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September 10 - 19, 20

Alpena at South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
Alpena-9-16-13-lg-DSC-0853.jpg (112276 bytes)
Steamer Alpena approaching 100th St.
Alpena-9-16-13-lg-DSC-0885.jpg (88559 bytes)
Alpena having just rounded Cargill Bend under a Fall like sky.
Alpena-9-16-13-lg-CSC-0899.jpg (151059 bytes)
 Steaming under the Nickel Plate, NS Bridge.
Alpena-9-16-13-lg-DSC-0920.jpg (91471 bytes)
Backing into her dock in a against a strong wind.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-9-18-13-ts.jpg (102044 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound just below Cheboyganing Creek.
2-ljkuber-9-18-13-ts.jpg (96293 bytes)
 Stern view

Manitowoc passing through Death's Door enroute to Sturgeon Bay on Saturday, September 14.
manitowoc-9-14-13-jrw.jpg (57818 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Snapshot view of the 1941-built causeway at St. Ignace - Tom Hynes Collection
P1010432.jpg (76118 bytes)
This was the initial step in an attempt to bridge the straits in the 1940's, which was canceled due to the war.  The causeway was later used as the northern approach to the current bridge, cutting construction costs considerably.   Taken on June 6, 1944, likely by E.A. Finney, a long time research engineer with the Michigan State Highway Department.

9/18 - Joseph L. Block in Marquette
IMG_20130916_153538_145.jpg (70663 bytes) IMG_20130916_165228_851.jpg (101911 bytes) IMG_20130916_165218_638.jpg (101674 bytes)    

Algorail in Saginaw -
Stephen Hause
1-Algorail-9-17-13-sh.jpg (90895 bytes)
Algorail upbound Saginaw River along River Road on Tuesday morning.
2-Algorail-9-17-13-sh.jpg (99001 bytes)
Pilothouse profile.
3-Algorail-9-17-13-sh.jpg (113509 bytes)
Stern view.

Former Railferry Viking under conversion in Menominee -
Kurt Breuer
vikin9-16-13.jpg (68321 bytes)
To the left of the ship you can see the seagate laying on shore. About an eighth of the aft portion of the ship is cut down to the rail car deck.
viking9-17-13-(2).jpg (61582 bytes) viking9-17-13-(1).jpg (72959 bytes)    

Defiance-Ashtabula and the Buffalo in Cleveland Sunday -
Scott Tish
1-ashdef-9-15-13-st.jpg (71965 bytes)
The tug Defiance with the barge Ashtabula makes the tight turn from NS1 into the old riverbed on its first trip into the Cuyahoga.
2-ashdef-9-15-13-st.jpg (206467 bytes)
Defiance-Ashtabula heads under the Willow St. bridge cautiously approaching the next turn in the river with the tug Iowa following closely behind. Soon the Iowa would assist them back out of the river after not being able to negotiate the tight turns.
3-ashdef-9-15-13-st.jpg (188174 bytes)
About 2 hours after coming into Cleveland the Defiance-Ashtabula is almost back out. With the assistance back out of the old riverbed complete the Iowa prepares to separate from the Defiance.
4-buffalo-9-15-13-st.jpg (130992 bytes)
Buffalo heads inbound for Cleveland Bulk Terminal.

