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August 27, 20


Ojibway at Sarnia
- John McCreery
1-Ojibway-8-23-13-jm.jpg (73393 bytes)
Ojibway bound for Thunder Bay, unexpectedly puts in to the north slip late Friday night.
2-Ojibway-8-23-13-jm.jpg (69822 bytes)
Their lights searching for the dock make photography difficult
3-Ojibway-8-23-13-jm.jpg (83054 bytes)
Over the side
4-Ojibway-8-23-13-jm.jpg (173859 bytes)
Harbour master informed they will in port an estimated 18 hours
5-Ojibway-8-25-13-jm.jpg (206642 bytes)
Repairs to the bow thruster
6-Ojibway-8-25-13-jm.jpg (87069 bytes)
Floating workshop. Repairs took a little longer than expected but after about 44 hours in port she is back out and north bound in Lake Huron

St. Clair River Sunday -
Herm Klein
1-AM-Int-8-25-13-HK.jpg (89383 bytes)
American Integrity unloads at Recors.
2--AMA--8-25-13-HK.jpg (95671 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson upbound above Marine City.
3-INT-REP-8-25-13-HK.jpg (91659 bytes)
Intrepid Republic.
4-CSL-T&F-8-25--13--HK.jpg (96021 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac and the Frontenac awaiting orders in Sarnia.

Soo Traffic -
David Kaye
1-RBlough-8-25-13-dk.jpg (138957 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at the Bridge
2-Buffalo-8-25-13-dk.jpg (115331 bytes)
Buffalo upbound at the Bridge.
3-cdearglen-8-25-13-dk.jpg (150843 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound at the Bridge.
4-Lorentine-8-25-13-dk.jpg (69660 bytes)
CSL Laurentien leaving the Poe Lock.

CSL Thunder bay was upbound, on her maiden voyage Saturday -
Matt Koch
1-Thunderbay-8-24-13-mk.jpg (92004 bytes)
On her maiden voyage, upbound in western lake St. Francis, near Cornwall.
2-Thunderbay-8-24-13-mk.jpg (78571 bytes)
Bow View

Twin Ports Friday -
Peter Lapinski
b2.jpg (119753 bytes)
Mesabi Miner and James R. Barker departing within 20 minutes of each other.
b3.jpg (111939 bytes) b4.jpg (129043 bytes) b5.jpg (113349 bytes)
a5.jpg (115023 bytes)
Algowood unloading wheat at riverland AG Duluth.
a2.jpg (97352 bytes)  a6.jpg (147052 bytes) c1.jpg (92544 bytes)
John J. Boland at Fraser shipyard.
c4.jpg (157346 bytes) c2.jpg (106309 bytes)
Ryerson at Fraser shipyard.

Various ports -
Peter Lapinski
Callaway-5.jpg (183506 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway at Calcite.
callaway-6.jpg (116773 bytes) callaway4.jpg (96710 bytes) callaway-7.jpg (158637 bytes) callaway-9.jpg (110026 bytes)
callaway-11.jpg (155396 bytes) algoway-4.jpg (107011 bytes)
Algoway in the Straits of Mackinac.
algoway-3.jpg (116309 bytes) Algoway.jpg (86831 bytes) great-republic-lake-michigan.jpg (112690 bytes)
Great Republic heading towards Lake Michigan from Meldrum Bay.
guardian1.jpg (85742 bytes)
Algoma guardian at Detour.
KEB-Mud-Lake.jpg (66955 bytes)
Kaye Barker in Mud Lake.
KEB-Mud-Lake-(3).jpg (90857 bytes) KEB-Mud-Lake-Bow.jpg (86167 bytes) KEB-Mud-Lake-(1).jpg (128872 bytes)
kamistiquia-1.jpg (54067 bytes)
Kamistiqua just below Mission Point
kam-2.jpg (104511 bytes) Alpena-Whitefish-bay.jpg (116497 bytes)
Alpena in Whitefish bay. 
Alpena-Whitefish.jpg (156425 bytes) algolake-whitefish-2.jpg (77833 bytes)
Algolake in Whitefish bay. 

