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December 2 - 7, 20

12/7 - Algoma Equinox in the Welland Canal  - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Equinox-raised-in-L7-on-maiden-trip.jpg (74690 bytes)
Algoma Equinox raised in Lock 7 on maiden trip
Algoma-Equinox-bow-on-maiden-trip.jpg (57064 bytes)
Algoma Equinox bow
Algoma-Equinox-clear-of-L7-on-maiden-trip.jpg (77731 bytes)
Algoma Equinox upbound nearing guard gate
Algoma-Equinox-on-maiden-trip-upbnd-above-old-guard-gate.jpg (101708 bytes)
Algoma Equinox upbound clear of old guard gate
Algoma-Equinox-on-maiden-trip-with.jpg (67427 bytes)
Algoma Equinox showing extra strengthening on deck for ocean crossing
Capt-Seann-O-Donoughue.jpg (104976 bytes)
Capt Seann O'Donoughue gives a friendly wave
Algowood-dbnd-clear-of-L3-passing-Kaministiqua.jpg (97167 bytes)
Algowood clear of Lock 3 passing Kaministiqua sliding wall
Algowood-dbnd-clear-of-L3.jpg (99242 bytes)
Algowood clear of Lock 3
Mapleglen-clear-of-L3-dbnd-(3).jpg (75294 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound clear of Lock 3
Mapleglen-dbnd-under-the-skyway.jpg (85202 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound under skyway headed to Lock 2
Coast-Guard-47285-dbnd-clear-of-L7.jpg (152920 bytes)
USCG 47285 downbound headed for Lock 6
Vancouverborg-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (96670 bytes)
Vancouverborg (Nld) upbound just below Lock 2  

Tiwali in
Owen Sound -
J. Mackay
The small ocean-going vessel Tiwali unloaded a 5,000 tonne shipment of Romanian organic wheat. It is in the process of loading an equal amount of locally grown corn bound for Ireland.
Tiwali-003.jpg (95210 bytes)
Loading corn in the aft hold on Friday afternoon
Tiwali-004.jpg (82107 bytes) Tiwali-010.jpg (92329 bytes)
Spreading out the load. 
Tiwali-002.jpg (177236 bytes) Tiwali-001.jpg (107162 bytes)

Algoway unloading salt in Parry Sound
- Doug Heal
algoway12-13.jpg (135278 bytes)        

12/4 - First voyage of Algoma Equinox  -
René Beauchamp
Algoma-Equinox-3-Dec-2013-RBMTL.jpg (56448 bytes)
entering the Seaway on Tuesday
Algoma-Equinox-3-Dec-2013-RBMTL-(1).jpg (55204 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-3-Dec-2013-RBMTL-(3).jpg (59373 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-3-Dec-2013-RBMTL-(4).jpg (77427 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-3-Dec-2013-RBMTL-(6).jpg (50280 bytes)

Cuyahoga in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyah-12-1-13-BCM-01.jpg (83156 bytes) Cuyah-12-1-13-BCM-02.jpg (90375 bytes) Cuyah-12-1-13-BCM-03.jpg (123449 bytes) Cuyah-12-1-13-BCM-04.jpg (103590 bytes) Cuyah-12-1-13-BCM-05.jpg (130949 bytes)

12/2 - Welland Canal - Barry Andersen

 Baie-St.-Paul-clear-of-L2-dbnd-with-some-ice-on-hull.jpg (102162 bytes)
Baie St Paul downbound clearing Lock 2.

Fraserborg-(Nld)-upbnd-to-L2.jpg (84626 bytes)
Fraserborg (Nld) upbound headed to Lock 2.
Fraserborg-(Nld)-approached-L2-tieup-wall-upbnd-(2).jpg (77254 bytes) Algomarine-tied-above-L1-dbnd.jpg (109268 bytes)
Algomarine on wall above Lock 1.
Algoma-Discovery-passes-secured--Algomarine-above-L1.jpg (89030 bytes)
Algoma Discovery passes secured Algomarine above Lock 1.
Algoma-Discovery-headed-to-L2.jpg (87124 bytes)
Algoma Discovery headed upbound in ballast for Lock 2.
Algoma-Discovery-with-ice-encrusted-mast-and-bow.jpg (68286 bytes)
Algoma Discovery with ice encrusted mast and upper bow.

