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October 22 - 23, 20

10/23 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-PIsle-10-22-13-dk.jpg (124130 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound  at the International Bridge.
2-Baiestpaul-10-22-13-dk.jpg (141983 bytes)
Baie St. Paul south of Rotary Park.
3-RogerB-10-22-13-dk.jpg (134006 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound approaching the Poe Lock.
4-RogerB-10-22-13-dk.jpg (129461 bytes)
Roger Blough in the Poe Lock.
5-RogerB-10-22-13-dk.jpg (108456 bytes)
Roger Blough leaving the Poe Lock.
6-BaieComeau-10-22-13-dk.jpg (110747 bytes)
Baie Comeau passing Roger Blough off of Rotary Park.

Buffalo in Cleveland -
Kate white
1-buffalo-10-22-13-kw.jpg (216960 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge.

10/22 - Hamilton, Ont.
- Rich Nicholls
1-Sterling-Energy-10-16-13-rn.jpg (98149 bytes) 2-Provmar-Terminal-10-16-13-rn.jpg (84780 bytes)      

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-garganey-10-17-13-dk.jpg (88656 bytes)
Saltie Garganey downbound leaving the Poe Lock.
2-Pere-M41-10-17-13-dk-10-17-13-dk.jpg (86353 bytes)
Barge Pere Marquette 41
3-undaunted-10-17-13-dk.jpg (91244 bytes)
Undaunted and Pere Marquette 41 downbound leaving the MacArthur Lock.
4-mich-10-17-13-dk.jpg (86554 bytes)
Michipicoten in the MacArthur Lock.
5-PRT-10-17-13-dk.jpg (94511 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha upbound near Rotary Park.
6-JDLeitch-10-17-13-dk.jpg (107711 bytes)
John D Leitch off the old Carbide dock.
7-JDLeitch-10-17-13-dk.jpg (84869 bytes)
John D Leitch extending unloading boom.
8-JDLeitch-10-17-13-dk.jpg (109295 bytes)
John D Leitch unloading salt.

Manistee in Cleveland - Paul Magyar
1-manistee-10-18-13-pm.jpg (149729 bytes)
Manistee passing the Federal Courthouse on her way up the Cuyahoga with a load of stone for CRP W. 3rd St.
(2)-Manistee-10-18-13-pm.jpg (86382 bytes)
Passing the Tower City Complex and Key Bank tower about to make the turn at Collision Bend.

Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder in Cleveland - Kate white
1-dorothy-pathfinder-10-14-13-kw.jpg (175231 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge.

New logo on the Indiana Harbor
indianaharbor10-13.jpg (90619 bytes)        

Algoscotia upbound the Welland Canal at Humberstone - Capt. Mike Nicholls
ALGOSCOTIAb12101213mn.jpg (99210 bytes) ALGOSCOTIAs18101213mn.jpg (92047 bytes)      

Robert S. Pierson downbound St. Clair River - Kathy Heikkila
Pierson.jpg (95746 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Algomarine-Br.-5---Oct.-10-13-(1).jpg (115845 bytes)
Algomarine approaching Bridge 5
Algoma-Navigator---Ab.-L.1---Oct.-12-13-(5).jpg (96794 bytes)
Algoma Navigator above Lock

Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W.
1-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (207296 bytes)
Tug Krista S. waiting in the reach off the old Buffalo Color plant, below South Park Ave. for a bridge lift.
2-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (220274 bytes)
Bridge span is starting to go up.
3-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (151982 bytes)
Krista S. enters the draw headed upriver to get a loaded scow at the dredge site. Downtown Buffalo can be seen in the distance.
4-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (260415 bytes)
Making up the facing lines so the tug can back her scow downriver from the dredge site.
5-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (198323 bytes)
A profile shot reminds us that the Buffalo River's navigation channel was dug out of what was once an overgrown, muddy, & narrow creek.
6-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (217967 bytes)
Backing out of the containment area through the orange boom that is designed to help keep contaminates from bleeding out into the river at the dredge site. A small tug is used to handle opening & closing the boom.
7-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (210913 bytes)
 Now off the PVS Chemicals dock, the motor launch is used as a mini sized push tug to keep the scow pinned against the wall while the Krista runs around to the opposite end.
8-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (218310 bytes)
Tossing a line to the bit on the dock at PVS Chemicals to secure the barge for a few minutes while the tug switches her tow around.
9--Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (173823 bytes)
The tug has switched ends so as to push the scow ahead instead of backing it through the narrow bridge pilings downriver from here.
10-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (164074 bytes)
South Park Ave. is raised to allow the Krista to head out with her scow. This bridge is the last one before the end of the navigation channel & vessel traffic this far up river is very rare.
11-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (197442 bytes)
The tug clears through the draw downbound for the lake with a loaded scow on their way to the disposal facility at Stony Point in Lackawanna.
12-Krista-S-10-12-13-BRW.jpg (165720 bytes)
The Leudtke dredge rig is working near the Buckeye Product Terminal. This site is nearly 6 miles from the lake by water, & 3 miles by line of sight. It is 1/4 mile below the end of the Federal Navigation Channel.

