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December 9, 20

Algoma Equinox upbound Sunday on the St. Marys River - Scott McLellan
1-AlgEq-12-08-13-SMcL-(1).jpg (80093 bytes)
Algoma Equinox turning at Johnson's Point.
2-AlgEq-12-08-13-SMcL.jpg (75663 bytes)
Passing Coyle Point.
3-AlgEq-12-08-13-SMcL.jpg (78028 bytes)
Stern view of the Equinox as she approaches Green Point.

Soo Sunday -
David Kaye
1-equinox-12-8-13-dk.jpg (64416 bytes)
Algoma Equinox at the Soo for the first time, Mission Point.
2-equinox-12-8-13-dk.jpg (96480 bytes)
Equinox entering the Poe Lock.
3-equinox-12-8-13-dk.jpg (113905 bytes)
Equinox upbound at the International Bridge.
4-RBlough-12-8-13-dk.jpg (117947 bytes)
Icy Roger Blough upbound.
5-missouri-12-8-13-dk.jpg (124156 bytes)
Tug Missouri.
6-orla-12-8-13-dk.jpg (114075 bytes)
Orla being helped into the Poe lock by the tug Missouri.

Algoma Equinox upbound at St. Clair, Mich. Saturday -
Denny Dushane
algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(2).jpg (85338 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(3).jpg (83137 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(4).jpg (112093 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(5).jpg (107804 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(6).jpg (82243 bytes)
algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(7).jpg (138219 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(8).jpg (107215 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(9).jpg (104104 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(10).jpg (88267 bytes) algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(11).jpg (99449 bytes)
algomaequinox12-7-13-dd-(12).jpg (162483 bytes)        

Algoma Equinox upbound for Superior on her maiden trip Saturday -
Ted Hanifan
Algoma-Equinox12-7-13-th-(1).jpg (79504 bytes)
Passing the Belle Isle Coast Guard station in Detroit
Algoma-Equinox12-7-13-th-(2).jpg (82796 bytes) Algoma-Equinox12-7-13-th-(3).jpg (74332 bytes)    

Saginaw in Buffalo -
Brian W.
saginaw12-7-13-bb.jpg (127230 bytes)
Washington leading the Saginaw past the Metrorail (DL&W) Terminal along the Buffalo River.
saginaw12-7-13-bb1.jpg (121630 bytes)
Stern as it passes with the General Mills cereal plant in the background.
saginaw12-7-13-bb2.jpg (155168 bytes)
Crewmen are removing the tarps over her hatch covers.
saginaw12-7-13-bb3.jpg (116604 bytes)
The bow is passing by with the Frontier Elevator as a backdrop.
saginaw12-7-13-bb4.jpg (118155 bytes)
Entering the draw at the Michigan St. Bridge.
saginaw12-7-13-bb5.jpg (116162 bytes)
Sunday the Saginaw departing the Buffalo River Entrance Channel downtown as seen from the North Pier at the US Coast Guard Base. The USS Little Rock can be seen in the background.
saginaw12-7-13-bb6.jpg (109364 bytes)      

Saturday at Welland Canal
- Bill Bird
1-Algosteel-12-07-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (78547 bytes)
Algosoo at the stone dock in Port Colborne
2-Algosteel-12-07-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (108482 bytes)
stern view
3-Algosteel-12-07-13-c-bb.jpg.jpg (103395 bytes)
approaching Lock 8
4-MaumeeDCEverestTechnoStLaurentVerendryeAlgomaQuebecois-12-07-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (86034 bytes)
IMS yard showing remains of Maumee, former DC Everest, tug Techno St Laurent, CCGC Verendrye, and Algoma Quebecois
5-SarahDesgagnes-12-07-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (82241 bytes)
tanker Sarah Desgagnes at old Bridge 9 in Thorold
6-SarahDesgagnes-12-07-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (98656 bytes) 7-Algosoo-12-07-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (88682 bytes)
Algosoo at Homer Bridge
8-Algosoo-12-07-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (132913 bytes)
headed to Trois Rivieres with grain
9-FederalWeser-12-07-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (80597 bytes)
Federal Weser approaching Glendale Bridge
10-FederalWesercrew-12-07-13-a-bb.jpg.jpg (66812 bytes)
crew bundled up in freezing temperatures
11-FederalWeser-12-07-13-b-bb.jpg.jpg (90817 bytes)
headed to Montreal

