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January 6, 2013

Hollyhock damaged on Sunday - U.S. Coast Guard
hollyhock1-5-14.jpg (30804 bytes) hollyhockc1-5-14.jpg (22324 bytes)
Damage on the stern where she was struck by the Mesabi Miner while escorting the 1000-footer through the ice.
hollyhockdamage1-5-14b.jpg (108257 bytes)
Damage to the stern and fantail during a collision with the Mesabi Mine
minerdamage2-1-5-14.jpg (76953 bytes)
Mesabi Miner suffered a puncture in its bow about 4 feet above the waterline during a collision with the Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock
Minerdamage1-5-14.jpg (86335 bytes)
Damage from inside the Miner

St. Clair River Ice -
Chuck Miller
DSC04639.jpg (102436 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson became beset above the Southeast bend Sunday morning. With the Neah Bay in support.
DSC04623.jpg (132614 bytes)
Neah Bay and Morro Bay on the scene Saturday assisting the beset Everlast. Morro Bay in these views.
DSC04621.jpg (101454 bytes)    

Mackinaw at the Soo on Sunday -
Jeff Brown
mackinaw-1-1-5-14-jb-(1).jpg (52486 bytes) mackinaw-1-1-5-14-jb-(3).jpg (78346 bytes) mackinaw-1-1-5-14-jb-(5).jpg (89921 bytes) mackinaw-1-1-5-14-jb-(4).jpg (109367 bytes)  

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon upbound on the Detroit River on Sunday
- Ken Borg
griffon1-5-14-kb.jpg (92609 bytes)        

Straits of Mackinac Sunday -
Robert Bemben
Bridge-at-daybreak-Sunday.jpg (72265 bytes)
Mackinac Bridge at day break
Hon.-James-Oberstar-just-W.-of-the-bridge.jpg (40047 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar just west of the bridge.
Hon.-James-Oberstar-with-St.-Ignace-in-back.jpg (68103 bytes)
Hollyhock-St.-Helena-Island-Arthur-M-Anderson.jpg (84529 bytes)
Hollyhock, St. Helena Island and Arthur M. Anderson
Arthur-M.-Anderson-2.jpg (23672 bytes)
Arthur-M-Anderson.jpg (33528 bytes)
Anderson close up
Stewart-J-Cort-underway-in-track-W-of-bridge.jpg (142571 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort
Mesabi-Miner-beset-in-ice-near-Grays-Reef.jpg (43987 bytes)
Mesabi Miner

Soo traffic -
David Kaye
1-amariner-1-5-14-dk.jpg (148236 bytes)
American Mariner
2-amariner-1-5-14-dk.jpg (164591 bytes) 3-amariner-1-5-14-dk.jpg (97625 bytes) 4-missouri-1-5-14-dk.jpg (129366 bytes)
Tug Missouri
5-missouri-1-5-14-dk.jpg (126486 bytes)

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw-1-4-14-bv.jpg (119015 bytes) 2-Saginaw-1-4-14-bv.jpg (129401 bytes) 3-Saginaw-1-4-14-bv.jpg (111857 bytes) 4-AmericanCentury-1-4-14-bv.jpg (86217 bytes) 5-AmericanCentury-1-4-14-bv.jpg (100873 bytes)
1-AmericanCourage-1-3-14-bv.jpg (113464 bytes) 2-AmericanCourage-1-3-14-bv.jpg (100011 bytes) 3-AmericanCourage-1-3-14-bv.jpg (118790 bytes) 4-AmericanCourage-1-3-14-bv.jpg (123365 bytes) 5-AlgomaEnterprise-1-3-14-bv.jpg (108516 bytes)
6-AlgomaEnterprise-1-3-14-bv.jpg (87535 bytes)        

Stephen B. Roman off Rochester Saturday afternoon
  - Paul Goverts
SBRoman1-4-14.jpg (128151 bytes)        

Algoeast entered the Calumet River January 3 bound for Kinder Morgan - Keith Yearman   
1-Algoeast-1-3-14-ky.jpg (99869 bytes)
Algoeast - The Spartan docked to the left, G-Tug Massachusetts in the lead. 
2-Algoeast-1-3-14-ky.jpg (73783 bytes)
Algoeast - The tug Steven Selvick in the foreground, Massachusetts leading Algoeast, and G-tug Arizona on the far left.
3_Algoeast-1-3-14-ky.jpg (175755 bytes)
The Algoeast coming through the lift bridge, viewed from Ewing Avenue.
4-Algoeast-1-3-14-ky.jpg (130401 bytes)
Algoeast from along the river. 
1-Spartan-1-3-14-ky.jpg (113725 bytes)
The Spartan docked minutes before at the mouth of the river.

The tug and barge Defiance and Ashtabula outbound the Trenton Channel on January 2 - Mike Nicholls
ASHTABULAb19010214mn.jpg (112797 bytes) DEFIANCEb25010214mn.jpg (98509 bytes) DEFIANCEs29010214mn.jpg (111506 bytes) ASHTABULAs34010214mn.jpg (103440 bytes)  

Last saltie in the Seaway on January 1 - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_1375.jpg (128989 bytes)
Martha L. Black at rest after having made a track in the ice to allow Orsula to navigate the canal safely as far as possible towards the St. Lambert lock.
IMG_1377.jpg (156096 bytes)
Orsula passing Martha L. Black.
IMG_1381.jpg (155530 bytes)
Orsula stopped in the ice awaiting for repairs to be made to a frozen Seaway lock gate before locking through. She finally made it to the Port of Montreal by mid-afternoon.

