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September 3, 20

Saturday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-HHL-Mississippi-08-31-13-a-bb.jpg (99386 bytes)
HHL Mississippi at old bridge nine in Thorold
2-HHL-Mississippi-08-31-12-b-bb.jpg (89176 bytes) 3-Algomarine-08-31-bb.jpg (81441 bytes)
Algomarine in Port Weller harbour
4-Tim-S-Dool-08-31-13-bb.jpg (79741 bytes)
Right behind is fleetmate Tim S Dool having to tie up.
5-TimSDoolcrew-08-31-13a-bb.jpg (41038 bytes)
6-TimSDoolcrew-08-31-13-b-bb.jpg (134053 bytes)
second crew member using landing boom
7-Cedarglen-08-31-13-a-bb.jpg (104472 bytes)
Cedarglen at Thorold
8-Cedarglendeck-08-31-13-bb.jpg (171556 bytes)
Decks awash to prevent hogging
9-Cedarglen-08-31-13-b-bb.jpg (115726 bytes) 10-AlgomaEnterprise-08-31-13-a-bb.jpg (91541 bytes)
 Algoma Enterprise headed to Lock One
11-AlgomaEnterprise-08-31-13-b-bb.jpg (92951 bytes)        

St. Clair River at Algonac State Park on Sunday -
Don Detloff
2-yorktown-01sep13-djd.jpg (87697 bytes)
1-thompson-01sep13-djd.jpg (59303 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson and Jr.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Barry Andersen
Algomarine-in-ballast-headed-to-L2.jpg (102521 bytes)
HHL-MISSISSIPPI-(Atg)-approaching-L4.jpg (127979 bytes)
HHL Mississipp
Tim-S.-Dool-clear-of-L1-in-ballast.jpg (94840 bytes)
Tim S. Dool
Tim-S.-Dool-reversing-to-wait-for.jpg (106361 bytes) tug-Henry-P.-Brake-approaches.jpg (158719 bytes)
Tug Henry P. Brake & new barge Rhett approach Bridge 4 on delivery voyage from Don Jon.
tug-Henry-P.-Brake-with-barge-RHETT-headed-to-L1.jpg (118377 bytes) tug-Henry-P.-Brake-with-new-barge.jpg (148879 bytes)      

St. Clair, Michigan on Saturday -
Kevin  Majewski
1.Algo-8-31-13-KM.jpg (136656 bytes)
 Algoway downbound at St. Clair.
2.Mich-8-31-13-KM.jpg (151288 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound.
3.PRC-8-31-13-KM.jpg (146404 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke upbound.
4.LB-8-31-13-KM.jpg (136279 bytes)
Tug Lac Manitoba and Nadro Marine barge S/VM86 downbound.
5.Lac-8-31-13-KM.jpg (131282 bytes)
Close-up of Lac Manitoba

Welland Canal Saturday - 
Skip Gillham
Fair-Jeanne-Bel.-L.1-Aug.-31-13-(2a).jpg (215879 bytes)
Fair Jeanne tying up below Lock 1.
Dara-Desgagnes-Bel.-L.1---Aug.-31-13-(4a).jpg (128920 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes inbound below Lock 1

Sandpoint Beach east end of Windsor, CSL Laurentien offloading gravel Monday -
Marlyce Swinnerton
csllaurentien9-2-13.jpg (118270 bytes)        

Soo Traffic -
David Kaye
1-prcressw-9-1-13-dk.jpg (116555 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell upbound  at Mission Point.
2-michc-9-1-13-dk.jpg (125356 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound at the bridge.
3-aprogress-9-1-13-dk.jpg (178080 bytes)
Algoma Progress downbound entering the MacArthur Lock.
4-prclarke-9-2-13-dk.jpg (124223 bytes)
Phillip R Clark upbound leaving the Poe Lock.
5-bharbor-9-2-13-dk.jpg (109179 bytes)
Burns Harbor at the East Pier about to enter the Poe Lock.
1-thunbay-8-30-13-dk.jpg (103915 bytes)
Thunder Bay waiting at West Pier.
2-thunbay-8-30-13-dk.jpg (121736 bytes)
Thunder Bay near Mission Point.
3-kamtb-8-30-13-dk.jpg (77218 bytes)
Kaministiqua and Thunder Bay passing
4-espeer-8-29-13-dk.jpg (40256 bytes)
Edgar Speer upper river near Steel Plant.
5-jlblock-8-29-13-dk.jpg (51863 bytes)
Joseph L  Block near Sherman Park.
6-oberstar-8-30-13-dk.jpg (81116 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar upbound at the west Pier.

