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August 28 - 30, 20

8/30 -  St. Clair River at Marine City - Don Detloff
1-sullmarine-29aug13-djd.jpg (97480 bytes)
Dennis Sullivan and Algomarine Thursday
2-manistee-29aug13-djd.jpg (60034 bytes)

Tall Ships off Walpole Island Wednesday -
Dave Noordhoff
3-Liana's-Ransom-28-08-13-dn.jpg (158155 bytes)
 Liana's Ransom
1-Niagara-28-08-13-dn.jpg (174113 bytes)
2-Peacemaker-28-08-13-dn.jpg (81800 bytes)

Seaway & Montreal shipping - Rene Beauchamp
Federal-Severn-250813-RBMTL.jpg (114946 bytes)
Federal Severn unloading sugar at Sutherland Pier on Sunday. She departed Montreal on Wednesday night for Churchill, Manitoba to load grain.
Dalmig-250813-RBMTL-(2).jpg (132964 bytes)
The former ferry Dalmig anchored off Ile Verte. Work of her conversion into a floating restaurant has not begun yet or very little has been done. Dalmig is anchored there since July 12.
Greenwing-240813-RBMTL.jpg (115926 bytes)
Greenwing at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage on Saturday August 24.

USS Edson being towed up the Detroit River into Lake St Clair last summer - Marty Pelker
USS-EDSON-079.jpg (164730 bytes) USS-EDSON-081.jpg (158974 bytes) USS-EDSON-080.jpg (155337 bytes) USS-EDSON-097.jpg (106424 bytes) USS-EDSON-099.jpg (103286 bytes)

8/29 - Salvage of Andrew J
-  Graham Grattan
Late Tuesday afternoon, at Lock 4 of the Welland Canal, the refloated Andrew J was lifted onto a barge.
1-andrew-8-27-13-gg-jpg.jpg (191970 bytes)
Andrew J about to be lifted out of the water.
2-andrew-8-27-13-gg-jpg.jpg (274992 bytes)
The lift begins.
3-andrew-8-27-13-gg-jpg.jpg (173458 bytes)
Andrew J has been lifted high enough.
4-andrew-8-27-13-gg-jpg.jpg (190182 bytes)
Kimberly Ann swings the barge into position below Andrew J.
5-andrew-8-27-13-gg-jpg.jpg (182380 bytes)
Andrew J about to be landed on the barge.

Sam Laud upbound between Neebish and St Joseph Islands in the St. Marys River - Roberta Heckes
2-Sam-Laud-08-26-13.jpg (108054 bytes)
The Laud is making the almost-90 degree turn into the channel.  Always an impressive sight to watch the ships make the turn.
3-Sam-Laud-08-26-13.jpg (85467 bytes)      

Montreal sightings -
Rene Beauchamp
Port-de-Mtl-250813-RBMTL.jpg (73827 bytes)
 Fednav's Arctic and Umiak I anchored the same day on Sunday. Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage. They were waiting for dock space at a Montreal-East bunkering dock.
Port-de-Mtl-250813-RBMTL-(1).jpg (64504 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard, Marine Communications & Traffic Services tower on Ile Charron, Longueuil, on the Montreal south shore.
Port-de-Mtl-250813-RBMTL-(2).jpg (46191 bytes)    

Mackinac Island -
Al Miller
Brig-Niagara-passing-Round-Island-Light.jpg (143926 bytes) Brig-Niagara-docked-at-Mackinac-Island.jpg (55733 bytes) Downbound-for-Lake-Michigan.jpg (88272 bytes) Peter-B.-Cresswell-downbound-at-Round-Island.jpg (65007 bytes) American-Steamship-Co.-vessel.jpg (105039 bytes)
Former-auto-ferries-making-the.jpg (117263 bytes) Brig-Niagara-departing-Mackinac.jpg (126249 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -
Werner Lindquist
calciteII(6-76).jpg (101354 bytes)
Calcite II Lorain Black River  (6/76)
reiss(6-76).jpg (142197 bytes)
William A. Reiss Cleveland Cuyahoga River  (6/76)
tarantau(6-76).jpg (118684 bytes)
Tarantau in the Welland Canal Lock 1 (6/76)
canadanna-(6_76).jpg (136725 bytes)
Canadiana Cleveland Cuyahoga River  (6/76)
girdler.jpg (46148 bytes)
Tom Girdler Lorain Black River  (6/76)

8/28 - Traffic on the St. Marys River
- Roger LeLievre
1Thunder-Bay-RL.jpg (80794 bytes)
New Canada Steamship Lines Thunder Bay up at Mission Point Tuesday.
2Thunder-Bay-RL.jpg (54118 bytes)
Thunder Bay flies her houseflag on the bow.
3Thunder-Bay-RL.jpg (64365 bytes)
Stern view
4Thunder-Bay-St-Clair-RL.jpg (65980 bytes)
Thunder Bay and St. Clair pass
6EdwardH-RL.jpg (72344 bytes)
Duluth-based Heritage Marine tugs Nels J and Edward H in the MacArthur Lock. They have been in the MCM Marine drydock.
7EdwardH-RL.jpg (68422 bytes)
Another view.
5EdwardH-RL.jpg (87762 bytes)
Crewman handles lines on the Edward H.
8Ojibway-RL.jpg (72584 bytes)
Ojibway upbound at Nine Mile Point Monday.
9TregurthaPaulR-rl.jpg (45323 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound on Monday.

