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November 1 - 4, 20

11/4 - Saginaw River - Patrick Caauwe
1-GBUSCH-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (118295 bytes)
Tug Gregory Busch
1-ELEVIT-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (72737 bytes)
Saltie Elevit heading for Dow.
2-ELEVIT-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (114111 bytes) 3-ELEVIT-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (133148 bytes) 4-ELEVIT-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (91765 bytes)
5-ELEVIT-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (83273 bytes) 6-ELEVIT-11-3-13-TPC.jpg (132103 bytes)      

Early October in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1hlw10113unldLH2rb.jpg (143753 bytes)
H. Lee White unloading coal at the Lower Harbor
2mich10413depdk_rb.jpg (133860 bytes)
Michipicoten powering up to depart the Upper Harbor ore dock
3front10613dk3_rb.jpg (147156 bytes)
Frontenac preparing to depart after loading ore for Quebec
4lat10613ld2_rb.jpg (147135 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha loading ore

11/3 - Toledo
- Bob Vincent
1-AmericanCourage-11-2-13-bv.jpg (117176 bytes)
American Courage loading coal at CSX #4
2-AmericanCourage-11-2-13-bv.jpg (76540 bytes)
Another view
3-Tecumseh-11-1-13-bv.jpg (107492 bytes)
Lower Lakes Towing Tecumseh loading soy beans at ADM
4-Tecumseh-11-1-13-bv.jpg (96245 bytes)
Another view
5-Puffin-11-2-13-bv.jpg (171889 bytes)
Puffin loading soy beans at ADM
6-Puffin-11-2-13-bv.jpg (156227 bytes)
Another view
7-Puffin-11-2-13-bv.jpg (91651 bytes)
Another view

Prescott, Ont. -
J.  Scrim
1-St.-Lawrence-ship-11-1-13-JS--.jpg (151436 bytes)
November 1st was a rather windy day around Prescott with 50-60 MPH westerly gusts barreling straight down the river.
2-St.-Lawrence-ship-11-1-13-JS--.jpg (113535 bytes)
Four ships anchored at Prescott waiting for the wind to die down before transiting the locks to Montreal.
3-St.-Lawrence-ship-11-1-13-JS--.jpg (84230 bytes) 4-St.Lawrence-11-1-13-JS-.jpg (161014 bytes)  

11/2 - Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen

 Jan-S.-(Lbr)-dbnd-at-Port-Robinson.jpg (121848 bytes)
Jan S downbound nearing Port Robinson

El-Zorro-(Mhl)-upbnd-headed-for-L4.jpg (96414 bytes)
El Zorro upbound clear of Lock 3 
stack-El-Zorro-(Mhl).jpg (94257 bytes)
El Zorro stack
Tim-S.-Dool-clear-of-L4-approaching-bridge-5.jpg (103978 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound clear of Lock
tug-Nickelena-upbnd-in-Canal-headed-for-L2-(2).jpg (83846 bytes)
Tug Nickelena upbound headed toward Lock 2
Capt-Henry-Jackman-headed-to-L2.jpg (82012 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman upbound headed to Lock 2
HHL-Amur-(Lbr)-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (81561 bytes)
HHL Amur downbound clear of Lock 2
HHL-Amur-(Lbr)-dbnd-headed-for-L1-(2).jpg (104414 bytes) Rio-Dauphin-(Mhl)-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (90694 bytes)
 Rio Dauphin upbound clear of Lock 1 at dusk
Rio-Dauphin-(Mhl)-headed-for-L2.jpg (86550 bytes)
stack---Rio-Dauphin-(Mhl).jpg (92731 bytes)
 stack of Rio Dauphin

tug-H.H.Misner-with-former-SLS-Sweep-Scow-upbnd-at-Allanburg.jpg (177927 bytes)
tug H.H.MISNER with former SLS Sweep Scow upbound headed for Port Maitland

M.R.Kane-headed-to-lock-3-in-the-Welland-Canal.jpg (202900 bytes)
light tug M.R.Kane headed for Lock accompanying Radium Yellowknife tow
Radium-Yellowknife-with-2-Dean-barges.jpg (82455 bytes)
tug Radium Yellowknife with 2 Dean barges headed to Lock 3
Sarah-Desgagnes-upbnd-clear-of-L1-headed-to-L2-(2).jpg (72706 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes upbound headed to Lock 2 at dusk
Elevit-(Tur)-tied-on-wall-above-L8-waiting-for-winds-to-drop.jpg (103786 bytes)
Elevit upbound clear of bridge 21
Elevit-(Tur)-heading-out-of-Port-Colborne-into-Lake-Erie.jpg (87112 bytes)
Elevit upbound clear of bridge 21
stack-Elevit-(Tur)-(2).jpg (122575 bytes)
Elevit stack
Federal-Katsura-(Pan)-upbnd-clear-of-L8.jpg (88796 bytes)
Federal Katsura upbound just clear of Lock 8
 IMS-yard-in-Port-Colborne.jpg (114386 bytes)
 IMS tenants at Port Colborne
D.C.Everest-at-IMS-yard-in-Port-Colborne.jpg (93625 bytes)
D.C. Everest back at IMS yard in Port Colborne

Robert S. Pierson anchored off Rochester, N.Y.
 -  John M.
1-rsp-11-1-13-jm.jpg (125554 bytes)
Anchor off Sea Breeze NY, bow west into the wind.
2-rsp-11-1-13-jm.jpg (68735 bytes)
Lake Ontario surfers, riding out the gales of November.

Cheboygan, Michigan - Dianne Donati
Ken-Boothe-Sr.---Lake-Contender-10-30-13-dd.jpg (145158 bytes) Algowood-10-26-13-dd.jpg (84138 bytes) Arthur-Anderson-10-27-13-dd.jpg (129983 bytes)    

Tug William Hoey aground in Duncan Bay Summer of 2012 - Kyran L. Clune
hoey9-13-12.jpg (115388 bytes)        

11/1 - South Chicago Tuesday - Lou Gerard
Alpena-10-29-13-lg-DSC-0786.jpg (89980 bytes)
Alpena unloading at Lafarge Terminal in the Calumet River at 130th St.
Stmarchall-10-29-13-lg-DSC-0803.jpg (99851 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaching 106th St. at dawn heading for Lake Michigan.
Stmarchall-10-29-13-lg-DSC-0249.jpg (108540 bytes)
Coming up to 92nd St.
Stmarchall-10-29-13-lg-DSC-281.jpg (143530 bytes)
In Calumet Harbor taken from new park on the old South Works property.

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Birchglen-10-28-13-bv.jpg (97151 bytes)
Canada Steamship Lines Birchglen loading at The Andersons-k
2-JetExpressII-10-29-13-bv.jpg (115476 bytes)
The Jet Express II docked at the National Museum of the Great Lakes for a private showing
3-JetExpressII-10-29-13-bv.jpg (132797 bytes)
Another view
4-ColJamesMSchoonmaker-10-29-13-bv.jpg (73523 bytes)
Toledo's museum ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker
5-KatmaiBay-10-29-13-bv.jpg (114396 bytes)
U. S. Coast Guard ice breaker Katmai Bay in Toledo for training
6-KatmaiBay-10-29-13-bv.jpg (64886 bytes)
Another View
7-KatmaiBay-10-29-13-bv.jpg (107136 bytes)
Another View

Algoway in the Straits of Mackinac -  Julie Fletcher
algoway-012.jpg (59199 bytes) algoway-014.jpg (57970 bytes) algoway-015.jpg (78271 bytes) algoway-041.jpg (52561 bytes)  

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