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September 28 - 29, 20

American Courage in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Amcour-9-28-13-BCM--01.jpg (108423 bytes) Amcour-9-28-13-BCM-02.jpg (104282 bytes) Amcour-9-28-13-BCM-03.jpg (75585 bytes) Amcour-9-28-13-BCM-04.jpg (113193 bytes) Amcour-9-28-13-BCM-05.jpg (86287 bytes)
Amcour-9-28-13-BCM-07.jpg (70517 bytes) Amcour-9-28-13-BCM-07a.jpg (118045 bytes) Deaneqip-9-28-13-BCM-08.jpg (149821 bytes)
Dredging equipment
Deanequip-9-28-13-BCM-09.jpg (87453 bytes)
Tug Kimberly Anne
Deanequip-9-28-13-BCM-10.jpg (192597 bytes)

Buffalo, N.Y. Saturday - Brian W.
1-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (107166 bytes)
The Defiance - Ashtabula is heading through the Buffalo breakwall at the North Entrance.
2-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (93026 bytes)
They are now coming around Lighthouse Point as they enter the Buffalo River
3-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (74272 bytes)
The bow lookout calls distances over the stem for the Captain via radio.
4-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (122596 bytes)
Passing the old PRR Connecting Terminal elevator & heading up under the Buffalo Skyway as they enter the City Ship Canal from the Watson Basin.
5-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (103209 bytes)
Alongside General Mills, it's a tight squeeze on the boat docks to Starboard & the old South Michigan St. bridge pier to Port.
6-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (138966 bytes)
The massive bow of the barge pushes a large volume of water out of the way as they head up the City Ship Canal slow & easy.
7-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (159521 bytes)
Crewman monitor the distance as they pass the remains of the bridge pier at South Michigan Ave. The draft readings can be seen through the pit from the old lift mechanism.
8-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (96371 bytes)
The upper pilothouse of the tug Defiance.
9-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (112019 bytes)
Clear of South Michigan St. & heading up the reach to the ADM Great Northern Elevator, they pass the remains of the old BR&P RR wharf to Port.
10-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (127201 bytes)
Buffalo's Boatnerd Bird community. Further evidence that boats can bring us all together, geese hang out with seagulls atop the ADM Flour Mill warehouse in an effort to get a better view of the tug-barge.
 11-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (124030 bytes)
Slowing to a crawl so the deck crew can get out their motor launch, the barge looms large off the Sand Products Wharf. The ADM flour mill is to the right of the photo, General Mills is in the distance.
12-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (228949 bytes)
The motor launch crew runs out ahead to direct the handling of the lines as they pass by the remains of the old West Shore RR Coal Wharf, just North of the landing that the barge will unload at.
13-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (151986 bytes)
The Robert S. Pierson was still tied up at the Burnett Trucking Dock along the Buffalo River on the morning of the 28th while the Ashtabula started to unload in the background on the City Ship Canal.
14-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (87290 bytes)
Bow view of the Pierson & Defiance.
15-Defiance---Ashtabula-9-28-13-BRW.jpg (117804 bytes)
The rowing club cruises by as the Pierson waits for the Ohio St. Bridge to be repaired.

Thunder Bay loading Saturday - John Kuzma
thumnderbay9-28-13-jk-(1).jpg (141464 bytes)
Loading grain at Viterra.
thumnderbay9-28-13-jk-(4).jpg (116950 bytes) thumnderbay9-28-13-jk-(2).jpg (104525 bytes) thumnderbay9-28-13-jk-(3).jpg (86000 bytes)
She has just about 6 ft. of draught to go.

9/28 - Algosteel in Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Algosteel-9-20-13-BRW.jpg (94679 bytes)
The Algosteel is rounding Stony point and lining up for the Buffalo South Entrance with the South Side Light in the foreground.
2-Algosteel-9-20-13-BRW.jpg (103724 bytes)
The ship is now headed in from the lake.
3-Algosteel-9-20-13-BRW.jpg (83889 bytes)
Coming inside the harbor and starting to turn to Port.
4-Algosteel-9-20-13-BRW.jpg (66567 bytes)
About half way through her turn now, she has slowed to a crawl in the Buffalo Outer Harbor Southern Channel.  
5-Algosteel-9-20-13-BRW.jpg (118670 bytes)
stern in a close up as she starts to back towards Lackawanna.
RobertS-Pierson--(3).jpg (115526 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson arrived Friday evening.
RobertS-Pierson--(5).jpg (144806 bytes)
RobertS-Pierson--(6).jpg (135165 bytes) RobertS-Pierson--(2).jpg (156602 bytes) RobertS-Pierson--(4).jpg (149585 bytes)
RobertSPierson--(1)9-27-13bw.jpg (48911 bytes)
Tied up for the night at the Burnette Trucking Dock until the Ohio St. Lift Bridge can be repaired.

St. Marys Challenger arrived in Grand Haven/Ferrysburg with a partial load of cement -
Herm Phillips
1-StMChallenger-9-26-13-hp.jpg (89768 bytes)
Passing the old sand plant making the turn to the dock.
2-StMChallenger-9-26-13-hp.jpg (82527 bytes)
Getting the lines out
3-StMChallenger-9-26-13-hp.jpg (90974 bytes)
 Bow details.
4-StMChallenger-9-26-13-hp.jpg (113460 bytes)
Stern shot.
5-StMChallenger-9-26-13-hp.jpg (91983 bytes)
Classic elliptical stern.
St. Marys Challenger at Grand Haven - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-9`26-13-lg-CSC-0468.jpg (90206 bytes)
  St. Marys Challenger steams into Grand Haven coming in from South Chicago.
Stmarchall-9-26-13-lg-DSC-0384.jpg (111748 bytes)
The Challenger comes through Downtown Grand Haven in the Grand River.
Stmarchall-9-26-13-lg-DSC-0403.jpg (84826 bytes)
As people walk through the park, the Challenger makes her way to Ferrysburg.
Stmarchall-9-26-13-lg-DSC-0438.jpg (100878 bytes)
The Challenger nears her dock in Ferrysburg.

