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September 23 - 24, 20

9/24 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-IndyHarbor-9-23-13-dk.jpg (92957 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound leaving the Poe Lock
2-Ojibway-9-23-13-dk.jpg (99277 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at Mission Point.
3-BSPaul-9-23-13-dk.jpg (115538 bytes)
Baie St Paul upbound near Rotary Park.

Bushplane Days at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
- Graham Grattan
At the Bushplane Museum on the waterfront. In conjunction with the celebration, an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources CL-415 water bomber performed an exciting demonstration. These large planes are quite maneuverable.
1-mnrcl415-9-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (81436 bytes)
The CL-415 makes a pass.
2-mnrcl415-9-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (82711 bytes)
Drops her load of water. Arthur M. Anderson is in the Poe Lock.
3-mnrcl415-9-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (27198 bytes)
he CL-415 banks very steeply as it descends. I hope that the pilots are "well buckled-in".
4-mnrcl415-9-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (87736 bytes)
After landing; using reverse thrust, she "stops short".

9/23 - South Chicago Sunday -
Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-9-22-13-lg-DSC-0208.jpg (75972 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger holding short of 100th St. because the American Mariner ahead of her is delayed by NS5.
Amermar-9-22-13-lg-DSC-0236.jpg (114885 bytes)
American Mariner, bound for Muskegon with coal approaches 95th St. with the Challenger following.
Algoeast-9-22-13-lg-DSC-0035.jpg (137591 bytes)
The tanker Algoeast heading for Kinder-Morgan at Lake Calumet is escorted by G tug Massachusetts inbound at 95th.
Ashtabula-9-22-13-lg-DSC-0065.jpg (106604 bytes)
The tug Defiance and barge Ashtabula inbound ready to dock at KCBX.

Cleveland -
Scott Tish
1-SMC-9-20-13-st.jpg (159550 bytes)
G tug Iowa assist the Petite Forte-St. Mary's Cement through Center St. on its way out of town Friday.
2-SMC-9-20-13-st.jpg (139177 bytes)
The Iowa and the Petite Forte-St. Mary's Cement swing out of Superior Bend while the crowd across the river enjoys the Avett Bros. concert and Jacobs Pavilion.
3-algoway-9-21-13-st.jpg (134884 bytes)
With the Cuyahoga River closed until 4 p.m. for the Dragon Boat races the Algoway and Cuyahoga wait at West 3rd Street Saturday.
4-algoway-9-21-13-st.jpg (68378 bytes)
Algoway heads for Sarnia at sunset.
5-SMCII-9-21-13-st.jpg (187062 bytes)
 The Iowa assist the Sea Eagle II-St. Mary's Cement II at drawbridge NS1 inbound for the St. Mary's Cement Terminal upriver.
6-SMCII-9-21-13-st.jpg (102119 bytes)

At Superior Bend

7-iowa-9-21-13-st.jpg (155030 bytes)
The Iowa and the Sea Eagle II-St. Mary's Cement II
8-cuya-9-21-13-st.jpg (284358 bytes)
The California and the Cuyahoga wait at Collision Bend for the upbound Iowa with the Sea Eagle II-St. Mary's Cement II.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-9-20-13-ts.jpg (88762 bytes)
Moore - Kuber unloading at Bay City Wirt. 
2-ljkuber-9-20-13-ts.jpg (88608 bytes)
Boom view showing the crew
3-ljkuber-9-20-13-ts.jpg (91892 bytes)
Stern view
4-undaunted-9-20-13-ts.jpg (37130 bytes)
Outbound with the Appledore IV close behind.
5-undaunted-9-20-13-ts.jpg (56824 bytes)
Headed outbound for the Saginaw Bay
6-undaunted-9-20-13-ts.jpg (107993 bytes)
Undaunted - Pere Marquette 41 unloading at Bay Aggregates

Detroit River Saturday -
 Matt Miner
OlymJackMissCresTre-9-21-13-MM.jpg (81046 bytes)
Algoma Olympic, Capt Henry Jackman, Mississagi, Peter R Cresswell, and Paul R Tregurtha.
AOlymPRTre-9-21-13-MM.jpg (57431 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha passing the unloading Algoma Olympic

