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November 14 - 21, 20

11/21 - Algoma Quebecois scrap tow in the Welland Canal Wednesday morning - Skip Gillham
AQ-tow-Nov.-20-13-(1a).jpg (111650 bytes) AQ-tow-Nov.-20-13-(13).jpg (106078 bytes) AQ-tow-Nov.-20-13-(10).jpg (174056 bytes) AQ-tow-Nov.-20-13-(20a).jpg (178219 bytes)  

ew salties - 
René Beauchamp
Oslo-Bulk-4-(16-11-13)-RBMTL.jpg (76726 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 4 passing Sorel-Tracy on Saturday bound for Valleyfield in the St. Lawrence Seaway.
AK-Brother-19-Nov-13-RBMTL.jpg (77400 bytes)
AK Brother heading for Thunder Bay upbound below Ste. Catherine Lock on Tuesday. This bulker is well known to shipwatchers under the name Calliröe Patronicola.

Fox River dredging in Green Bay, Wis. - Wendell Wilke
foxrivertugssunk0001.jpg (134313 bytes)
Tug Bob Teed (near) and bow stem of Satisfaction (far left) sunk in Fox River in Green Bay, Wis.

American Century Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-century-11-19-13-ts.jpg (107224 bytes)
American Century inbound at the Saginaw River Front Range
2-century-11-19-13-ts.jpg (77578 bytes)
Another view

New Zealand ship
- Ron Beaupre
1-juliana-17-11-2013-rfb.jpg (115787 bytes)
Zealand Juliana downbound at Iroquois Lock.
2-dellilah-18-11-2013-rfb.jpg (80083 bytes)
Zealand Delilah upbound at Mariatown.
3-delilah-18-11-2013-rfb.jpg (102726 bytes)
Zealand Delilah on her first trip up the Seaway.

Anchored off Alpena -
Atanchor-11-18-13-BCM-01.jpg (105130 bytes)
Vessels anchored off Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Atanchor-11-18-13-BCM-02.jpg (104008 bytes)
American Mariner
Atanchor-11-18-13-BCM-03.jpg (97798 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson
Atanchor-11-18-13-BCM-04.jpg (110636 bytes)
American Spirit
Atanchor-11-18-13-BCM-05.jpg (122651 bytes)
Another view of the three
anchor-alpena-11-18-13.jpg (67873 bytes)
Panoramic - Larry Sawasky

Ryerson at its temporary lay-up dock in Superior looks ready to make a turn onto the New Tower Avenue -D. Stewart
ELRyerson-11-19-13-ds.jpg (113719 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Michigan - Dianne Donati
Atlantic-Huron-11-20-13-dd.jpg (97408 bytes) H-Lee-White-11-20-13-dd.jpg (102993 bytes)      

Postcards need Information
- Don Geske
If you can ID the boats in these post card please post to the Search Page
001-(2).jpg (208499 bytes) Postcard-need-information-on-the-boat-on-right.jpg (105213 bytes) Postcard-need-name-of-tug.jpg (206371 bytes)    

11/18 - Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Paul-L.-Luedtke-11-17-13-BRW.jpg (135405 bytes)
The Paul L. Luedtke is bringing her scow up the Buffalo River at the CSX CP-1 Drawbridge. This was originally the New York Central's "River Bridge" or signal station "RB" in their nomenclature.
2-Paul-L.-Luedtke-11-17-13-BRW.jpg (147367 bytes)
Holding position in the river (which really is just an industrialized creek) can be tricky. The tug is throttling against the wind & current while waiting for a lift at the CSX CP Draw Bridge ahead, out of view to the left.
3-Paul-L.-Luedtke-11-17-13-BRW.jpg (116913 bytes)
The old Nickel Plate RR bridge is permanently raised & CP Draw is about to go up for the passage of the tug & her scow. All 3 bridges in my photos today are 100 years old as of 2013.
4-Paul-L.-Luedtke-11-17-13-BRW.jpg (132268 bytes)
On her way back down, the Paul Luedtke is clear of the draw as the bridge comes down behind her. Originally constructed over dry land, the river was then rerouted under the bridges for navigation purposes.
5-Paul-L.-Luedtke-11-17-13-BRW.jpg (119386 bytes)
The tug looks to have been recently painted with a nice & clean appearance as she waits for the bridge at CP-1. The CSX bridge operator has to get permission from the dispatcher before he lets the tug through.

