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September 9, 20

Hamilton and Canal - John McCreery
1-JoSpirit-9-8-13-jm.jpg (165367 bytes)
Jo Spirit inbound just outside the Burlington Piers.
2-JoSpirit-9-8-13-jm.jpg (135402 bytes)
Another view
3-JoSpirit-9-8-13-jm.jpg (84450 bytes)
HL 95% and HHL 98% are tank alarms for High Level set at 95% and High High Level set at 98%. There would be an alarm beacon and siren associated with both.
4-JoSpirit-9-8-13-jm.jpg (96507 bytes)
Stern view inside the piers
5-JoSpirit-9-8-13-jm.jpg (144275 bytes)
Omni-Richelieu assisting the Spirit towards her Eastport berth, probably with a cargo of rum
1-Algowood-9-6-13-jm.jpg (153020 bytes)
Algowood is first of four vessels to arrive in Hamilton on Friday morning
2-AlgomaEnterprise-9-6-13-jm.jpg (185003 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise follows fleet mate Algowood, both bound for Dofasco
3-JanS-9-6-13-jm.jpg (144457 bytes)
Salty Jan S arrives off the piers to pass under the bridge already raised for the Enterprise
4-JanS-9-6-13-jm.jpg (131606 bytes)
Stern view of the Jan S
5-HLeeWhite-9-6-13-jm.jpg (127506 bytes)
H Lee White passes under the bridges the 4th vessel inbound in less than 2 hours
6-HLeeWhite-9-6-13-jm.jpg (113802 bytes)
Stern view of the White bound for Stelco
7-Maccoa-9-6-13-jm.jpg (129859 bytes)
Maccoa upbound in the canal at Glendale bridge
8-Lyulin-9-6-13-jm.jpg (102733 bytes)
Lyulin approaching the Glendale bridge downbound
9-Lyulin-9-6-13-jm.jpg (104926 bytes)
Stern view on the way to lock 3
10-ThunderBay-9-6-13-jm.jpg (94485 bytes)
Thunder Bay at day's end about to slide into lock 7

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Lyulin-(Mlt)-headed-for-L3-(3).jpg (103274 bytes)
Lyulin-(Mlt)-headed-for-L3-(2).jpg (98510 bytes) ccgs-Griffon-prepared-to-depart.jpg (106440 bytes)
CCGS Griffon at W-2 preparing to go out to memorial site for sunken Hamilton & Scourge
John-D.-Leitch-upbnd-headed-toward-L1.jpg (127486 bytes)
John D. Leitch
Bair-Comeau-on-wall-below-L1-maiden-trip.jpg (98443 bytes)Baie Baie Comeau on maiden voyage
Baie-Comeau-on-maiden-trip-headed-to-L3.jpg (85384 bytes) Baie-Comeau-passes-bridge-4-headed-to-L4.jpg (111471 bytes)      

Baie Comeau unloading at the Southwest Sales West Dock in Windsor -
Mike Nicholls
BAIECOMEAUb11090513mn-.jpg (88221 bytes) BAIECOMEAUs1800513mn..jpg (89416 bytes)      

Seaway at Prescott - Jim Scrimger
1-Jan-S-9-5-13-JS-.jpg (141318 bytes)
Jan S passing Prescott/Ogdensburg.
2-Jan-S-9-5-13-JS-.jpg (124352 bytes) 3-Lois-McClure-Bai-St-Paul-Prescott-9-3-13-JS-.jpg (102902 bytes)
Canal schooner Lois McClure at Prescott.
4-Lois-McClure-9-3-13-JS-.jpg (141623 bytes) 5-Lois-McClure-9-3-13-JS-.jpg (88858 bytes)
6-Lois-McClure-9-3-13-JS-.jpg (161488 bytes) 7-Lois-McClure-9-3-13-JS-.jpg (80074 bytes) 8-Lois-McClure-9-3-13-JS-.jpg (65266 bytes)    

CSL bulkers laid up on Saturday in Montreal -  Rene Beauchamp
Spruceglen-070913-RBMTL.jpg (96080 bytes)
Spruceglen which was laid up since July 14 went back in service on Sunday leaving for Sorel-Tracy. Photos taken while aboard the excursion vessel Cavalier Maxim.
Mapleglen-070913-(A)-RBMTL.jpg (101242 bytes)
That day, the Port of Montreal was offering several free one hour cruises for the second year in a row.
Mapleglen-070913-RBMTL.jpg (135265 bytes)    

Ranger III returning to Houghton, Mich. from Isle Royale Saturday - Danielle Adams
RangerIII9-7-13-da-(1).jpg (100456 bytes) RangerIII9-7-13-da-(2).jpg (118884 bytes) RangerIII9-7-13-da-(3).jpg (124842 bytes)    

Recent Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1acour81313ld_rb.jpg (149296 bytes)
American Courage loading ore at the Upper Harbor
2jlb81813unld_rb.jpg (113058 bytes)
Joseph L. Block unloading stone into the Upper Harbor hopper
2jlb81813arrdk_rb.jpg (126716 bytes) 3buff82413unldLH3_rb.jpg (146943 bytes)
Buffalo unloading coal at the Lower Harbor

Cheboygan, Michigan - Dianne Donati
Virginiaborg-9-8-13-dd.jpg (100341 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-9-8-13-dd.jpg (92249 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -
BoatNerd Postcard Collection
Fitzgerald,WE-Conneaut.jpg (83323 bytes) Fjell-Saltie-Cleveland.jpg (105610 bytes) Eastland3.jpg (100451 bytes) Marquette&Bessemer-No2.jpg (105722 bytes) Spokane.jpg (122497 bytes)
North-West.jpg (83615 bytes) NorthSouth-American.jpg (136308 bytes) Olcott,-William-J--Conneaut.jpg (61295 bytes) Reiss-Coal-Dock---Majestic-Ashland.jpg (144250 bytes) Sarnia-City---tug.jpg (73407 bytes)
Americana-Buffalo.jpg (127625 bytes) Ashland-Ore-Dock-3.jpg (124613 bytes) Ashland725.jpg (117545 bytes) C&B,-D&C-docks2.jpg (142579 bytes) Cayuga-Troops.jpg (110225 bytes)
Cayuga-Queenston-Dock.jpg (89548 bytes) Cleveland-Ninth-Street-Pier.jpg (125759 bytes) Cliffs-boat-loading-Ashland.jpg (57165 bytes) Cole,-Thomas-F.-Conneaut.jpg (56654 bytes) Cuyahoga-River-line-art.jpg (125603 bytes)
Toronto-passenger.jpg (97169 bytes) Whalebacks-Conneaut.jpg (143419 bytes) Algoma-pass--Owen-Sound-Harbor-2.jpg (137277 bytes) Cuyahoga-River-Terminal-Tower.jpg (118916 bytes)  

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