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September 4 - 6, 20

9/6 - St. Marys River Traffic, Thursday Roger LeLievre
1Block,-Joe-9-5-13rl.jpg (46689 bytes)
Joseph L. Block upbound at Nine Mile Point.
2Algoma-Guardian-stern-9-5-13rl.jpg (65738 bytes)
Algoma Guardian stern view.
3Algoma-Guardian-9-5-13rl.jpg (53465 bytes)
Algoma Guardian bow view.
4Great-Republic-9-5-13rl.jpg (56741 bytes)
Great Republic.
5Great-Republic-stern-9-5-13rl.jpg (77668 bytes)
Great Republic stern view.
6Atlantic-Huron-9-5-13rl.jpg (55621 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at Nine Mile Point.
7Isle-Royale-Queen-III-9-5-13rl.jpg (77260 bytes)
Marquette based cruise boat Isle Royale Queen III returning to Lake Superior after repairs.
8Isle-Royale-Queen-stern-9-5-13rl.jpg (48030 bytes)
Am-Century-9-5-13.jpg (72162 bytes)
American Century downbound at Mission Point.
Iryda-9-5-13rl.jpg (64486 bytes)
Polsteam saltie Iryda up at Mission Point.

Baie Comeau upbound at Amherstburg Thursday -
Ted Hanifan
Baie-Comeau9-5-13-th_4374.jpg (72147 bytes)
On her maiden voyage with a load of ballast stone for Windsor.
Baie-Comeau9-5-13-th_4380.jpg (71308 bytes) Baie-Comeau9-5-13-th_4392.jpg (93179 bytes) Baie-Comeau9-5-13-th_4402.jpg (103194 bytes) Baie-Comeau9-5-13-th_4405.jpg (81150 bytes)

Calumet at Holland on Wednesday night -
 Herm Phillips
1-Calumet-9-4-13-hp..jpg (55957 bytes)
Passing the Holland lighthouse, spotlights a blazing.
2-Calumet-9-4-13-hp.jpg (49556 bytes)
Aft cabins
3-Calumet-9-4-13-hp.jpg (49490 bytes)
Passing Kollen Park
4-Calumet-9-4-13-hp.jpg (74464 bytes)
Past park and approaching the dock.

Spencer F. Baird at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland
BAIRD.jpg (102113 bytes)
Work includes drydocking, a complete exterior repainting, bow thruster replacement, its five-year survey, and other miscellaneous repairs.  The project is to be completed early November.

9/5 - Cedarglen arriving in Montreal for a short term lay-up - Rene Beauchamp
cedarglen9-4-13-rb_0684.jpg (73509 bytes) cedarglen9-4-13-rb_0685.jpg (139442 bytes) cedarglen9-4-13-rb_0688.jpg (152974 bytes) cedarglen9-4-13-rb0697.jpg (193473 bytes) cedarglen9-4-13-rb_0699.jpg (86238 bytes)

Algoma Equinox departing on sea trials - 
picture courtesy of Nantong Shipyard
Algoma-Equinox_sea-trials-2013.jpg (50417 bytes)        

Baie Comeau upbound at Welland Canal Wednesday -
David Munday
1-Baie-Comeau04-09-13-DM.jpg (169070 bytes)        

9/4 - Herbert C. Jackson at the Soo -
David Kaye
1-hcjackson-9-3-13-dk.jpg (111000 bytes)
Approaching MacArthur Lock.
2-hcjackson-9-3-13-dk.jpg (131777 bytes) 3-hcjackson-9-3-13-dk.jpg (124963 bytes) 4-hcjackson-9-3-13-dk.jpg (119678 bytes) 5-hcjackson-9-3-13-dk.jpg (110850 bytes)

CSL bulkers laid up in Montreal -
Rene Beauchamp
Mapleglen-250813-RBMTL.jpg (98093 bytes) Oakglen-250813-RBMTL-(1).jpg (139907 bytes) Oakglen-250813-RBMTL.jpg (101538 bytes)    

- Bob Vincent
1-Manistee-9-1-13-bv.jpg (123135 bytes)
Manistee heading into Lafarge Stone dock
2-Manistee-9-1-13-bv.jpg (92638 bytes)
Another view
3-Manistee-9-1-13-bv.jpg (109534 bytes)
Boom being raised
4-Manistee-9-1-13-bv.jpg (131372 bytes)
Loading stone

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial -
1008898.jpg (117630 bytes)
The U.S. Brig Niagara, homeported in Erie, Penn., and the schooner Pride of Baltimore II, homeported in Baltimore, fire a broadside into the Sorlandet, homeported in Kristiansand, Norway, on Lake Erie Sept. 2

1009088.jpg (96139 bytes)
A boatcrew from Coast Guard Station Marblehead, Ohio, aboard a 25-foot Response Boat-Small, patrol a safety enforcement zone
1008899.jpg (118415 bytes)
Schooner Pride of Baltimore II
1008897.jpg (91837 bytes)
The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay, homeported in Cleveland, and a boatcrew from Coast Guard Station Marblehead, Ohio, aboard a 25-foot Response Boat-Small cross paths while patrolling a safety enforcement zone
1008896.jpg (103265 bytes)
Crews from Coast Guard Station Marblehead, Ohio, aboard a 25-foot Response Boat-Small and a 33-foot Special Purpose Craft Law-Enforcement meet up during the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial on Lake Erie to discuss operations

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
CSL-Assiniboine-2-9-3-13-dd.jpg (109805 bytes)        

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