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January 9, 2014

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-leonardm-1-6-14-dk.jpg (63321 bytes)
Leonard M and barge Huron Spirit downbound at the West Pier
2-assinboine-1-8-14-dk.jpg (72467 bytes)
Assinboine at Mission Point.
3-assinboine-1-8-14-dk.jpg (99884 bytes)
bow ice
4-assinboine-1-8-14-dk.jpg (54751 bytes)
5-pclark-1-8-14-dk.jpg (58551 bytes)
Philip R Clark downbound at the International Bridge.
6-kayebarker-1-8-14-dk.jpg (40598 bytes)
Kaye E Barker downbound for the Poe Lock.

Manistee downbound Trenton Channel - Robert Burns
DSCN4065.jpg (135918 bytes)
Wednesday morning the Manistee wasl on its way down to the Trenton DTE power plant to unload a load of coal. The Great Lakes tug Superior assist in the passage by breaking a path through the channel. This is the first time in over a decade that this part of the channel has frozen across this early in the year.

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-AmericanIntegrity-1-8-14-bv.jpg (87122 bytes) 2-AmericanIntegrity-1-8-14-bv.jpg (82023 bytes) 3-AmIntegrity,HLWhite-1-8-14-bv.jpg (84943 bytes) 4-KBootheSr-1-8-14-bv.jpg (122404 bytes) 5-LakesContender,Boothe-1-8-14-bv.jpg (114795 bytes)
6-KBootheSr-1-8-14-bv.jpg (124737 bytes) 7-AmerCentury-1-8-14-bv.jpg (87235 bytes) 8-AmerCentury-1-8-14-bv.jpg (65062 bytes) 1-Buffalo-1-6-14-bv.jpg (68688 bytes) 2-Buffalo-1-6-14-bv.jpg (81192 bytes)
3-KenBoothe,LakesContender-1-6-14-bv.jpg (69617 bytes) 4-LakesContender-1-6-14-bv.jpg (104762 bytes) 5-KBoothe,LakesContender-1-6-14-bv.jpg (86087 bytes) 6-Century,Buffalo,Boothe-1-6-14-bv.jpg (72558 bytes) 7-Valor,Fortitude-1-6-14-bv.jpg (120377 bytes)

Twin Ports -
Peter Lapinski
b1.jpg (100503 bytes)
 St Clair at Garfield D
b8.jpg (97087 bytes) b2.jpg (97178 bytes) b7.jpg (158941 bytes)
American Spirit at Holcim, Port Terminal.
b6.jpg (152173 bytes)
b10.jpg (182785 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine and Whitefish Bay at CN Duluth
b3.jpg (176456 bytes) b11.jpg (143786 bytes) b5.jpg (79202 bytes) b12.jpg (115827 bytes)
b14.jpg (146840 bytes) b15.jpg (140571 bytes) b16.jpg (179325 bytes) b17.jpg (79660 bytes) b18.jpg (106764 bytes)
Great Republic entering drydock at Fraser shipyard
b19.jpg (126580 bytes) b24.jpg (110215 bytes)
Roger Blough and Philip R Clarke CN Two Harbors
b21.jpg (170078 bytes) b23.jpg (175423 bytes) b25.jpg (161244 bytes)
b26.jpg (170721 bytes)        

Manistee unloading salt on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, North of the 3rd Street Bridge -
Stephen Smolenski
Manistee_1_123113_SS.jpg (157349 bytes) Manistee_2_123113_SS.jpg (159657 bytes)      

Roger Blough in Two Harbors -
Christian Dalbec photography
bloughfishermen.jpg (113768 bytes)        

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