Sarnia and Point Edward -
Marc Dease
1-iryda-7-6-13-md.jpg (91490 bytes)
 Iryda upbound at 1 & 2.
2-sag-7-6-13-md.jpg (78331 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at 1 & 2.
3-jlo-7-7-13-a-md.jpg (62211 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound above 1 & 2.
4-jlo-7-7-13-b-md.jpg (89404 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
5-lat-7-9-13-md.jpg (87342 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound at Black River.
6-amon-7-13-13-md.jpg (77799 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound at 1 & 2.
7-ojib-7-14-13-md.jpg (90868 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at 1 & 2.
8-tad-7-29-13-md.jpg (114190 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac and fleet mate Frontenac in the north slip at Point Edward.
9-ihar-7-30-13-md.jpg (90177 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound at 1 & 2.
10-niag-8-2-13-md.jpg (69900 bytes)
CSL Niagara downbound at 1 & 2.
11-man-8-2-13-b-md.jpg (75113 bytes)
Manitoba arriving at the government dock.
12-man-8-5-13-c-md.jpg (83586 bytes)
Night View.
13-rog-8-4-13-a-md.jpg (82834 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Black River.
14-rog-8-4-13-b-md.jpg (75199 bytes)
Heading in to Lake Huron.
15-miss-8-13-13-md.jpg (126431 bytes)
Mississagi turning below Black River with a load of stone for Sarnia.
16-prt-8-13-13-md.jpg (84786 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound at 1& 2
17-cjc-8-15-13-md.jpg (105278 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway heads into Lake Huron.
18-away-8-16-13-md.jpg (96802 bytes)
 Algoway downbound at 1 & 2.
19-pine-8-17-13-a-md.jpg (82054 bytes)
Pineglen upbound for the elevator.
20-pine-8-17-13-b-md.jpg (100265 bytes)
Alongside the Algorail.
21-pine-8-19-13-c-md.jpg (112427 bytes)
 Loading at the elevator.
22-man-8-18-13-md.jpg (71030 bytes)
Manitoba downbound at 1& 2.
23-cuya-8-21-13-md.jpg (82294 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound at 1 & 2 with a load of salt.
24-miss-8-21-13-a-md.jpg (79172 bytes)
Mississagi laid up at government dock.
25-miss-8-21-13-b-md.jpg (135189 bytes)
Another view.
26-cuya-8-23-13-md.jpg (83704 bytes)
Cuyahoga up bound at Black River.
27-ama-8-23-13-md.jpg (82746 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson down bound at 1& 2.
28-ojib-8-24-13-md.jpg (86178 bytes)
Ojibway in the north slip for temporary lay up and repairs to her bow thruster.
Recent Activity on the St. Clair River at Harsens Island - Rod Burdick
1wjmccarthy8113HIrb.jpg (65438 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy heading to Monroe with coal
2buffalo8113HIrb.jpg (79021 bytes)
3yorktown8113HIrb.jpg (123302 bytes)
Great Lakes cruise ship Yorktown
4kebarker8113HIrb.jpg (87626 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker

Mississagi at Drummond island -
Peter Lapinski
missasagi-drummond-1.jpg (74034 bytes) mississagi-2.jpg (145761 bytes) mississagi-4.jpg (175708 bytes) mississagi-5.jpg (193226 bytes) mississagi-6.jpg (151620 bytes)

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
Federal-Ems-1-8-25-13-dd.jpg (142326 bytes) Samuel-De-Champlain-8-25-13-dd.jpg (114324 bytes)      