Emilie-(Pan)-upbnd-blw-L2.jpg (102115 bytes)
Emilie (Pan) in ballast upbound for Lock 2.
Algoma-Navigator-clearing-L1-dbnd.jpg (79530 bytes)
Algoma Navigator clears Lock 1 after dark downbound.
Apollon-(Grk)-dbnd-clear-of-L3.jpg (97766 bytes)
Algosoo-dnbnd-at-old-guard-gate.jpg (87406 bytes)
Algosoo downbound at old guard gate.
Robert-S.-pierson-upbnd-at-old-guard-gate.jpg (85773 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson upbound at old guard gate
Zealand-Juliana-(Nld)-entering-L3.jpg (98972 bytes)
Zealand Juliana (Ndl) downbound clear of Lock 2
Irma-(Cyp)-dbnd-clear-of-L3.jpg (101514 bytes)
Irma (Cyp) downbound approaching bridge 4
Wicko-(Bhs)-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (72593 bytes)
Wicko (Bhs) upbound headed to Lock2
Atlanticborg-(Nld)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-at-sunset-(3).jpg (87564 bytes)
Atlanticborg (Nld) downbound clear of Lock2 at sunset

Mottler-(Cyp)-upbnd-clear-of-L3-(2).jpg (77964 bytes)
Mottler (Cyp) upbound headed to Lock

Tim-S.-Dool-clears-L3-as-Cuyahoga.jpg (125801 bytes)
Tim S. Dool departs Lock3 and Cuyahoga below making the wall to do passing entry
Peter-Schulte-(IOM)-prop-working.jpg (82419 bytes)
Peter Schulte (IOM) works propeller hard trying to get away from beach.
Peter-Schulte-(IOM)-fighting.jpg (71874 bytes)
Peter Schulte (IOM) broadside to waves

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-causley-11-29-13-ts.jpg (135551 bytes)
Causley Marine Contracting tug and barge entering the Bay Harbor Marina in Bay City
2-olmoore-11-29-13-ts.jpg (42745 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound the Saginaw River nearing the Burroughs Dock in Zilwaukee
3-olmoore-11-29-13-ts.jpg (101801 bytes)
Stern view
4-hlwhite-11-29-13-ts.jpg (55453 bytes)
H. Lee White inbound nearing the Essexville Range Lights
5-hlwhite-11-29-13-ts.jpg (56286 bytes)
H. Lee White stern view
6-hlwhite-11-29-13-ts.jpg (73985 bytes)
Another view
7-hermes-11-29-13-ts.jpg (37915 bytes)
Sloman Hermes at the Port Fisher Fertilizer Dock

Quebecois Tow -
Barry Andersen

Algoma-Quebecois-tow-headed-into-L1-with-tug-Molly-M-I-(2).jpg (103845 bytes)
Tow with Molly M 1 nearing lock 1 on last trip

Algoma-Quebecois-headed-to-L3-under-tow-of-tug-Molly-M-I.jpg (89892 bytes)
tow with Molly M 1 close to west bank headed for Lock 2
Algoma-Quebecois-under-tow-to-IMS-scrapyard.jpg (76019 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois still looks impressive with her coating of rust
Algoma-Quebecois-tow-headed-toward-L3.jpg (80196 bytes)
tow headed to lock 3 in increasing winds
Algoma-Quebecois-bow-thruster.jpg (162667 bytes)
bow thruster nearly out of the water
 Algoma-Quebecois-coming-to-rest-on.jpg (93540 bytes)
unexpected stop at old Homer dock due to bridge malfunction
Algoma-Quebecois-awaits-the-torch-at-IMS-yard.jpg (96761 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois at IMS yard in the setting sun

Peter Schulte  at anchor off Port Weller November 23 -
Rodger St. Amand
Peter-Schulte-003.jpg (23526 bytes)
 In 40 knot winds of she dragged her anchor and was close to shore.
Peter-Schulte-009.jpg (26648 bytes)      

Saginaw in Owen Sound -
David Martin
Saginaw-os-11-24-13-878-(2).jpg (46384 bytes)
Mississagi finishes unloading salt in Owen Sound on November 24.
Saginaw-os-11-24-13-878-(3).jpg (61043 bytes)
Mississagi backing out of Owen Sound harbour with the CCGS Samuel Risley and the Chi-Cheemaun in the back ground.
Saginaw-os-11-24-13-878-(4).jpg (43545 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at the elevator in Owen Sound on November 27.
Saginaw-os-11-24-13-878-(1).jpg (37168 bytes)
Saginaw backing out of Owen Sound harbour into a snow squall

Montreal -
Rene Beauchamp
Hollandia-26-Nov-13-RBMTL.jpg (56879 bytes)
Hollandia departing Montreal for the Seaway for the first time, destination Hamilton.
Dalmig-26-nov-13-RBMTL.jpg (122969 bytes)
The former ferry Dalmig in the process of anchoring at Ile Charron, Longueuil, near Montreal.
Dalmig-26-nov-13-RBMTL-(2).jpg (77028 bytes) Dalmig-26-nov-13-RBMTL-(1).jpg (89876 bytes)  

