. Clair waiting to enter the Poe Lock.
3-saginaw-8-23-13-dk.jpg (101177 bytes)
Saginaw upbound passing Sherman Park.
4-edgarspear-8-23-13-dk.jpg (97911 bytes)
Edgar Speer upbound near the Steel Plant
5-Iharbor-8-23-13-dk.jpg (130115 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound at the International Bridge.
6-sjcort-8-23-13-dk.jpg (147615 bytes)
Stewart J Cort upbound at the International Bridge.
7-mich-8-23-13-dk.jpg (171945 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound.
8-acentury-8-23-13-dk.jpg (49795 bytes)
American Century downbound passing the Valley Camp.
9-waacentury-8-23-13-dk.jpg (133658 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne and American Century in the Locks.
10-lGuardian-8-23-13-dk.jpg (114196 bytes)
Lake Guardian.

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
CSL-Niagara-8-23-13-dd.jpg (107927 bytes) Joe-Thompson-8-23-13-dd.jpg (115683 bytes) Michigan-Great-Lakes-2-8-23-13-dd.jpg (117515 bytes)    

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