Federal Weser below Lock 2 in Welland Canal Saturday
- Skip Gillham
Federal-Weser-Bel.-L.2-Dec.-7-13-(3sm).jpg (115020 bytes) Federal-Weser-stack-Bel.-L.2-Dec.-7-13-(1sm).jpg (91188 bytes)      

Bogdan unloading import steel at Oshawa, Ontario Saturday -
Lorraine Morrill
17515---Bogdan---Oshawa-12-7-13.jpg (121848 bytes)
Ship is 10,220 grt and is registered in Malta.

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1keb112113dkwdrb.jpg (164182 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker waiting to load ore
2lat112813ldscnrb.jpg (242482 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha loading ore on Thanksgiving

Manitowoc at anchor in Hedgehog Harbor (Gills Rock, WI) Door County Thursday
-  Jim Robinson
Manitowoc12-5-13-jr.jpg (70945 bytes)
Southwest gales were blowing, note waves in the background

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
13-1205-Flevoborg-(2).jpg (74194 bytes)
Flevoborg below Lock 2 and making a passing entry at Lock 1 with the Algoscotia.
13-1205-Flevoborg-(6).jpg (95472 bytes) 13-1205-Algoscotia-+-Flevoborg.jpg (81211 bytes) 13-1205-Algoscotia-(4).jpg (114237 bytes)
Algoscotia on her way unbound.
13-1205-Algoscotia-(10).jpg (95859 bytes)
13-1205-Cuyahoga-(3).jpg (100654 bytes)
An old favourite; Cuyahoga on her way to Hamilton.
13-1205-Cuyahoga-(5).jpg (86810 bytes) 13-1205-John-D-Leitch-(2).jpg (61919 bytes)
John D Leitch above Lock 1 Thursday.
13-1205-Catherine-Desgagnes-(3).jpg (79769 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes also above Lock 1.
13-1205-Catherine-Desgagnes-(6).jpg (102103 bytes)
13-1204-Algosar-(2).jpg (60227 bytes)
Algosar.  Return us now to the days of coal-fired engines.  Not really, but it does bring back memories.
13-1204-Algosar-(7).jpg (80932 bytes)
Stern view of the Algosar.  To the right is the Tecumseh just below Lock 2 and the CSL Niagara (I think) sliding the wall into Lock 2.
13-1204-Tecumseh-(3).jpg (71001 bytes)
Tecumseh on her way to Lock 1.
 13-1204-Tecumseh-(8).jpg (148815 bytes)
Tecumseh slides the wall toward Lock 1.  A rumour heard along the canal this week is that Lower Lakes Towing is looking a building a new ship for great lakes service; building overseas of course. 

13-1204-Vega-Desgagnes-(2).jpg (122054 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes clear of Lock 1 unbound.
13-1204-Vega-Desgagnes-(11).jpg (83087 bytes)
Vega Desgagens on her way to Lock 2.
13-1204-Algoma-Progress-(3).jpg (93337 bytes)
Algoma Progress approaching Lock 1 down bound.  She secured above the lock to wait for an up bounder.
13-1203-Cedarglen-(3).jpg (117832 bytes)
Cedarglen under the High Bridge, still with her truncated starboard bridge wing.
13-1203-CCGC-Cape-Commodore-(5).jpg (220814 bytes)
CCGC Cape Commodore down at the Homer Bridge.  She stopped at Port Weller to replace the Cape Storm which went early to Burlington for winter layup.

Captain Harold Peter Gronwall
-  Russ Plumb
HPGronwall.jpg (121872 bytes)
The American Maritime Officers Newsletter of December 2013 contained an announcement of the passing of Captain Gronwall on 10 September 2013 at age 87. He was a long term Great Lakes Sailor with Boland & Cornelius/American Steamship Company. He started sailing as a deckhand on the John J. Boland in 1943. He retired as Captain off the Indiana Harbor in 1996 after sailing for 52 years.

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