St. Clair River at  Marysville - John Decator
1-SlomanHermes-10-11-13-jd.jpg.jpg (121198 bytes) 2-SlomanHermes-10-11-13-jd.jpg.jpg (131893 bytes) 3-AmCourage-10-11-13-jd.jpg.jpg (139397 bytes) 4-AmCourage-10-11-13-jd.jpg.jpg (135845 bytes)  

Hamilton, Ont. - John McCreery
1-SusanaS-10-9-13-jm.jpg (94280 bytes)
Tanker Susana S arriving with a cargo of urea
2-Algomarine-Heloise-10-9-13-jm.jpg (85656 bytes)
Algomarine followed by Heloise approaching the piers
3-Algomarine-10-9-13-jm.jpg (98640 bytes)
Algomarine inbound the Burlington piers
4-Heloise-10-9-13-jm.jpg (105533 bytes)
Heloise arrives at Hamilton with a gypsum cargo
5-ThunderBay-10-9-13-jm.jpg (152031 bytes)
Thunder Bay departing after delivering a coal cargo
6-ThunderBay-10-9-13-jm.jpg (88674 bytes)
Stern view exiting the piers

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Algowood-10-10-13-bv.jpg (138891 bytes)
Algowood unloading iron ore on the Live Pad at Torco
2-Algowood-10-10-13-bv.jpg (111153 bytes) 3-Algowood-10-10-13-bv.jpg (142832 bytes) 4-Manistee-10-10-13-bv.jpg (157489 bytes)
Manistee unloading salt for Toledo
5-Manistee-10-10-13-bv.jpg (138395 bytes)
6-Manistee-10-10-13-bv.jpg (125302 bytes) 7-Manistee-10-10-13-bv.jpg (146948 bytes) 8-Manistee-10-10-13-bv.jpg (172244 bytes) 9-Manistee-10-10-13-bv.jpg (99849 bytes) 11-Tecumseh-10-10-13-bv.jpg (143179 bytes)
Tecumseh being loaded at ADM
10-Tecumseh-10-10-13-bv.jpg (93800 bytes) 6-Integrity-10-8-13-bv.jpg (81463 bytes)
Tug G. L. Ostrander and barge Integrity unloading cement in Toledo at Lafarge
5-GLOstrander-10-8-13-bv.jpg (111322 bytes) 4-Ostrander-Integrity-10-8-13-bv.jpg (123305 bytes) 7-Cuyahoga-10-8-13-bv.jpg (115845 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading at the Arms Dock
8-Cuyahoga-10-8-13-bv.jpg (149131 bytes) 9-Cuyahoga-10-8-13-bv.jpg (106903 bytes) 10-Cuyahoga-10-8-13-bv.jpg (99565 bytes) 11-Cuyahoga-10-8-13-bv.jpg (89416 bytes) 12-Cuyahoga-10-8-13-bv.jpg (88839 bytes)
13-ColJamesMSchoonmaker-10-8-13-bv.jpg (123850 bytes) 1-Spruceglen-10-8-13-bv.jpg (87811 bytes)
Spruceglen loading at Andersons
2-Spruceglen-10-8-13-bv.jpg (102422 bytes) 3-Spruceglen-10-8-13-bv.jpg (72602 bytes)  

Green Bay Ariel views - Ken Kemper
alpena10-9-13-kk-(1).jpg (123376 bytes)
Alpena passes West of Chambers Island bound
for Green Bay.
alpena10-9-13-kk-(2).jpg (115149 bytes) alpena10-9-13-kk-(3).jpg (210947 bytes) alpena10-9-13-kk-(4).jpg (130126 bytes) img_8362_0156.jpg (127044 bytes)
Sturgeon Bay Shipyard
img_8364_0158.jpg (131689 bytes) Sikuliaq10-9-13-kk-(3).jpg (124383 bytes)
Marinette Marine's U of Alaska Research Ship taken just south of Chambers Island in the middle of Green Bay.
Sikuliaq10-9-13-kk-(1).jpg (107594 bytes) Sikuliaq10-9-13-kk-(2).jpg (240137 bytes)
Backlit view

St. Marys Challenger at South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-10-9-13-lg-DSC-0580.jpg (101099 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger in Calumet Harbor about to enter the Calumet River.
Stmarchall-10-9-13-lg-DSC-0658.jpg (82078 bytes)
Coming around Cargill Bend.

