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November 5 - 6, 20


11/6 - Soo Tuesday
- David Kaye
1-zlandjuliana-11-5-13-dk.jpg (109654 bytes)
Zealand Juliana In the MacArthur Lock.
2-zlandjuliana-11-5-13-dk.jpg (144178 bytes)
4-oberstar-11-5-13-dk.jpg (112332 bytes)
Hon James L. Oberstar in the Poe Lock.
3-zlandjuliana-11-5-13-dk.jpg (96612 bytes)
Zealand Juliana leaving the MacArthur Lock
5-aspirit-11-5-13-dk.jpg (94192 bytes)
American Spirit upbound entering the Poe Lock.
6-aspirit-11-5-13-dk.jpg (145654 bytes)
American Spirit at the International Bridge.

- Bob Vincent
1-AmericanMariner-11-5-13-bv.jpg (103645 bytes)
American Mariner loading grain at The Andersons-K
2-AmericanMariner-11-5-13-bv.jpg (87016 bytes)
Another view
3-AmericanMariner-11-5-13-bv.jpg (99030 bytes)
American Mariner forward section

Capt. Henry Jackman passing downtown Detroit -
Frederick Larkin
Windsor-Nov.-2013-001_crop.jpg (77319 bytes)        

Miller Boat Line's South Bass pulled from the water at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland
southbass-glsy11-5-13.jpg (92587 bytes)        

11/5 - Lorain and Cleveland, Ohio
- Scott Tish
1-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (126825 bytes)
After completing a partial offload of stone at Jonick Dock & Terminal the Algoway heads into the turning basin to spin around and head out of the Black River
2-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (183221 bytes)
Algoway passes the old Lorain shipyard, now redeveloped into housing and docking for much smaller pleasure boats.
3-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (146322 bytes)
Algoway departs Lorain for Cleveland
4-calumet-11-3-13-st.jpg (254281 bytes)
Calumet heads down the Cuyahoga bound for ArcelorMittal with a load of iron ore passing through the maze of bridges
5-laud-11-3-13-st.jpg (140225 bytes)
Sam Laud follows the Calumet to ArcelorMittal where they will wait on the Calumet to offload before doing the same.
6-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (101389 bytes)
About 6 hours after leaving Lorain the Algoway begins its journey down the Cuyahoga with G tugs Iowa and Cuyahoga assisting
7-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (92200 bytes)
G tug Iowa keeps the Algoway on course passing under the shoreway bridge
8-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (86833 bytes)
Iowa leads the Algoway into Superior Bend
9-algoway-11-3-13-st.jpg (89465 bytes)
Little leads big past Jacobs Pavilion
10-algo-11-3-13-st.jpg (124017 bytes)
G tug California shoves the stern of the Algoway around Superior Bend
11-algo-11-3-13-st.jpg (148318 bytes)
Following the leader through Center St.

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Dean-Edward-Taylor-on-maiden-voyage-nearing-old-guard-gate-(4).jpg (94772 bytes)
Dean Edward Taylor maiden voyage downbound above old guard gate
Dean-Edward-Taylor-forward-end-on-maiden-trip.jpg (98628 bytes) Dean-Edward-Taylor-headed-for-L7--on-maiden-trip-(2).jpg (106600 bytes) CSL-Tadoussac-headed-upbnd-to-L2.jpg (88263 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound clear of Lock1 shows off her widened hull
CSL-Tadoussac-and-Dean-Edward.jpg (87842 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac and Dean Edward Taylor pass on level between Lock1 and Lock2
Cuyahoga-through-bridge-4-headed-to-L2-early-morning-(2).jpg (90874 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound for Lock2 early morning
stack-on-Cuyahoga.jpg (114794 bytes) Cuyahoga-through-bridge-4-headed-to-L2-early-morning-(3).jpg (84458 bytes) Calumet-upbnd-fpr-L2-with-drizzle-falling-(2).jpg (69828 bytes)
Calumet upbound clear of Lock1 in heavy drizzle