Three Rivers leaving Oshawa Saturday  - Lorraine Morrill
17503---Three-Rivers---Oshawa-11-16-13.jpg (130760 bytes) 17493---Three-Rivers---Oshawa-11-16-13.jpg (133511 bytes)
Tugs are Ocean Golf on the stern and Laprairie on the Port side.

Paul R. Tregurtha in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1prt111313unld2_rb.jpg (137091 bytes)
Unloading coal into the Upper Harbor hopper.
2prt11313stnunld_rb.jpg (128204 bytes)
Close up

Federal Oshima departing IJmuiden on Saturday -
Peter Beentjes
67vb.jpg (64432 bytes) oyt3.jpg (59686 bytes)      

Brockville, Ontario -
Ed Snider
HELLESPONT-CHARGER.jpg (72319 bytes) GREAT-REPUBLIC-(2).jpg (148264 bytes) ALGOEAST.jpg (159030 bytes) THALASSA-DESGAGNES-(2).jpg (189065 bytes) Tug-EVERLAST-&-barge-NORMAN-McLEOD-(5).jpg (174213 bytes)
manitoba11-13-13.jpg (180345 bytes)        

Thousand Footers line up at the Soo - USACE
1000-footersatthesoo11-15-13.jpg (137015 bytes)        

On board the Quebecois, several years ago –
Skip Gillham
Quebecois-(5)-deck-aft.jpg (168634 bytes) Quebecois-(12)-stack-June-10-85.jpg (182119 bytes) Quebecois-(1)-wheel-June-10-85.jpg (146631 bytes) Quebecois-(2)-chadburn.jpg (101586 bytes) Quebecois-(9)-galley.jpg (55056 bytes)
Quebecois-(7)-crew-dining-room.jpg (156277 bytes) Quebecois-(6)-lounge.jpg (55257 bytes) Quebecois-(8)-officers-dining-room.jpg (72513 bytes) Quebecois-(3)-observation-room.jpg (77430 bytes) Quebecois-(11)-enginerrom.jpg (123418 bytes)
Quebecois-(4)-builder's-plate.jpg (55925 bytes) Quebecois-(10)-engineroom-gauges.jpg (65990 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - USS Sable, former passenger ship Greater Buffalo
usssable1942.jpg (60680 bytes)        

11/14 - Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
Federal-Schelde-(Brb)-entering-L7-dbnd-(2).jpg (94838 bytes)
Federal Schelde entering Lock 3 downbound
Zealand-Beatrix-(Nld)-docked-at-wharf-6-in-Thorold-(2).jpg (125269 bytes)
Zealand Beatrix at Thorold dock

Hellespont-Charger-(Mhl)-passes-Cedarglen-above-L3.jpg (96516 bytes)
Hellespont Charger passing Cedarglen above Lock
Hellespont-Charger-(Mhl)-upbnd-clear-of-L7.jpg (89934 bytes)
Hellespont Charger upbound above Lock 7
Hellespont-Charger-(Mhl)-upbnd-clear-of-old-guard-gate.jpg (76128 bytes)
Hellespont Charger upbound clear of old guard gate above Lock 7
John-D.-Leitch-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (82185 bytes)
John D. Leitch upbound headed to Lock 2

John-D.-Leitch-wheelhouse.jpg (109999 bytes)
John D. Leitch wheelhouse

tugs-Lac-Manitoba-&-Seahound.jpg (115389 bytes)
tugs Lac Manitoba & Seahound above Lock 1 downbound headed to Toronto for scrap tow

Escanaba and Fairport, Mich. - Tom Hynes
 P1020842.jpg (37067 bytes)
Car ferry Viking being cut down on 11/11/13.  Taken without a tripod in gale force winds.
P1020846.jpg (227995 bytes)
Fairbanks Morse engine from tug Sea Chief.  Donated to the U.P. Steam and Gas Association in Escanaba by Basic Marine.
P1020876.jpg (120224 bytes)
Deck view of MCM Marine's tug Drummond Islander II at Escanaba
P1020879.jpg (116781 bytes)
Bow view of Drummond Islander II
P1020904.jpg (141325 bytes)
Ten E&LS Baldwin locomotives in one row.
 P1020915.jpg (218927 bytes)
    Abandoned boat off T.D. Vinette in Escanaba
P1020922.jpg (212578 bytes)
Fish tug Jane from Washington Island.  Wooden hull is clad in steel
P1020946.jpg (107771 bytes)
Fish tug fleet at Fairport, MI.
P1020949.jpg (184954 bytes)
Fairport's fleet of net trucks

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