Welland Canal, BoatNerd Weekend -
Roger Lelievre
1a-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (95392 bytes)
Maumee being scrapped at Marine Recycling Corp., Port Colborne, Ont.
1-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (99293 bytes)
Maumee framed by heavy equipment.
2-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (61778 bytes)
Cutting began recently on the stern, but the bow is still intact.
4-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (98620 bytes)
Maumee's stack has been cut in two and is on the dock.
3-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (93722 bytes)
Examining the inside of the stack.
5-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (168007 bytes)
Portion of the aft rail.
6-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (128136 bytes)
Stern, minus the cabins and stack.
7-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (98984 bytes)
The engine control station has been removed and is on the dock.
7b-Maumee-Scrap-RL..jpg (130011 bytes)
Engine control station- detail.
8-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (220078 bytes)
Aft end of the boat deck.
11-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (164304 bytes)
Lonely lifeboat.
9-Maumee-Scrap-RL.jpg (152503 bytes)
Part of the stern.
10-Maumee-Scrap-RL..jpg (74547 bytes)
Name and boarding platform.
1-Scrapyard-RL.jpg (71032 bytes)
Maumee and stack of James Norris.
2-Scrapyard-RL.jpg (96168 bytes)
James Norris stack and 2 bowthrusters.
3-Scrapyard-Windoc-RL.jpg (99826 bytes)
Examining the Windoc's props.
4-Scrapyard-RL.jpg (99461 bytes)
Doors and other boat parts inside a storage cage.
5-Scrapyard-Tugs.jpg (95446 bytes)
Former CCG Verendrye and tug Techno St. Laurent at the scrapyard.
6-Scrapyard-RL.jpg (138100 bytes)
Bonanza of old light fixtures.
7-Scrapyard-RL.jpg (137273 bytes)
Cash on the barrelhead ? literally. Boatnerds purchase items from scrapped vessels, with the James Norris pilothouse in the background
1-Algocanada-RL.jpg (75100 bytes)
Algocanada, seen from the Inn At Lock 7.
2-CSL-Niagara-RL.jpg (59139 bytes)
CSL Niagara enters Lock 7.
3-Ojibway-RL.jpg (67846 bytes)
Ojibway enters Lock 7.
4-Cresswell,-Peter-R-RL.jpg (68175 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell at Port Colborne.
5-Algolake.jpg (57172 bytes)
Algolake departing Lock 7.
6-Alouette-Spirit-1-RL.jpg (74144 bytes)
McKeil barge Alouette Spirit.
7-Alouette-Spirit-2RL.jpg (70568 bytes)
Closeup of Alouette Spirit's bow, with ramp.
8-Alouette-Spirit-3RL.jpg (76987 bytes)
Tug Wilf Seymour pushes Alouette Spirit.
9-Algoma-Guardian-RL.jpg (66337 bytes)
Algoma Guardian exits Lock 1.
10-Brake,-Herbert-RL.jpg (156918 bytes)
Tug Herbert R. Brake in the Welland Canal.
11Latimer,-Radcliffe-RL.jpg (64074 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer exiting Lock 7.
12-Tecumseh-RL.jpg (85462 bytes)
Tecumseh above Lock 1.

- Bob Vincent
1-KBootheSR-0-14-13-bv.jpg (99427 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lake Contender being loaded with coal at CSX Presque Isle ship loader.
2-KBootheSR-9-14-13-bv.jpg (174506 bytes) 3-KBootheSR-9-14-13-bv.jpg (100442 bytes) 1-AmericanMariner-9-13-13-bv.jpg (107082 bytes)
American Mariner unload grain at the Andersons
2-AmericanMariner-9-13-13-bv.jpg (111938 bytes)
3-AmericanMariner-9-13-13-bv.jpg (86850 bytes) 4-JamesLKuber-9-13-13-bv.jpg (111624 bytes)
James L. Kuber
5-JamesLKuber-9-13-13-bv.jpg (109209 bytes) 6-LoadOutTower-9-13-13-bv.jpg (150616 bytes)
Torco's Load Out Tower
7-LoadOutTower-9-13-13-bv.jpg (130072 bytes)
Another view
8-OreRailCars-9-13-13-bv.jpg (346790 bytes)
Loaded rail cars
9-Caterpillar-9-13-13-bv.jpg (149380 bytes)
One of the two frontend loader's digging into the Tilden ore pile to feed the portable that feed's the Stacker
10-Portable-9-13-13-bv.jpg (175539 bytes)
11-Stacker-9-13-13-bv.jpg (192735 bytes)
Portable feeding iron ore onto the Stacker
12-Caterpillar-9-13-13-bv.jpg (180632 bytes)
One of the front end Caterpillar loading the Portable
13-Caterpillar-9-13-13-bv.jpg (108360 bytes)
Another View

Work on the Poe Lock at the Soo -
WhitefishBay-CranebargeHarvey.jpg (158483 bytes)        