Seaway Mariatown - Murray Blancher 
1-Wicko-04-10-2013-mb.jpg (103442 bytes)
Wicko down
2-Wicko-04-10-2013-mb.jpg (95745 bytes) 3-Baie-Comeau-05-10-2013-mb.jpg (75754 bytes)
Baie Comeau down
4-Cedarglen-06-10-2013-mb.jpg (70067 bytes)
Cedarglen down
1-Bum-Eun-06-10-2013-mb.jpg (102137 bytes)
 Bum Eun down at Mariatown
2-Bum-Eun-06-10-2013-mb.jpg (106180 bytes)        

Detroit River - John van der Doe
Detroit-River-7-October-2013-(2).jpg (130529 bytes) Detroit-River-7-October-2013-(5).jpg (73621 bytes) Detroit-River-7-October-2013-(6).jpg (90500 bytes) Detroit-River-7-October-2013-(9).jpg (68976 bytes) Detroit-River-7-October-2013-(13).jpg (115047 bytes)

John D. Leitch delivers salt at Soo - Stephen Hause
1-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (122678 bytes)
 John D. Leitch on St. Mary’s River at Sault Ste. Marie
2-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (157748 bytes)
Approaching Carbide Dock
3-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (211260 bytes)
First line handler over the side
4-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (169537 bytes)
Line handlers at work
5-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (121875 bytes)
Detail of bow. Outline of original name, Canadian Century, still visible
6-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (173630 bytes)
Swinging out the boom
7-JDleitch-10-7-13-sh.jpg (165291 bytes)
Cargo of salt begins to flow

John D Leitch with the Soo's first load of road salt for the season - Herm Klein
1-JDL-10-7-13-HK.jpg (91110 bytes)
John D Leitch makes the Carbide Dock
2-JDL-10-7-13-HK.jpg (93029 bytes)
Leitch former name
3-JDL-10-7-13-HK.jpg (81939 bytes)
Crewman on the Bosun's chair
4-JDL-10-7-13-HK.jpg (129273 bytes)
Unloading boom swings aside
5-JDL-10-7-13-HK.jpg (81946 bytes)
Start of the large salt pile

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algosteel-10-01-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (85716 bytes)
Algosteel at Port Robinson
2-Algosteel-10-01-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (112764 bytes)
headed for Quebec
3-Garganey-10-01-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (78313 bytes)
Garganey-headed to Lock 3
4-Garganey-10-01-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (112587 bytes)
On her way to the Lakehead
5-AlgomaSpirit-10-01-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (89434 bytes)
Algoma Spirit clears Lock 2 with a number of feathered friends watching.
6-AlgomaSpirit-10-01-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (88625 bytes)
Toledo bound to load soybeans
7-Algorail-10-01-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (82457 bytes)
Algorail with only her 2nd visit of the year to the canal.
8-Algorail-10-01-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (79812 bytes)
hoist on stern appears to have a beam or some type of slat
9-Algorail-10-01-13-c-bb.jpg.jpg (46957 bytes)
item has just been put into the engine room via gangway
10-Algorail-10-01-13-d-bb.jpg.jpg (113901 bytes)
headed to Lake Erie to load stone 

Baie St Paul upbound Welland Canal South Bridge 21  -
Nathan Attard
Baie-St-Paul-10-3-13-na.jpg (145828 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Michigan - Dianne Donati
Manistee-10-14-13-dd.jpg (77942 bytes) Samuel-De-Champlain-10-8-13-dd.jpg (114580 bytes) Algoma-Enterprise-10-8-13-dd.jpg (100386 bytes) Buffalo-10-8-13-dd.jpg (125885 bytes) Joyce-Van-Enkevort-10-14-13-dd.jpg (133022 bytes)

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1v_jlk9713ldPI_rb.jpg (95528 bytes)
James L. Kuber loading ore, view from Presque Isle Park
2kbslc91113dkASC_rb.jpg (152286 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr. with new ASC stack colors
3mich91113arrdk_rb.jpg (85850 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving to load
4jlb91613arrhp_rb.jpg (140503 bytes)
Joseph L. Block backing in to unload stone into the hopper

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