CSL Thunder Bay arriving in its name sake port for the first load of grain
- John Kuzma
Cslthunder9-27-13411.jpg (112882 bytes) Cslthunder9-27-13423.jpg (139138 bytes)      

South Chicago Wednesday
- Lou Gerard
Michipicoten-9-25-13-lg-DSC-0121.jpg (109496 bytes)
Michipicoten outbound at 100th St. after discharging stone at Midwest Dock.
Michipicoten-9-25-13-lg-DSC-0135.jpg (120217 bytes)
Coming through NS5.
Michipicoten-9-25-13-lg-DSC-0166.jpg (65309 bytes)
Meeting the inbound St. Marys Challenger in Calumet Harbor.
Stmarchall-9-25-13-lg-DSC-0212.jpg (100689 bytes)
The Challenger holding between 92nd and 95th for NS5 to go up.
Stmarchall-9-25-13-lg-DSC-0254.jpg (152592 bytes)
Coming up to 100th St. with the tug Morgan shuffling barges around.

Delivery of the Algoma Equinox in China Thursday
algomaequinoxdelivery9-26-13.jpg (66553 bytes)
The first first 31200DWT Great Lakes Gearless Bulk Carrier from Nantong Heavy Industry

James R. Barker downbound at Belle Isle with a load of coal for the Monroe Edison plant -
Ted Hanifan
jamesrbarker9-25-13 (2).jpg (92682 bytes) jamesrbarker9-25-13 (1).jpg (84405 bytes) jamesrbarker9-25-13 (3).jpg (88295 bytes)    

Welland Canal Wednesday -
John van der Doe.
Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(5).jpg (104648 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(7).jpg (114950 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(9).jpg (91071 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(12).jpg (106813 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(14)1.jpg (87955 bytes)
Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(15).jpg (136356 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(16).jpg (125133 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(39).jpg (123748 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(40).jpg (132203 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(41).jpg (90769 bytes)
Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(42).jpg (103862 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(2).jpg (75702 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(25).jpg (93403 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(28).jpg (109811 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(30).jpg (101462 bytes)
Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(45).jpg (96144 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(46).jpg (76953 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(47).jpg (113194 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(48).jpg (87328 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(34).jpg (72230 bytes)
Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(36).jpg (96528 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(49).jpg (104962 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(52).jpg (138399 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(53).jpg (110739 bytes) Welland-Canal-25-September-2013-(51).jpg (91557 bytes)

Port of Toledo -
Greg H.
01-Am-Unload_andersons-091413.jpg (97678 bytes)
American Mariner Unloading At Andersons
02-Am_mariner_andersons-091413.jpg (84531 bytes) 02a-AM-closeup-unload-091413.jpg (87900 bytes)
close up of unloading
03a-saginawNight-0915.jpg (142355 bytes)
Saginaw departing 0915- She followed Mariner unloading Andersons
03a1-saginaw_calumet_docking-091513.jpg (193654 bytes)
Saginaw departing Calumet docking at ARMS dock (can be seen under Bridge opening in Distance)
04-boyer_dt.jpg (88353 bytes)
05-boyer_sunset.jpg (122890 bytes) 06-maccoa-091913.jpg (111650 bytes)
Maccoa Loading Steel
07-latimer-091913.jpg (80700 bytes)
08-alder.jpg (96501 bytes)
09-manistee_unloading092213.jpg (122490 bytes)
Manistee unloading at the ARMS dock
10-manistee_uw.jpg (97876 bytes) 11-manistee_uw2.jpg (91489 bytes) 12-manistee_stern.jpg (94406 bytes) 13-Algosar_092213.jpg (110607 bytes)
Algosar at BP dock
14-Am_val-bow.jpg (148412 bytes) 15-Ph_star-092213.jpg (107755 bytes)
Phoenix Star Scrapping progress
16-Ph_star-092213-02.jpg (88410 bytes) 17-Ph_star-092213-01.jpg (115721 bytes) 18-phoenixstar-0922.jpg (81786 bytes)
19-algocen_stern.jpg (66255 bytes)
1991, Detroit River
20-eagle.jpg (31058 bytes)
Bald Eagle Guarding the Sun Oil dock security camera

Drawsko and Vancouverborg in the Port of Cleveland
- Scott Tish
1-Drawsko-9-24-13-st.jpg (73531 bytes)
With the sun nearly set the process of unloading steel off of the Drawsko continues while the Vancouverborg stand by to discharge steel as well
2-Drawsko-9-24-13-st.jpg (96556 bytes)
Big and little. The Vancouverborg looks pretty big when out sailing all by itself but when compared to the Drawsko it looks pretty tiny.

Algoma announce one of their new Equinox class vessels would be named Algoma Sault
20130924_C8229_PHOTO_EN_30948.jpg (88681 bytes)        

Interlake announce the Mesabi Miner would be the first vessel in their fleet to be converted to LNG-diesel dual fuel operation
Interlake_Steamship_800x400.jpg (29809 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Edmund Fitzgerald loading her first cargo at Silver Bay, Minn. on September 24, 1958. -
Russ Plumb
img082.jpg (214224 bytes)        

Historical Perspective- Post Cards from the 1970's -
 Duane Holsen
1-PhilipRClarke-9-26-13-dh.jpg (120883 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
2-CasonJCallaway-9-26-13-dh.jpg (148292 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway
3-BFAffleck-9-26-13-dh.jpg (156764 bytes)
B. F. Affleck

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