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November 11 - 13, 20

11/13 - St. Marys Challenger off Kewanee, Wis. Monday - Rad Keener
IMG_5314-(Medium).jpg (44167 bytes)
Headed for Sturgeon Bay from the R/V Neeskay
challenger11-11-13-rk-(3).jpg (87522 bytes) challenger11-11-13-rk-(2).jpg (77200 bytes) challenger11-11-13-rk-(1).jpg (74190 bytes) IMG_5335-(Medium).jpg (48625 bytes)

St. Marys Challenger arrives in Sturgeon Bay Monday -
Steve Bauer
1-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (90912 bytes)
After departing South Chicago the previous afternoon, the St. Marys Challenger hugs the Wisconsin shoreline as it passes by the lighthouse at Kewaunee on Monday morning.
2-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (140948 bytes)
Heading toward Sturgeon Bay between Kewaunee and Algoma on a day the more closely resembles December.
3-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (86524 bytes)
Out of the November gales for the last time as a steamer, and with many photographers present, the Challenger passes the Sturgeon Bay lighthouse as she enters the ship canal.
4-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (194028 bytes)
Starting up the ship canal on its way to Bay Shipbuilding.
5-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (114003 bytes)
Approaching the Highway 57 bridge as the sun makes an appearance.  The photographers were greeted with many salutes during her run up the canal.
6-chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (119692 bytes)
Clear of Highway 57 and headed toward the Oregon St. Bridge.
7-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (154977 bytes)
The Challenger is about to pass through the Madison St. Bridge as the tug Jimmy L waits to follow.  It will assist the Challenger into Berth 4 at Bay Shipbuilding.  Master salutes were exchanged between the two Captains.
8-Chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (112861 bytes)
With an assist from the Jimmy L, the Challenger slowly maneuvers into Berth 4.
9-chlgr-11-11-13-sb.jpg (161136 bytes)
Docked at Berth 4.  To the St Marys Challenger and her crew, thanks for the memories!

St. Marys Challenger arrives in Sturgeon Bay Monday -
Tim Graul
1-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (81289 bytes)
Steaming up inner Sturgeon Bay.
2-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (92538 bytes)
Passing through the Maple-Oregon St. Bridge.
3-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (87818 bytes)
Everyone on the bridge had a camera.
4-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (103578 bytes)
Bow enters the draw of the Michigan Street Bridge.
5-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (94288 bytes)
The Challenger's stern is clear of the Maple-Oregon Bridge.
6-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (127603 bytes)
Selvick Marine Towing's tug Jimmy L stood by to assist docking at the shipyard.
7-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (102757 bytes)
Through the Michigan St. Bridge.
8-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (94342 bytes)
Bay Ship's cranes and new floating drydock wait for the Challenger.
9-SMChall-11-11-13-tg.jpg (96576 bytes)
St Marys Challenger passed through Sturgeon Bay's Bayview Bridge at noon on Veterans Day.

Sunset on the St Marys Challenger at Bay Shipbuilding -
Mark Dillenburg
IMG_3518.jpg (54264 bytes)        

Algoma Equinox transiting the Panama Canal Tuesday on her delivery trip from China
Equinox-11.12.13.jpg (303960 bytes)        

Federal Skeena enters the New Waterway in the Port of Rotterdam Tuesday -
Frans de Lijster (Hook of Holland)
Federal_Skeena_12_11_2013-(1).jpg (67516 bytes)        

Shipping at Sorel-Tracy -
Rene Beauchamp
IMG_1157.jpg (123179 bytes)
Overall view from the Turcotte Bridge of a section of the port of Sorel-Tracy. In the foreground is the laid up Phoenix Sun. Other vessels are Maple Pearl loading at the Fagen Dock. Barely visible astern of her was Erieborg. At the grain elevator was the huge bulker Global F.
IMG_1155.jpg (108732 bytes)
Maple Pearl registered at Hong Kong.
IMG_1160.jpg (156963 bytes)
The laid up spoil carrier I.V.No 14 owned by Groupe Ocean.
 IMG_1162.jpg (138657 bytes)
Tug Evans McKeil laid up since August 9.
IMG_1161.jpg (137843 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay laid up also. She was back in service two days later leaving for Nova Scotia.
IMG_1164.jpg (187406 bytes)
Tug Vigilant I alongside a barge.

11/12 - Soo -
David Kaye
1-csllauen-11-11-13-dk.jpg (93848 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound at the International bridge.
2-BHarbor-11-11-13-dk.jpg (118421 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound.
3-Gadwell-11-11-13-dk.jpg (105679 bytes)
Gadwall downbound for the Poe Lock with help from the tug Missouri.
4-missouri-11-11-13-dk.jpg (120770 bytes)
Tug Missouri helping Gadwall in the high winds.
5-ATransport-11-11-13-dk.jpg (106078 bytes)
Algoma Transport in the MacArthur Lock.

