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November 25 - 26, 20

11/26 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-sjcort-11-25-13-dk.jpg (78828 bytes)
Stewart J Cort downbound at Mission Point.
2-sjcort-11-25-13-dk.jpg (73790 bytes) 3-sjcort-11-25-13-dk.jpg (99888 bytes) 4-algolake-11-25-13-dk.jpg (97357 bytes)
5-algosar-11-25-13-dk.jpg (69356 bytes)

Iced-up Stewart J Cort in the Poe Lock Monday -
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by Kim Dautremont
cort-locks-11-25-13-(2).jpg (103658 bytes)
An ice covered Stewart J. Cort makes its way out of the Poe Lock Monday with a load of taconite bound for Burns Harbor.
cort-locks-11-25-13-(3).jpg (174774 bytes)
It is anything but biking weather on the Cort today.
cort-locks-11-25-13-(1).jpg (159843 bytes)
Deck crew were busy chipping ice off the encrusted deck. Take a look at the lifeboat on deck - clearing that will not be a easy task.

Welland Canal -
J. Mackay
Freighters-001.jpg (92598 bytes)
Tim S Dool  Approaching Lock 3 downbound on Friday.
Freighters-002.jpg (109775 bytes)
Cuyahoga Leaving Lock 1 upbound on Saturday.
Freighters-003.jpg (78061 bytes) Freighters-004.jpg (96358 bytes)
Two crew members posing for a picture that they want to see on Boatnerd.
Freighters-005.jpg (96012 bytes)
Freighters-008.jpg (86405 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois Secured at the scrapping dock in Port Colborne.

11/25 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-RogerBlough-11-24-13-dk.jpg (64464 bytes)
Roger Blough
2-FMargaree-11-24-13-dk.jpg (112112 bytes)
Tug Missouri / Federal Mararee
3-EdwinHGott-11-24-13-dk.jpg (84305 bytes)
Edwin H Gott
4-USCG-11-24-13-dk.jpg (138162 bytes)
5-ZlandBeatrix-11-24-13-dk.jpg (164611 bytes)
Zealand Beatrix
6-ojibway-11-24-13-dk.jpg (49968 bytes)
Soo Marine Supply Ojibway
1-kayeEBarker-11-22-13-dk.jpg (143240 bytes)
Kaye E Barker downbound passing Rotary Park.
2-EdgarBSpeer-11-22-13-dk.jpg (77560 bytes)
Edgar B Speer downbound at the Bridge.
3-Defiance-11-22-13-dk.jpg (84830 bytes)
Tug Defiance and Barge Ashtabula downbound at the Bridge.
4-Saginaw-11-22-13-dk.jpg (112525 bytes)
Saginaw upbound entering the MacArthur Lock.
1-omfrederick-11-20-13-dk.jpg (110357 bytes)
Tug Owen M Frederick working in the Soo Lock Canal.
2-Leonardm-11-20-13-dk.jpg (91989 bytes)
Tug Leonard M downbound out of the Poe Lock.
3-RBlough-11-21-13-dk.jpg (81728 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound.
4-RBlough-11-21-13-dk.jpg (83219 bytes)
Stern view.
5-tecmseh-11-21-13-dk.jpg (103976 bytes)
Tecumseh downbound leaving the Poe Lock.
6-duluth-11-21-13-dk.jpg (96737 bytes)
Tug Duluth in the MacArthur Lock.
7-thunderbay-11-21-13-dk.jpg (113835 bytes)
Thunder Bay downbound at the International Bridge.
8-ebroborg-11-21-13-dk.jpg (73972 bytes)
 Ebroborg upbound at the West Pier.
9-biscaynebay-11-21-13-dk.jpg (99984 bytes)
USCG Biscayne Bay in the MacArthur Lock.