Passage Island Lighthouse -
Eric Slough
From a kayaking trip, circumnavigating Isle Royale in Lake Superior. This was a side trip out to Passage Island to hike the rugged trail out to the Passage Island Lighthouse. (186567 bytes)
Crumbling North Dock (Passage Island) (235503 bytes)
Front Door, Passage Island Light (west) 1881 (91771 bytes)
Front gable gingerbread (west) (251121 bytes)
Helicopter Pad Passage Island (348195 bytes)
Light tower Passage Island Light (136319 bytes)
Passage Island light tower close up (208422 bytes)
Passage Island light tower (north) (314739 bytes)
Cart rail track and turn table (137382 bytes)
Boat Shed, Passage Island Harbor (142326 bytes)
Passage Island Light (North) (129738 bytes)
Passage Island light from water (North) (312907 bytes)
 Passage Island Light front door (West) (199235 bytes)
Rail Cart winch room (297353 bytes)
Rail Cart, Passage Island (138335 bytes)
Passage Island light tower (East) (411750 bytes)
Stairway to north dock (West) (109404 bytes)
Tower House (East) (193998 bytes)
Tower House (South) (288366 bytes)
Rail turn table and tracks (422192 bytes)
Steep rail track on North side of tower complex. Winch house and turntable is at the top of the track.

Northern Michigan Workboats and Ferries
  -  Tom Hynes
01-Edson-8-12-13th.jpg (93525 bytes)
USS Edson in Bay City at sunset, August 12th
02-Elizabeth-8-18-13th.jpg (124069 bytes)
Walstrum Dock and Dredge's tug Elizabeth in Harbor Springs, August 18th
03-DePere-8-18-13th.jpg (97736 bytes)
Walstrum Dock and Dredge's barge DePere
04-Ottawa-8-18-13th.jpg (116503 bytes)
Ottawa docked at Harbor Springs
05-MCM-barge-8-18-13th.jpg (70035 bytes)
MCM tug and barge downbound at Mission Point, August 19th
06-Kelli-Anne-8-19-13th.jpg (122054 bytes)
MCM tug Kelli Anne
07-Edward-H-8-19-13th.jpg (161740 bytes)
Heritage Marine tug Edward H on the drydock at MCM Marine, Soo
08-Ojibway-8-19-13th.jpg (82389 bytes)
Supply boat Ojibway
09-Beaver-8-19-13th.jpg (123824 bytes)
Arnold Transit's freight boat Beaver at St. Ignace August 19th
10-Chippewa-8-19-13th.jpg (101812 bytes)
Chippewa and Corsair
11-Corsair-8-19-13th.jpg (93470 bytes)
12-Huron-8-19-13th.jpg (160867 bytes)
Huron at repair yard, St. Ignace
13-Mackinac-Islander-8-19-13th.jpg (136809 bytes)
Mackinac Islander at St. Ignace
14-Straits-Express-8-19-13th.jpg (120794 bytes)
Straits Express out of the water, St. Ignace
15-Felicity-8-19-13th.jpg (105566 bytes)
 Felicity arriving at St. Ignace
16-Sacre-Bleu-8-19-13th.jpg (123234 bytes)
Shepler freight boat Sacre Bleu
17-Anna-May-8-19-13th.jpg (120193 bytes)
Star Line freight boat Anna May
18-La-Salle-8-19-13th.jpg (180146 bytes)
Star Line La Salle
19-Radisson-8-19-13th.jpg (154981 bytes)
Star Line Radisson
20-Baird-8-19-13th.jpg (132853 bytes)
Spencer F. Baird, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Cheboygan
21-Grayling-8-19-13th.jpg (133580 bytes)
USGS-Great Lakes Science Center's Grayling, Cheboygan
22-Joe-Van-Timmy-V-8-19-13th.jpg (200962 bytes)
Durocher tug Joe-Van and workboat Timmy V
23-NancyAnne-General-8-1913th.jpg (197371 bytes)
Durocher tugs Nancy Ann and General
24-Ryba-Dredge-8-19-13th.jpg (112711 bytes)
Ryba dredge and scow
25-Rochelle-Kaye-8-19-13th.jpg (156409 bytes)
Ryba tug Rochelle Kaye