Soo Traffic -
David Kaye
1-Vbank-9-21-13-dk.jpg (116233 bytes)
Vamebank at the Bridge.
2-EHGott-9-21-13-dk.jpg (129351 bytes)
Edwin H Gott downbound for the Poe Lock.
3-Alpena-9-21-13-dk.jpg (104354 bytes)
Alpena upbound leaving the MacArtur Lock.
4-ALady-9-21-13-dk.jpg (139306 bytes)
Tug Anglian Lady in the MacArthur Lock.
5-Edenborg-9-21-13-dk.jpg (108717 bytes)
Edenborg leaving the MacArther Lock.
6-BComeau-9-21-13-dk.jpg (106018 bytes)
Baie Comeau headed for the Poe Lock.
7-BComeau-9-21-13-dk.jpg (76248 bytes)
Baie Comeau downbound passing Rotary Park.
8-ACouage-9-21-13-dk.jpg (130393 bytes)
American Courage downbound at International Bridge.
9-FRideau-9-21-13-dk.jpg (162963 bytes)
 Federal Rideau at Bridge.

USCG Alder in Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-USCGAlder-9-18-13-bv.jpg (118569 bytes)
The Duluth based cutter was in town for training.

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
Mississagi-9-22-13-dd.jpg (121396 bytes) American-Mariner-9-19-13-dd.jpg (121220 bytes) Federal-Elbe-9-19-13-dd.jpg (78333 bytes)    

Capt. Henry Jackman on Lake Erie -
Dan S.
JACKMAN-9-19-13-ds.jpg (157383 bytes)        

Welland Gathering -
Dotti Caldwell
Ojibway-9-13-13-dc.jpg (109246 bytes)
Ojibway putting on her brakes entering Lock 7.
Algolake-9-14-13-dc.jpg (140849 bytes)
Algolake exiting Lock 7 on a beautiful day.
HenryJackman-9-15-13-dc.jpg (103611 bytes)
Fellow boatnerd taking shots of the  Captain Henry Jackman heading toward Lock 4.
Isadora-9-15-13-dc.jpg (109807 bytes)
Polsteam's Isadora coming off Lake Ontario and heading toward Lock 1.
ElisShultestrn9-15-13-dc.jpg (99097 bytes)
Elisabeth Shulte entering Lock 2.
ElisShulte-9-15-13-dc.jpg (99923 bytes)
Full view of Elisabeth Shulte in the Canal.
JNorris-9-14-13-dc.jpg (174861 bytes)
Lifeboat from Stm. James Norris looking very clean!
Maumee4-9-14-13-dc.jpg (137100 bytes)
Maumee and "company" at Port Colbourne ship breakers.
Maumee5-9-14-13-dc.jpg (97112 bytes)
 Another shot of the Maumee almost looks  like she is moving.
Maumee-9-14-13-dc.jpg (154560 bytes)
Cutting away on stern of the Maumee at IMS, Port Colborne
Maumee-9-14-13-dc-(2).jpg (123034 bytes)
Nerds checking out the engine gauges from the Maumee,  Note the desk up above!
Maumee3-9-14-13-dc.jpg (232338 bytes)
Sign board with various steering instructions from Maumee. Helpful!

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1hcj9113arrlgt_rb.jpg (117234 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson arriving on a fall like evening in September
2mich9313arrlgt_rb.jpg (134213 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving
3keb9313dksunset_rb.jpg (141028 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore at sunset
4asoo9513dk_rb.jpg (144444 bytes)
Algosoo loading ore for Quebec City

Historical Perspective -
Grounded Frontenac 1979 - Duane T. Holsen
1-Frontenac-9-19-13-DH.jpg (293688 bytes) 2-Frontenac-9-19-13-dh.jpg (363211 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -
Lucas McGrail Collection
CSL-ship-1955-001.jpg (115014 bytes)
CSL freighter upbound at Detroit in 1955.
CSL-ship-1955-002.jpg (58931 bytes)
Unknown vessels and port.

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