Montreal sightings -
Rene Beauchamp
Famille-Dufour-II-250813-RBMTL-(1).jpg (112727 bytes)
Famille Dufour II tied up in the Old Port of Montreal. It did only a few harbour trips so far this year, mostly in the evening.
Famille-Dufour-II-250813-RBMTL.jpg (98017 bytes) Atlantic-Impala-250813-RBMTL.jpg (96123 bytes)
Atlantic Impala on Sunday and awaiting for the next day to begin working cargo. Some sister ships transited the Seaway over the years.

ug Andrew J working in Rochester, New York earlier this summer - Tom Brewer
andjewj6-13-(1).jpg (120693 bytes)
This is the tug that sank Monday in Lock 4 of the Welland Canal early Monday.
andjewj6-13-(2).jpg (107968 bytes)      

Seaway Mariatown August 23 - 26 -
Murray Blancher
1-Stephanie-Dann--JMC-180-23-08-13-mb.jpg (130324 bytes)
Stephanie Dann down
2-Harbour-legend-23-08-13-mb.jpg (89488 bytes)
Harbour Legend up
3-Algoma-Discovery-23-08-13-mb.jpg (143072 bytes)
Algoma Discovery down
4-Spartan--Spartan-II-23-08-13-mb.jpg (93695 bytes)
Spartan & Spartan II up
5-Greenwing-23-08-13-mb.jpg (112140 bytes)
Greenwing down
6-Manitoba-23-08-13-mb.jpg (107517 bytes)
Manitoba up
7-Algosea-24-08-13-mb.jpg (87648 bytes)
Algosea down
8-Algoma-Guardian-24-08-13-mb.jpg (72062 bytes)
Algoma Guardian down
9-Thunder-Bay-24-08-13-mb.jpg (84754 bytes)
Thunder Bay up
10-Capt-Henry-Jackman-24-08-13-mb.jpg (78329 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman down
11-John-B-Aird-25-08-13-mb.jpg (76972 bytes)
John B Aird up
12-Algolake-25-08-13-mb.jpg (82471 bytes)
Algolake up
13-Baie-St-Paul-26-08-13-mb.jpg (83822 bytes)
Baie St Paul up
14-Manitoba-26-08-13-mb.jpg (123959 bytes)
Manitoba down
15-Harbour-Feature-26-08-13-mb.jpg (88827 bytes)
 Harbour Feature up
16-Harbour-Feature-stack-26-08-13-mb.jpg (82251 bytes)
Harbour Feature stack
17-CSL-Assiniboine-26-08-13-mb.jpg (119553 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine down

Historical Perspectives -
Werner Lindquist
victory.jpg (59765 bytes)
Cliffs Victory north End Cuyahoga River Cleveland over winter 4/78
buckeye.jpg (88633 bytes)
Buckeye Cleveland 4/78
blackbay.jpg (63835 bytes)
Black Bay  Welland Canal 7/74
nordale.jpg (101208 bytes)
Nordale & James Norris Welland Canal Lock 7 10/77
metis.jpg (126901 bytes)
Metis Welland Canal 10/77
emery.jpg (95418 bytes)
John Emery Fairport Harbor 10/77
piersondaughters.jpg (60737 bytes)
Pierson Daughters Welland Canal 10/77

Historical Perspectives - Previous ships carrying the Baie Comeau name -
Skip Gillham
Baie-Comeau---Al-Sykes.jpg (64847 bytes)
Baie Comeau - later Joseph Medill Patterson - Al Sykes Collection.
Baie-Comeau---WC---Al-Sykes.jpg (97313 bytes)
Welland Canal - Al Sykes Collection
Baie-Comeau---WC---SG-Col..jpg (93403 bytes)
Skip Gillham
Baie-Comeau-II---WC---Barry-A.-1985.jpg (73017 bytes)
Baie Comeau II - Welland Canal - 1977 - Barry Andersen photo
Baie-Comeau-II---Pt.-Col.-June-5-77---SG.jpg (62959 bytes)
Port Colborne - June 5/77 - Skip Gillham photo

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