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December 19 - 27, 20

12/27 - St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
American-Mariner-H-Lee-White-RL.jpg (54860 bytes)
American Mariner - H. Lee White pass in Soo Harbor.

Algoma-Progress-1-RL.jpg (61826 bytes)
Algoma Progress underway at the Rock Cut. She may be headed for the breakers at the end of this season.
Algoma-Progress-2-RL.jpg (75255 bytes)
Algoma Progress cabins.
Victory-RL.jpg (80316 bytes)
Tug Victory on the James L. Kuber's notch.
Kuber,-James-L-RL.jpg (101487 bytes)
Barge James L. Kuber and tug Victory in the ice above Six Mile Point waiting for traffic to clear.
Progress,-Buffalo-RL.jpg (93728 bytes)
Algoma Progress and Buffalo in the Nine Mile anchorage.

Duluth -  Ed Labernik
1-EBSpeer-12-26-13-el.jpg (62907 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer in Lake Superior, - 5 F.
2-EBSpeer-12-26-13-el.jpg (84711 bytes)
 Speer passes the North Pier Light in the Duluth Ship Canal.
3-EBSpeer-12-26-13-el.jpg (58556 bytes)
Alongside the South Pier Lighthouse in the Duluth Ship Canal.
4-EBSpeer-12-26-13-el.jpg (48408 bytes)
In the Duluth Ship Canal.

Frontenac led into Midland by the US Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock - Wayne Bradley
Hollyhock--Frontenac1.jpg (72871 bytes) Hollyhock--Frontenac.jpg (26852 bytes)      

12/26 - St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Tecumseh-RL.jpg (58125 bytes)
Tecumseh at Mission Point Wednesday.
Mackinaw-122513RL.jpg (81667 bytes)
Mackinaw heads down to the Rock Cut.
Cedarglen-RL.jpg (84403 bytes)
Cedarglen in the ice above Nine Mile.
Anderson-AM,-night,-RL.jpg (24339 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson at Mission Point Christmas night.

Kaye E. Barker hove to waiting her turn for the Rock Cut - Andy Toth
2-Kaye-E-Barker-12-25-13-AT.jpg (21751 bytes) 1-Kaye-E-Barker-12-25-13-AT.jpg (20743 bytes)      

12/25 -
St. Marys River Ice - Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Spirit-RL.jpg (78776 bytes)
Algoma Spirit waits in the Rock Cut Tuesday afternoon for the Mesabi Miner to get free.
Blough,-Roger-1RL.jpg (75332 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Mission Point Tuesday.
Blough,-Roger-2RL.jpg (76702 bytes)
Blough's icy bow.
Mesabi-Miner1-RL.jpg (53557 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound into the Rock Cut, shortly before becoming icebound.
Mesabi-Miner-2RL.jpg (61394 bytes)
Mesabi Miner icebound in the Rock Cut above Sawmill Point. The USCG Biscayne Bay is at her bow, trying to break a path.

Mesabi-Miner-3-RL.jpg (72541 bytes)
Wide view showing the Miner and wall-to-wall ice.
Speer,-Edgar--RL.jpg (128041 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer downbound in a snowstorm.
Pineglen1-RL.jpg (42580 bytes)
Pineglen at Mission Point on a sunny Monday afternoon.
Pineglen2-RL.jpg (55552 bytes)
Pineglen's bow glazed with ice.
Pineglen3-RL.jpg (61305 bytes)
Stern view, Pineglen.
MissouriRL.jpg (108013 bytes)
Tug Missouri at speed headed downbound.
Missouri-Presque-Isle-RL.jpg (78739 bytes)
Missouri passing Presque Isle
.Michipicoten1-RL.jpg (62459 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound at Mission Point Monday evening.
Michipicoten2-RL.jpg (73203 bytes)
Michipicoten, another view.

Mackinaw-RL.jpg (61811 bytes)
Mackinaw, with Pineglen and Michipicoten astern.
Mackinaw1-RL.jpg (88463 bytes)
Mackinaw upbound at Mission Point.
Mackinaw2-RL.jpg (73132 bytes)
Close up of the Mackinaw.
Clydes.jpg (46449 bytes)
Clydes Drive In, closed for the winter but serving up a great sunset

Rock Cut  Ice - Andy Toth
1-AlgomaSpiritandBiscayneBay-12-24-2013-AT.jpg (623130 bytes)
Algoma Spirit and Biscayne Bay.
2-BiscayneBay-12-24-2013-AT.jpg (849111 bytes)
Biscayne Bay.
3-Mesabi-Miner-12-24-2013AT.jpg (622239 bytes)
Mesabi Miner, stuck in the ice at the Rock Cut.

Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-Ashtabula-12-23-13-bv.jpg (108420 bytes)
Last coal boat  for CSX Presque Isle, barge Ashtabula
2-Defiance-12-23-13-bv.jpg (104380 bytes)
Tug Defiance in the notch

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Radcliffe-R.-Latimer-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (126998 bytes) Radcliffe-R.-Latimer-upbnd-headed-to-L3.jpg (88312 bytes) Manitoba-in-ballast-headed-for-L2-(2).jpg (64792 bytes) Manitoba-in-ballast-headed-for-L2-(3).jpg (89088 bytes) Emilie-(Pan)-sliding-wall-above-L8.jpg (73783 bytes)
Ak-Brother-(Pan)-dbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (92934 bytes) Ak-Brother-(Pan)-dbnd-clear-of-L1-(2).jpg (101751 bytes) Thalassa-Desgagnes-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (93419 bytes) Dara-Desgagnes-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (131155 bytes)  

Historical Perspective - LST - Rich Nicholls
LST-1177-Lorain-County.jpg (120357 bytes) LST-1178-Wood-County.jpg (124472 bytes) Highway-16.jpg (117925 bytes)    

12/23 - Phillip R. Clarke outbound in the Duluth Harbor Dec. 21 -
Ed Labernik
2-PRClarke-12-21-13.jpg (146734 bytes)
1-PRClarke-12-21-13-el.jpg (117720 bytes)
The Clarke pushes through 8-10 of broken ice as it lines itself up with the Duluth Ship Canal, rousting resting gulls in the process.
3-PRClarke-12-21-13-el.jpg (66405 bytes)
The Philip R. Clarke passes the North Pier Light on the Duluth Ship Canal.
4-PRClarke-12-21-13-el.jpg (132126 bytes)
The Clarke travels light on Lake Superior enroute to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets.

Alpena coming into Lafarge - Ben & Chanda McClain
Alpena-12-20-13-BCM-01.jpg (70362 bytes) Alpena-12-20-13-BCM-02.jpg (83731 bytes) Alpena-12-20-13-BCM-03.jpg (81298 bytes) Alpena-12-20-13-BCM-04.jpg (61269 bytes) Alpena-12-20-13-BCM-05.jpg (76088 bytes)

Michipicoten and Biscayne Bay in Owen Sound Sunday - Shane Ruther
OWENSOUN12-22-13-(1).jpg (32259 bytes) OWENSOUN12-22-13-(3).jpg (90367 bytes) OWENSOUN12-22-13-(5).jpg (103968 bytes) OWENSOUN12-22-13-(4).jpg (46117 bytes) OWENSOUN12-22-13-(7).jpg (79580 bytes)
OWENSOUN12-22-13-(6).jpg (91321 bytes) OWENSOUN12-22-13-(2).jpg (71577 bytes)      

Morro Bay at Cleveland - Rich Nicholls 
1-Morro-Bay-12-22-13-rn.jpg (35615 bytes)        

Hamilton Harbor Thursday - Bill Bird
1-CSLLaurentien-12-19-13-a-bb.jpg (111211 bytes)
CSL Laurentien unloading coal at U.S. Steel Canada
2-AlgomaProgress12-19-35-a-bb.jpg (120965 bytes)
Algoma Progress unloading coal at Arcelor Mittal Dofasco
3-RobertSPierson-12-19-13-a-bb.jpg (126639 bytes)
Robert S Pierson loading slag at ArcelorMittal Dofasco
4-RobertSPiersonAlgomaMontrealais-12-19-13-a-bb.jpg (120866 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais awaiting Pierson departure to unload iron ore.
Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-bristolbay-12-19-13-ts.jpg (91461 bytes)
USCG Cutter Bristol Bay opening up the Lafarge Cent dock
2-innovation-12-19-1-3-ts.jpg (63563 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain inbound at Consumers Energy
3-innovation-12-19-1-3-ts.jpg (80119 bytes)
Ice on the stern
4-innovation-12-19-13-ts.jpg (46529 bytes)
Stern view
5-innovation-12-19-13-ts.jpg (92243 bytes)
Unloading at Lafarge

Montrealais upbound under Bluewater Bridges headed for Goderich - Matt Jones
100_0677.jpg (59692 bytes) 100_0678.jpg (84430 bytes) 100_0679.jpg (79952 bytes) 100_0680.jpg (89132 bytes) 100_0682.jpg (71520 bytes)

12/19 - Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-HLeeWhite-12-18-13-bv.jpg (152421 bytes)
H Lee White loading coal after unloading iron ore at Torco
2-HLWhite-12-18-13-bv.jpg (109864 bytes)
Another View
3-White,Callaway-12-18-13-bv.jpg (124331 bytes)
Stern view of the H Lee White and the Cason J. Callaway
4-CasonJCallaway-12-18-13-bv.jpg (130491 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway waiting on the H Lee White to finish loading.
5-AlgomaOlympic-12-18-13-bv.jpg (116714 bytes)
 Algoma Olympic unloading ore from Port Cartier, Quebec
6-Greatlakestug-12-18-13-bv.jpg (89336 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing Tug breaking up the ice in the shipping channel.

Alpena at South Chicago Tuesday
- Lou Gerard
Alpena-12-17-13-lg-CSC-0450.jpg (70671 bytes)
Alpena in Calumet Harbor entering Calumet River.
Alpena-12-17-13-lg-DSC-0448.jpg (139802 bytes)
Alpena Clear of "J" bridge.
Alpena-12-17-13-lg-DSC-0039.jpg (133422 bytes)
Alpena approaching 106th St. with Manitowoc taking on coal at KCBX.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-equinox-18-12-213-rb.jpg (63589 bytes)
Algoma Equinox on her first trip down the Seaway passing Mariatown.
2-robbie-17-12-2013-rb.jpg (75722 bytes)
Robinson Bay with barge BPL6704 replacing lighted buoys with winter markers, passing Mariatown.
3-elevit-16-12-2013-rb.jpg (70049 bytes)
Elevit coming around Canada Island on her way to Hamilton.

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