Recent Michigan Fish Tug
-  Tom Hynes
01-Blonnie-W-5-20-13th.jpg (115443 bytes)
Blonnie W at Hammond Bay in May
02-EH-LaBlance-st5-20-13th.jpg (136351 bytes)
Stern view of EH LaBlance at Hammond Bay in May
03-Patty-D-8-12-13th.jpg (222618 bytes)
Patty D at Wallace Cut August 10th.  Large crowds at the Cheeseburger Festival blocked any decent photos of the Osprey and Argo docked in Caseville.
04-BayPortNorth-8-10-13th.jpg (120854 bytes)
Traditional Bay Port Fishery buildings
05-The-Patsy-8-10-13th.jpg (179003 bytes)
The Patsy at Bay Port
06-BayPortSouth-8-10-13th.jpg (145691 bytes)
Looking south at Bay Port
07-BayPortNets-8-10-13th.jpg (199327 bytes)
 Nets at Bay Port
08-MC-4317-BE-8-12-13th.jpg (141175 bytes)
Michigan registered trap net boat MC 4317 BE at Pine River
09-PineRiverTenders8-1-13th.jpg (221178 bytes)
Net tenders at Pine River
10-PineRiver-8-12-13th.jpg (138671 bytes)
Fishery buildings at Pine River
11-Falcon-s-8-18-13th.jpg (197792 bytes)
Active Falcon at John Cross Fishery, Charlevoix on August 18th
12-Karren-b-8-18-13th.jpg (142092 bytes)
Inactive Karren at John Cross Fishery
13-Karren-s-8-18-13th.jpg (172505 bytes)
Stern view of Karren
14-Falcon-b-8-18-13th.jpg (159963 bytes)
Bow view of Falcon
15-JohnCrossSign8-18-13th.jpg (99897 bytes)
John Cross sign
16-Kari-A-8-18-13.jpg (116933 bytes)
Kari A laid up in Mackinaw City
17-Eddie-s-8-18-13th.jpg (134126 bytes)
Eddie S at Bells Fishery, Mackinaw City
18-BellsFishery8-18-13th.jpg (96618 bytes)
Bells Fishery sign
19-ToonervilleA8-19-13th.jpg (158092 bytes)
Toonerville Trolley is a 2 foot narrow gauge railroad out of Soo Junction, Michigan, August 19th.
20-Toonerville2-8-19-13th.jpg (247637 bytes)
Formerly a standard gauge logging spur, tourist excursions started in the 1920's and the railroad was converted to narrow gauge in 1933.
21-Toonerville1-8-19-2013th.jpg (236262 bytes)
Engine # 1 seen at the boat dock.  A riverboat takes tourists down the Tahquamenon River to the upper falls.
22-ToonervilleC-8-19-13th.jpg (266780 bytes)
Young Railfan in the making
23-Toonerville2b-8-19-13th.jpg (291522 bytes)
Engine #2 is a Plymouth Model TMDR/2 built in 1963.  Engine # 1 appears to be the same model. There is a third un-numbered Plymouth locomotive, unknown model, that is used for work train service.
24-MAYBEE-8-19-13th.jpg (143581 bytes)
Maybee at St. Ignace
25-StIgnace-8-19-13th.jpg (196173 bytes)
Unidentified trap net boat working out of St. Ignace.
26-MAYBEE-s-8-19-13th.jpg (135199 bytes)
Stern view of Maybee, August 19th
27-Eddie-8-19-13th.jpg (146950 bytes)
Eddie at Mackinaw City
28-EddieTender8-19-13th.jpg (129072 bytes)
Net Tenders with Eddie
29-NancyK-b-8-19-13th.jpg (154671 bytes)
Nancy K at Cheboygan
30-NancyK-s-8-19-13th.jpg (196770 bytes)
Stern view of Nancy K
31-RC-Anderson-p-8-19-13th.jpg (171245 bytes)
RC Anderson at Hammond Bay
32-RC-Anderson-s-8-19-13th.jpg (118367 bytes)
Starboard side, showing net lifter
34-EH-LaBlance-b-5-20-13th.jpg (141313 bytes)
EH LaBlance, Hammond Bay
33-EH-LaBlance-s-5-20-13th.jpg (155698 bytes) 35-EH-LaBlance-p-5-20-13th.jpg (128142 bytes)

A tribute to Alfred Sagon-King by Don Geske
1999-07-24-pic-13a.jpg (128088 bytes)
A great maritime photographer & good friend. The picture was taken at Mission Point July 24, 1999. Alfred now joins the love of his life, Betty. May you both rest in peace.

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