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November 8 - 9, 20

11/9 Goderich, Ont. - Roger LeLievre
1ColorGuard-RL.jpg (224964 bytes)
Color guard arrives.
2Captains.jpg (87313 bytes)
Soon to be Algoma Equinox Captain Seann O’Donoghue (left) attended in uniform.
3Sculpture.jpg (92291 bytes)
Sculpture awaits dedication.
4Sculpture.jpg (175869 bytes)
Pulling the tarp off.
5sculpture.jpg (168109 bytes)
Sculpture unveiled.
6Sculpture.jpg (81981 bytes)
Another view.
7Sculpture.jpg (125584 bytes)
Another view.
8Sculpture.jpg (270442 bytes)
9JobFair-ISMA.jpg (128287 bytes)
Frank Frisk and Capt. Gerry Gregg man the International Shipmasters table.
10JobFairSimiuator.jpg (115438 bytes)
Navigation simulator from Georgian College was a popular stop.
11JobFairSimiuator.jpg (114446 bytes)
Another view of the simulator.
12-LeeSeanDennis.jpg (107101 bytes)
Balladeer Lee Murdock (left), Capt. Seann O'Donoghue and shipwreck survivor Dennis Hale.

Tug Undaunted and barge PM 41 in Holland, Mich. Friday - Bill Van Appledorn
Undaunted-PM-41-11-8-13.jpg (81508 bytes) Undaunted-PM-41-11-8-13b.jpg (79548 bytes)      

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-FedMattawa-11-8-13-dk.jpg (140722 bytes)
Federal Mattawa downbound.
2-Acourage-11-8-13-dk.jpg (79709 bytes)
American Courage downbound at the West Pier.
3-CHjackman11-8-13dk.jpg (114129 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman downbound
4-LAtreagurtha-11-8-13-dk.jpg (105701 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha in the Poe Lock.
5-kayebarker-11-8-13-dk.jpg (124311 bytes)
Kaye E Barker upbound.
6-resko-fschelde-11-8-13-dk.jpg (101822 bytes)
Passing in the snow Resko and Federal Schelde.

11/8 - Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-FederalKatsura-11-7-13-bv.jpg (192573 bytes)
Federal Katsura being loaded at ADM
2-FederalKatsura-11-7-13-bv.jpg (93739 bytes) 3-WhitefishBay-11-7-13-bv.jpg (122580 bytes)
CSL Whitefish Bay at CSX Torco
4-WhitefishBay-11-7-13-bv.jpg (182972 bytes)
Whitefish Bay unloading boom
5-WhitefishBay-11-7-13-bv.jpg (120997 bytes)
Aft Deck Housing
6-WhitefishBay-11-7-13-bv.jpg (109065 bytes)
Forward end
7-WhitefishBay-11-7-13-bv.jpg (107491 bytes)
Whitefish Bay unloading on the Live Pad

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-saginaw-11-6-13-ts.jpg (50356 bytes)
Manitou towing Saginaw inbound near the Front Range
2-saginaw-11-6-13-ts.jpg (59035 bytes)
Another view
3-saginaw-11-6-13-ts.jpg (64421 bytes)
 Approaching the Consumers Energy Dock
4-saginaw-11-6-13-ts.jpg (126358 bytes)
Stern view
5-manitou-11-6-13-ts.jpg (87328 bytes)
Tug Manitou
6-manitou-11-6-13-ts.jpg (78769 bytes)
Manitou and Saginaw close up

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-bbcfuji-11-7-13-dk.jpg (111374 bytes)
 BBC FujiI entering MacArthur Lock
2-bbcfuji-11-7-13-dk.jpg (120875 bytes)
Leaving MacArthur Lock
3-baiecomeau-11-7-13-dk.jpg (86566 bytes)
Baie Comeau in Poe Lock.
5-Baiestpaul-11-7-13-dk.jpg (116526 bytes)
Baie St Paul upbound.
6-jrbaker-11-7-13-dk.jpg (145694 bytes)
James R Baker downbound.
7-espeer-11-7-13-dk.jpg (113520 bytes)
Edgar Speer downbound.
8-thunderbay-11-7-13-dk.jpg (110357 bytes)
Thunder Bay downbound.
1-aenterprise-11-6-13-dk.jpg (108295 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise Passing through the MacArthur Lock.
2-aenterprise-11-6-13-dk.jpg (152454 bytes) 3-aenterprise-11-6-13-dk.jpg (134316 bytes)
4-aenterprise-11-6-13-dk.jpg (101609 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Michigan - Dianne Donati
USCG-Mackinaw-11-5-13-dd.jpg (90601 bytes)        

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