Montreal Harbor -
Rene Beauchamp
IMG_0650.jpg (71516 bytes)
HHL Everest unloading cargo and Salarium undergoing maintenance while laid up.
HHL-Everest-280813-RBMTL.jpg (84310 bytes)
HHL Everest on Wednesday. This ship had just been renamed a few weeks before her arrival. Formerly named Industrial Fighter.

Roger Blough off Harbor Beach, Michigan -
Julie Sutfin-Hanlon
IMG_1615.jpg (88573 bytes)        

Detroit River Cruise on Friendship
DSC_0626.jpg (115029 bytes)
Departing the Portofino restaurant in Wyandotte Saturday evening.
DSC_0654.jpg (28926 bytes)
Under command of Capt. Sam Buchanan at sunset.
DSC_0673.jpg (101596 bytes)
DSC_0676.jpg (84442 bytes)
Friends Good Will downbound
DSC_0688.jpg (103574 bytes)
Tall ship Dennis Sullivan
DSC_0697.jpg (91213 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer
DSC_0684.jpg (58568 bytes)
Slag operation at the Edward C. Levy Co.
DSC_0686.jpg (73460 bytes) DSC_0702.jpg (88843 bytes) DSC_0728.jpg (157885 bytes)
Mailboat delivering mail.
DSC_0753-(2).jpg (153162 bytes)
Delivering pizzas.
DSC_0757-(2).jpg (78295 bytes)
Returning to their dock.

Historical Perspectives -
Werner Lindquist
Alastair_Guthrie.jpg (84732 bytes)
Alastair Guthrie at Cleveland Cuyahoga River 11-78
quedoc.jpg (112409 bytes)
Quedoc and Candoc at Port Colborne 11-78
menihek_lake.jpg (45768 bytes)
Menihek Lake on the Welland Canal 10-77
R.Bruce_Angus.jpg (82146 bytes)
Bruce Angus in Lock 7 Welland Canal 8-73
avon_forest.jpg (38635 bytes)
Avon Forest just built Port Weller drydocks 8-73
fort_henry.jpg (60330 bytes)
Fort Henry passing Tarantau on the Welland Canal 8-73
Sylvania.jpg (81721 bytes)
Sylvania at work in Lorain Harbor 5-77

Historical Perspectives -
BoatNerd.Com's Postcard Collection
Wickwire-launch-1910.jpg (69803 bytes) Hagarty.jpg (81966 bytes) Kirby,-Frank-E.jpg (105649 bytes) Langell-Boys.jpg (104750 bytes) Noronic-2.jpg (101528 bytes)
Northern-Navigation-Co-Dock-Sarnia.jpg (150522 bytes) Pleasure-Woodward-Ave.jpg (139141 bytes) Tashmoo-2.jpg (83394 bytes) Ambassador-Bridge-laker.jpg (106128 bytes) Atikokan-whaleback-2.jpg (125340 bytes)
Battle,James.jpg (129229 bytes) Browning,-TH-2.jpg (101019 bytes) City-of-New-York.jpg (98520 bytes) City-Of-Toledo.jpg (111585 bytes) Columbia-Harbor-scene.jpg (125952 bytes)
D&C-dock-Detroit.jpg (146294 bytes) Empress-of-Midland.jpg (119755 bytes) Grain-Boats-Winter-Sarnia---Lemoyne,-Osler.jpg (123474 bytes) Bradley-Boats-Winter-air.jpg (103565 bytes) Canadiana-CrystalBeach.jpg (93592 bytes)
Conneaut-at-Conneaut.jpg (87084 bytes) D&C-Dock,-Wayne-Hotel.jpg (114038 bytes) EarlingEJ.jpg (93436 bytes) Findlay,-Harry-L-Welland.jpg (89736 bytes) Ford,-Henry-II.jpg (119611 bytes)
Hawgood,-Arthur-M-launch.jpg (382626 bytes) McCarthy-TJ-cars.jpg (130576 bytes) Thorold-at-Thorold.jpg (157938 bytes)    

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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