Battle of Lake Erie wreath laying ceremony September 10
1014660.jpg (110218 bytes)
 Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, homeported in St. Ignace, Mich., runs alongside the U.S. Brig Niagara, homeported in Erie, Penn., during the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial on Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 2013. The two vessels took part in a wreath laying ceremony intended to honor those who fought and died in the battle.
1014665.jpg (159835 bytes)
Seaman Lenny Liguore, a deckhand aboard Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, hoists the Canadian flag as part of the ceremony.
1014661.jpg (126846 bytes)
Representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Canada, Native American Tribes, National Park Service Rangers and re-enactors assemble on the fantail of Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay.
1014666.jpg (51620 bytes)
 Cmdr. Jay Plummer, the chaplain for the Coast Guard 9th District in Cleveland, lays a wreath at the site where the Battle took place in 1813.
1014662.jpg (54275 bytes)
Chief Warrant Officer Noe Robledo, the engineering officer aboard Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, and Lt. Thomas Przybyla, the commanding officer aboard Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, render a salute during the playing of taps aboard the cutter.
tallshipniagara.jpg (123038 bytes)
 Brig Niagara fires a salute following the ceremony. The Niagara, a reproduction of the original that fought in the battle, was key to the American victory.
1014664.jpg (132383 bytes)
Brig Niagara sits moored alongside Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay near Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

Montreal -
Rene Beauchamp
Bota-Bota-070913-RBMTL.jpg (143295 bytes)
Floating spa Bota Bota , previously the floating theatre L'Escale and originally the Sorel/Ile St.Ignace ferry Arthur Cardin.
Dalmig-070913-RBMTL.jpg (133661 bytes)
Former ferry Dalmig anchored in an unusual spot in Montreal harbour. It is the owner's intention to refurbished it in a few months.
Dalmig-cheminée-070913-RBMTL.jpg (83492 bytes)
So far, only the funnel was painted . Painted on it is the name of the owner, its logo and the words <un fleuve un monde> meaning <a river a world>

Panthera approaching Loyalist Park above Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-panthera-09-09-13-rfb.jpg (106964 bytes) 2-panthera-09-09-13-rfb.jpg (118440 bytes)
The stairs alongside the stack give the crew lots of exercise.
3-panthera-09-09-13-rfb.jpg (115107 bytes)
Panthera heading for Iroquois Lock.

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
Defiance-9-10-13-dd.jpg (80689 bytes) Algoma-Enterprise-9-10-13-dd.jpg (68305 bytes) Cason-Calloway-9-10-13-dd.jpg (60145 bytes) Arthur-Anderson-9-17-13-dd.jpg (109608 bytes)  

Recent Soo Traffic -
David Kaye
1-kBoothe-9-12-13-dk.jpg (120397 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr and Lakes Contender downbound
2-BHarbor-9-12-13-dk.jpg (76290 bytes)
Burns Harbor waiting.
3-Missouri-9-12-13-dk.jpg (81191 bytes)
Emilie assisted by the tug Missouri.
4-Emilie-9-12-13-dk.jpg (112913 bytes)
Emilie waiting.
5-Emilie-9-12-13-dk.jpg (123926 bytes)
The Canadian National train to Canada took the opportunity to squeeze between Emilie and Ken Boothe.
2-CSLass-9-10-13-dk.jpg (61047 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine in the Fog
3-JBarker-9-10-13-dk.jpg (68052 bytes)
James R Barker at the West Pier of the Locks
4-USCG-9-10-13-dk.jpg (99113 bytes)
USCG Boat Passing James R Barker
5-Tecumsch-9-10-13-dk.jpg (80337 bytes)
Tecumsch in the heavy rain
6-KenB-Sr-9-10-13-dk.jpg (94781 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr and Lakes Contender entering the Poe Lock
7-KenBsr-9-10-13-dk.jpg (97703 bytes) 8-LATregurtha-9-10-13-dk.jpg (83967 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha waiting at the West Pier
1-Baie-C-9-13-dk.jpg (112924 bytes)
Baie Comeau at the  Soo
2-Baiec-9-9-13-dk.jpg (122750 bytes) 3-Baiec-9-9-13-dk.jpg (89377 bytes)
4-BaieC-9-9-13-dk.jpg (74313 bytes) 5-EHGott-9-9-13-dk.jpg (108202 bytes)
Edwin H Gott at the International Bridge.
6-USCG-9-9-13-dk.jpg (82168 bytes) 1-Saginaw-9-9-13-dk-(1).jpg (132212 bytes)
Saginaw in the MacArthur Lock
2-Saginaw-9-9-13-dk.jpg (124246 bytes)
3-Saginaw-9-9-13-dk.jpg (94791 bytes) 6-Saginaw-9-9-13-dk.jpg (96184 bytes)      

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