St. Marys River -
Graham Grattan
1-mobay-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (86943 bytes) 2-mobay-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (78018 bytes) 3-mobay-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (65484 bytes) 4-mobay-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (73830 bytes) 5-mobay-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (54161 bytes)
6-mobay-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (89307 bytes) 7-cjcal-1-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (57895 bytes) 8-hcjack-1-1-14-gg.jpg.jpg (120762 bytes) 2-jlblk-12-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (102595 bytes) 3-jlblk-12-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (111916 bytes)
4-kbth-12-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (103218 bytes) 5-frtac-12-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (85093 bytes) 6-olmre-12-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (81520 bytes) 7-olmre-12-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (42425 bytes) 9-hlwte-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (111316 bytes)
10-mich-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (86201 bytes) 11-sjcort-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (82217 bytes) 12-prtreg-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (71807 bytes) 13-amand-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (69834 bytes) 14-jlober-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (63833 bytes)
15-jlober-1-3-14-gg.jpg.jpg (70742 bytes) 1-ehgott-12-30-13-gg.jpg.jpg (85132 bytes)      

Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Algomarine-1-1-14-BRW.jpg (115888 bytes)
The Algomarine ran into some trouble trying to back into the Lackawanna Canal this morning. The ship was struggling with ice in the Outer Harbor before heading into the Gateway Metroport salt pier. They were using a tactic of backing up, and then moving ahead to try and break up the thick plate ice and flush out the canal.
2-Algomarine-1-1-14-BRW.jpg (107448 bytes)
After using a tactic of moving ahead and then backing up again, the stern is heading into the entrance of the Lackawanna Canal as the prop wash flushes out chunks of previously broken ice.
3-Algomarine-1-1-14-BRW.jpg (103626 bytes)
The bow section is surrounded by broken plate ice from the ship's back-&-forth movements in the harbor. She was just off Lackawanna for hours on New Years Day trying to get in to port.  
4-Algomarine-1-1-14-BRW.jpg (145969 bytes)
Making some stern way up the canal, Algomarine is about 1/4 of the distance back to the salt unloading apron of the Gateway Metroport Main Dock. The old Bethlehem Steel Coke Ovens loom in the background.

USCG Mobile Bay on the St. Mary River -
Norris Seward
USCG-Mobile-Bay.jpg (48913 bytes)        

Mackinaw escorting on the St. Marys River -
Paul Landini
Ice-on-river-024.jpg (122969 bytes)        

Orsula passing Mariatown the day after getting off the shoal at Tibbetts Point -
Ron Beaupre
1-orsula-30-12-2013-rfb.jpg (113429 bytes)        

Hamilton and Port Weller
December 28 - John McCreery
1-Algorail-12-28-13-jm.jpg (123811 bytes)
 Algorail below lock 1
2-Algorail-12-28-13-jm.jpg (110119 bytes)
Out bound Port Weller with coal for Hamilton
3-Algosteel-12-28-13-jm.jpg (86563 bytes)
Algosteel down bound Port Weller
4-Algosteel-12-28-13-jm.jpg (118965 bytes)
Destination Toronto
5-Algoway-12-30-13-jm.jpg (89719 bytes)
Algoway in bound Hamilton
6-Algoway-12-30-13-jm.jpg (104562 bytes)
Another view
7-Algoway-12-30-13-jm.jpg (121879 bytes)
 Entering the Burlington piers
8-Algoway-12-30-13-jm.jpg (92166 bytes)
Bow close up
9-Algoway-12-30-13-jm.jpg (122360 bytes)
 Under the bridges
10-Algoway-12-30-13-jm.jpg (104536 bytes)

South Chicago  - Keith Yearman
IMG_6585.jpg (62383 bytes)
Great Republic Late-night arrival, passing 95th Street for the Skyway Bridge.
Capt.-Henry-Jackman-6878.jpg (162554 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman at South Chicago
Capt.-Henry-Jackman-.jpg (124211 bytes)
Leaving National Salt, from Ewing Avenue Bridge.

Ship Drawings - Gary Trudeau  
CALUMET-MAUMEE-JPG.jpg (47320 bytes)
Maumee with (at the time) her sister ship Calumet drawn in 2011.
JAMES_NORRIS.jpg (56276 bytes)
James Norris on her final voyage downbound St Clair River and the

Historical Perspectives - Yacht Black River/Temeraire III -
George Lee
Temeraire-III.jpg (59731 bytes)
Temeraire III in 1985 at Saulte Ste. Marie, Ontario
Temeraire-III-Kahlenberg.jpg (119115 bytes)
Temeraire III original  5 cylinder Kahlenberg engine on display aboard museum ship Norgoma at the Soo.
Kahlenberg-poster.jpg (109125 bytes)
Kahlenberg display board

Torco 2014 Calendar - Bob Vincent
1-January-2014-bv1.jpg (107794 bytes) 2-February-2014-bv.jpg (55472 bytes) 3-March-2014-bv1.jpg (157502 bytes) 4-April-2014-bv.jpg (77947 bytes) 5-May-2014-bv1.jpg (110013 bytes)
6-June-2014-bv.jpg (107277 bytes) 7-July-2014-bv1.jpg (135978 bytes) 8-August-2014-bv.jpg (148889 bytes) 9-September-2014-bv.jpg (180677 bytes) 10-October-2014-bv.jpg (125756 bytes)
11-November-2014-bv.jpg (112195 bytes) 1-Cover-2014-bv.jpg (174925 bytes)      

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