USCG removes crew member from
Burns Harbor -
Robert McGreevy
burnsharbor11-23-13-rm.jpg (72472 bytes)
Crew member suffered a medical condition and was transferred to a waiting ambulance.
burnsharborb11-23-13-rm.jpg (90774 bytes) burnsharborc11-23-13-rm.jpg (92630 bytes) burnsharbord11-23-13-rm.jpg (69339 bytes) uscg4570011-23-13-rm.jpg (78845 bytes)

Ojibway (left) and Stephen B. Roman (right) anchored off Port Dalhousie due to high winds Saturday -
Skip Gillham
Port-Dalhousie-surf-Nov.-23-13-(4).jpg (90988 bytes)        

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W
1-Rebecca-Lynn-11-24-13-BRW.jpg (135208 bytes)
 The Rebecca Lynn - A-397 is entering the draw at the CN RR Harbor Draw bridge on the Black Rock Canal.
2-Rebecca-Lynn-11-24-13-BRW.jpg (164865 bytes)
The towing bridle is hanging from the barge's bow as it eases past the center pinion section of the Harbor Draw bridge. The gears & rollers of the swing bridge's mechanism can be seen at it's base.
3-Rebecca-Lynn-11-24-13-BRW.jpg (210121 bytes)
An electrical switch & link rod for the bridge's miter rails can be seen at the bottom left. This tells the operator if the railroad tracks are in alignment for safe passage of trains over the span.
4-Rebecca-Lynn-11-24-13-BRW.jpg (134944 bytes)
Crewmen were stationed at the bow, to Port, & to Starboard, helping the Captain with his distances via radio. Ice & frozen conditions make this hard, & sometimes dangerous work.
5-Rebecca-Lynn-11-24-13-BRW.jpg (137457 bytes)
Being a conventional tug & barge, the Rebecca Lynn is wired into the notch of her barge for navigation through confined waters like the Black Rock Canal.
6-Rebecca-Lynn-11-24-13-BRW.jpg (172413 bytes)
Almost clear of the bridge, the Captain is now lining up for the entrance to the Black Rock Lock seen off in the distance ahead. After locking through, they headed down the Tonawanda Channel for the Marathon Dock.

Owen Sound
- Shane Ruther
1-Mississagi-20-11-12-SR.jpg (76998 bytes)
Mississagi departing Wednesday
2-Mississagi-20-11-12-SR.jpg (85270 bytes)
Work going on at the East pier as she Departs.
3-Mississagi-20-11-12-SR.jpg (77835 bytes)
She unloaded 11,000 tons of Road salt from Goderich.
1-OS-21-11-13-SR.jpg (89251 bytes)
Owen Sound Harbour from a three story building on the day of our Santa Claus Parade.
2-OS-21-11-13-SR.jpg (136579 bytes)
3-OS-21-11-13-SR.jpg (76045 bytes)        

Algoma Quebecois tow
- Al Howard
Molly-M1--11.20.2013-ah-a.jpg (68810 bytes) Molly-M1--11.20.2013-ah-b.jpg (69360 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-b.jpg (85293 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-c.jpg (190712 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-d.jpg (90705 bytes)
Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-e.jpg (105261 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-f.jpg (84213 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-g.jpg (111150 bytes) Molly-M1--11.20.2013-ah-c.jpg (100259 bytes) Seahound-11.20.2013-ah.jpg (84122 bytes)
Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-h.jpg (61675 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-i.jpg (43932 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-11.20.2013-ah-j.jpg (37063 bytes)    

Recent Activity in Munising and Marquette - Rod Burdick
1slaud103013MUN2_rb.jpg (98514 bytes)
Sam Laud unloading coal in Munising
2keb102913ld_rb.jpg (155789 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
3kbslc11813ld3_rb.jpg (179421 bytes)
Lakes Contender taking on ore at the Upper Harbor

Cheboygan, Michigan -
Dianne Donati
Arthur-Anderson-2-11-21-13-dd.jpg (125780 bytes) Cason-Calloway-11-21-13-dd.jpg (117738 bytes)      

Captain Dean Hobbs at work
Dean-Hobbs-2003-Badger.jpg (105156 bytes)
Dean Hobbs in the Badger's pilothouse, 2003. - Photo by Max Hanley
Dean-Hobbs,-2012,-Ken-Boothe.jpg (66279 bytes)
Relief captain on the Ken Boothe Sr. in 2013. - Photo by Roger LeLievre
1-ruelas-12-13-12-gg.jpg.jpg (68913 bytes)
Last December, as a pilot in the Welland Canal I joined the downbound Rueben Lasker at Lock 7. It was good to see my friend Dean Hobbs. The two "Soo boys" (from different sides of the river) had a great visit! We even found time to get the ship safely down to Port Weller where I left them (Dean's brother Dan was also aboard). Graham Grattan

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