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-AlgomaOlympic-1130-13-bv.jpg (87080 bytes)
Algoma Olympic loading coal at CSX #4
2-AlgomaOlympic-11-30-13-bv.jpg (135619 bytes)
Another view
3-CSXThawingShed-11-30-13-bv.jpg (113671 bytes)
CSX thawing shed
4-Jiimaan-11-30-13-bv.jpg (94709 bytes)
Jiimaan in Toledo Ship Yard
5-MEHannah-11-30-13-bv.jpg (152800 bytes)
Barge A-410 with tug Mary E. Hannanh in front of Toledo Ship Yard
6-MEHannah-11-30-13-bv.jpg (160713 bytes)
Tug Mary E. Hannah
7-BessieB-11-30-13-bv.jpg (143970 bytes)
Wohlleb-Socie Co. work tug Bessie B
8-BessieB-11-30-13-bv.jpg (126159 bytes)
Another view of Bessie B
9-Wohlleb-Socieworkbarges-11-30-13-bv.jpg (191435 bytes)
Wohlleb-Socie Co. work barges
1JLKuber-11-29-13-bv.jpg (103416 bytes)
Barge James L. Kuber with tug Victory unload at the Kuhlman dock.
2-JLKuber-11-29-13-bv.jpg (89085 bytes) 3-JLKuber-11-29-13-bv.jpg (101334 bytes) 4-CaptHJackman-11-29-13-bv.jpg (91961 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman unload stone at the Midwest Rail Ballast Dock.
5-CaptHJackman-11-29-13-bv.jpg (130672 bytes) 6-CaptHJackman-11-29-13-bv.jpg (106963 bytes)
1-JSherwinPropeller-11-28-13-bv.jpg (80181 bytes)
The National Museum of the Great Lakes John Sherwin propeller
2-JSherwinPropeller-11-28-13-bv.jpg (67386 bytes)      

Owen Sound -
Shane Ruther
1-Cheech-27-11-13-SR1.jpg (123362 bytes)
Chi-cheemaun in Lay-up at its dock
2-Sag-27-11-13-SR1.jpg (114480 bytes)
Saginaw Unloading grain from Thunder Bay
4-Sag-27-11-13-SR1.jpg (56348 bytes)
Saginaw unloading which the salt pile the Mississagi left is slowly disappearing and the little tug the harbour crew where using for port work sites on the land in the foreground.
5-Sag-27-11-13-SR_1201x800.jpg (90295 bytes)
Risley in port for a short time
6-Miss-27-11-13-SR_1201x800.jpg (49054 bytes)
The Mississagi unloads salt.
7-Miss-27-11-13-SR_1201x800.jpg (61813 bytes)        

Onboard the Quebecois at IMS -
Matt Jones
Quebecois-1.jpg (115635 bytes)
On board Quebecois Friday Nov 29.
Quebecois-2.jpg (138290 bytes)
Starboard boiler had steam up to heat Bunkers to transfer to trucks for the Montrealais at Hamilton.
Quebecois-3.jpg (64891 bytes) Quebecois-4.jpg (121841 bytes) Quebecois-5.jpg (154942 bytes)
Quebecois-6.jpg (150214 bytes) Quebecois-7.jpg (155196 bytes) Quebecois-8.jpg (165446 bytes) Quebecois-9.jpg (168916 bytes) Quebecois-10.jpg (154300 bytes)
Quebecois-11.jpg (129708 bytes) Quebecois-12.jpg (144062 bytes) Quebecois-13.jpg (194082 bytes)    

Saguenay as the Federal Thames - Skip Gillham
1---Federal-Thames---Homer-Br.-April-85.jpg (97227 bytes)
Federal Thames - Homer Bridge April /85
2---Federal-Thames---deck-forward.jpg (221403 bytes)
On deck looking forward, June 23, 1988.
3---Federal-Thames---builder's-plate-June-23-88.jpg (63797 bytes)
builder's plate
4---Federal-Thames---pilothouse.jpg (76765 bytes)
inside pilothouse
5---Federal-Thames---pilothouse-radar.jpg (63135 bytes)
6---Federal-Thames---radio-room.jpg (169081 bytes)
Radio room
7---Federal-Thames---guest-lounge.jpg (106169 bytes)
Guest Lounge
8---Federal-Thames---guest-bar.jpg (66032 bytes)
Guest bar
9---Federal-Thames---dining-room.jpg (86107 bytes)
Dining room
10---Federal-Thames---crew-dining-room.jpg (91544 bytes)
Crew dining room
11---Federal-Thames---laundry-room.jpg (56350 bytes)
Laundry room
12---Federal-Thames---engine-room.jpg (112076 bytes)
Engine room
13---Federal-Thames---engine-room-controls.jpg (98478 bytes)
Engine room control
14---Federal-Thames---engineroom-gauges.jpg (110602 bytes)
Engine room gauges
15---Federal-Thames---deck-aft.jpg (130562 bytes)
Federal Thames deck aft
16---Federal-Thames---lifeboat.jpg (104649 bytes)
Federal Thames lifeboat
Lake-Superior---Br.-5-WC---April-21-95-JS.jpg (78870 bytes)
Lake Superior - up bound Welland Canal 1995 - Jim Sprunt photo
Saguenay-Homer-Bridge-April-7-12.jpg (86671 bytes)
Saguenay - downbound Homer Bridge April 7, 2012

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