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen

Algoscotia-lining-up-for-L2-upbnd.jpg (99853 bytes)
Algoscotia lining up to enter Lock 2 upbound

Algoscotia-entering-L2-upbnd.jpg (98059 bytes) Atlantic-Erie-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (84200 bytes)
Atlantic Erie upbound headed to Lock 2
BBC-Fuji-(Ger)-clearing-L7-dnbnd.jpg (107169 bytes)
BBC Fuji clear of Lock 7
BBC-Fuji-(Ger)-dbnd-about-to-enter-L6.jpg (89178 bytes)
English-River-Robert-S.-Pierson.jpg (107486 bytes)
 English River Robert S. Pierson Federal Asahi in Port Weller harbor
English-River-upbnd-approaching-Port-Robinson.jpg (112445 bytes)
English River upbound nearing Port Robinson
Exeborg-(Nld)-dbnd-at-Port-Robinson-(2).jpg (81922 bytes)
Exeborg  downbound approaching Port Robinson
Exeborg-(Nld)-dbnd-at-Port-Robinson-(3).jpg (98746 bytes) Federal-Agno-(Phl)-dbnd-clear-of-L3.jpg (94426 bytes)
Federal Agno downbound clear of Lock 3
Federal-Asahi-(Hkg)-and-Port.jpg (111243 bytes)
Federal Asahi tied up W-2 with pilot boat passing
Federal-Mattawa-(Hkg)-dbnd-above-L7-(2).jpg (86745 bytes)
Federal Mattawa above Lock 7 in bright sunshine
Spruceglen-tied-on-wall-below-lock-2-for-wind.jpg (81122 bytes)
Spruceglen tied on wall below Lock 7 for weather
Algoscotia-passing-Spruceglen-on-wall-below-L2.jpg (82639 bytes)
Algoscotia coming past Spruceglen headed to Lock 2
barge-NDC-285-with-tug-Zeus-on-delivery-voyage.jpg (72615 bytes)
Tug Zeus with new barge NDC 485 tied at wharf 1 for weather
tug-Rebecca-Lynn-pushing-the-barge-A-397-below-L3.jpg (91758 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn pushing barge A-397 headed to Lock 3

11/11 - St. Marys Challenger departs South Chicago - Steve Bauer
1-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (139943 bytes)
The St. Marys Challenger departed St. Marys Cement shortly after noon on Sunday.  Barely 45 minutes into her run, the famed "Medusa Curse" seemed to strike one more time as the NS Nickel Plate bridge became stuck in the down position.  She is seen here passing under the Torrence Avenue bridge after taking a delay of about an hour and a half. 
2-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (154811 bytes)
Making the turn at Cargill Bend one last time.
3-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (186552 bytes)
Passing the Manitowoc unloading at 122nd St.  Both vessels exchanged whistle salutes. 
4-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (171849 bytes)
Faces of the Challenger.  Two crew members smile at the gaggle of photographers at 106th St.
5-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (208489 bytes)
Watching the clearance at 106th St bridge.
6-chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (105673 bytes)
Captain and Wheelsman in the Pilothouse passing KCBX.
7-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (154196 bytes)
Approaching the 100th St bridge in late afternoon sunlight.
8-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (212888 bytes)
Squeezing through NS-5 for the last time.
9-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb1.jpg (191025 bytes)
Approaching 95th St Bridge.
10-chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (114161 bytes)
Crew member taking in the sights and photographers at 95th St.
11-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (173287 bytes)
Approaching 92nd St for the final time.
12-Chlgr-11-10-13-sb.jpg (99606 bytes)
Turning out of Calumet Harbor and heading into the lake for the run to Sturgeon Bay.

Roger Blough on the hook in the Detroit River at the Belle Isle Anchorage Sunday - Ken Borg
rogerblugh-11-10-13-(1).jpg (81221 bytes)
Low water levels kept her from transiting downbound.
rogerblugh-11-10-13-(2).jpg (85679 bytes)      

November 10, 2013, at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1cjc111013anchr_rb.jpg (63240 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway at anchor for weather
2kebcjc111013_rb.jpg (103372 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore with Callaway in the distance

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-JamesLKuber-11-10-13-bv.jpg (97934 bytes)James L. Kuber being loaded at CSX #4 2-Victory-11-10-13-bv.jpg (112646 bytes)
Tug Victory
3-Victory-11-10-13-bv.jpg (134886 bytes)
Another view of Tug Victory and James L. Kuber
5-Integrity-11-10-13-bv.jpg (122454 bytes)
Tug G. L. Ostrander with barge Integrity at Lafarge Dock in Toledo

Goderich, Sarnia, Port Huron on Sunday - Roger LeLievre
2AlgomaTransfer-211-10-13rl.jpg (89292 bytes)
Laid-up Algoma Transfer at Goderich.
1AlgomaTransfer-11-10-13rl.jpg (88140 bytes)
Another view.
3AlgomaEnterprise-11-10-13rl..jpg (111115 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise upbound at Sarnia.
4AlgomaEnterprise2-11-10-13rl.jpg (57586 bytes)
With a Storm of 1913 commemorative flag.
5AlgomaEnterprise3-11-10-13rl.jpg (70511 bytes)
Stern view
6PortHuron-Monument1.jpg (171409 bytes)
Port Huron's new memorial to the Storm of 1913, dedicated Saturday (front view).
7PortHuron-Monument2.jpg (81467 bytes)
View from the back.

1913 Storm Sailors Memorial dedication in Port Huron Saturday - Dick Wicklund
Memorial-dedication-i-(3).jpg (78137 bytes) Memorial-dedication-i-(2).jpg (91203 bytes) Memorial-dedication-i-(1).jpg (61767 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives - Edmund Fitzgerald Locking through in April - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
fitzlock-usace.jpg (288299 bytes)
(L to R) John Dykstra, Arthur B. Homer, Edmund Fitzgerald and possibly Buckeye in April ice sometime between 1970-1974.

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