Edwin H. Gott passing through the Soo Locks - David Kaye
1-EHGott-11-4-13-dk.jpg (110283 bytes) 2-EHGott-11-4-13-dk.jpg (108221 bytes) 4-EHGott-11-4-13-dk.jpg (99727 bytes) 5-EHGott-11-4-13-dk.jpg (74960 bytes) 6-EHGott-11-4-13-dk.jpg (67071 bytes)

Twin Ports - Peter Lapinski
b1.jpg (110343 bytes) b2.jpg (171765 bytes) b6.jpg (100006 bytes) b5.jpg (117144 bytes) b4.jpg (116752 bytes)
b7.jpg (134062 bytes) b8.jpg (173634 bytes) b9.jpg (107520 bytes) b10.jpg (141409 bytes) b11.jpg (163580 bytes)
b13.jpg (122037 bytes) b14.jpg (146089 bytes) b15.jpg (315052 bytes) b17.jpg (206618 bytes) b18.jpg (208305 bytes)
b19.jpg (140745 bytes) b21.jpg (132174 bytes) b23.jpg (120950 bytes) b31.jpg (145248 bytes) b32.jpg (121850 bytes)
b41.jpg (92492 bytes) b42.jpg (119122 bytes) b52.jpg (113035 bytes) b110.jpg (78910 bytes) b111.jpg (83452 bytes)

Philadelphia -Brian W.
1-SS-United-States-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (134574 bytes)
The passenger liner SS United States sits rotting away at Pier 82 on the Deleware River in Philadelphia. She still holds the Blue Riband for the fastest Trans-Atlantic crossing of all time.
2-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (81154 bytes)
The Battleship USS New Jersey is docked for tours in Camden. The ship earned 18 Battle Stars & numerous other awards over her 50 year career spanning WWII, Korea, Vietnam, & Lebenon.
3-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (118410 bytes)
16" Main Battery Guns could fire a shell weighing over 2,000 lbs 23 miles downrange at a speed of over Mach 2 against ships & ground targets in either a high fragmentation or armor piercing round. 
4-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (123516 bytes)
Combat Engagement Center featuring the Tomahawk Missile Fire Control computers & displays.
5-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (134274 bytes)
Thick armored hatch to navigation and steering control center (wheel house) inside the citadel.
6-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (165634 bytes)
View looking forward from the Admiral's Flag Bridge of turrets #1 & #2.
7-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (112745 bytes)
Tomahawk ABL (Armored Box Launcher) in the raised to fire position with a missile in a simulated launch.
8-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (80602 bytes)
View looking down into the gun pit of the centerline gun inside Turret #3. The 16" shell is position as if it has just come up the hoist from the magazine & is ready to be lowered by the spanner rail to enter the gun.
9-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (148126 bytes)
Laid up missile cruisers Yorktown, Ticonderoga, & Thomas S Gates at the Reserve Basin in Philadelphia. CG47 was the lead ship of her class & the very first warship to carry the Aegis Spy-1 radar system to sea. 
10-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (96566 bytes)
Once the most powerful warships of the high seas, the Super Carriers USS John F Kennedy & USS Forrestal sit and quietly await their fate. Museum? Scrap? or artificial reef? Only time will tell.
11-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (149050 bytes)
The Shreveport's future has already been determined. The power to the ship was turned off and she's now waiting to be towed away & cut up. Everything has its life cycle & her time is just about up.
12-USS-New-Jersery-11-3-13-BRW.jpg (172984 bytes)
 Not everything at the old Navy base is doom & gloom. A newly fabricated section of a ship's hull was literally rolling out of the shop and over to the dry dock.

Historical Perspectives - Julie Witkowski
UhrigAlexB-SHIP.jpg (53003 bytes)
Alex B. Uhrig - Aug 1940
DunnJohnSR-SHIP.jpg (58095 bytes)
John Dunn Sr - Feb 1940
img153.jpg (99762 bytes)
John Kendall
img154.jpg (60037 bytes)
Schenectady Socony-New York and New Haven Socony  March 1940

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