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January 13, 2014

Sturgeon Bay - Mitch Custer
Cort-at-the-Bay-Bridge_.jpg (80535 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort as it approaching the Bay Bridge.
Cort-full-length-passing-the-Oregon-Bridge.jpg (72341 bytes) American-Mariner-coming-down-the-canal.jpg (91810 bytes)
American Mariner arriving for lay-up.
American-Mariner-coming-into-Oregon-Bridge.jpg (105626 bytes) American-Mariner-waiting-on-Mary-Page-Hannah.jpg (95234 bytes)

St Clair River South Channel, Russell Island Marker 33 - Brian Trinity
20140111_144758.jpg (54523 bytes) 20140111_144929.jpg (50001 bytes) 20140111_145656.jpg (36072 bytes) 20140111_150104.jpg (43383 bytes) 20140111_150256.jpg (50913 bytes)
20140111_150647.jpg (39710 bytes) 20140112_083850.jpg (54732 bytes) 20140112_084740.jpg (73389 bytes) 20140112_084937.jpg (69265 bytes)  

Barge Ashtabula tug Defiance and tug Wyoming downbound the Trenton Channel - Mike Nicholls
ASHTABULAb11011414mn.jpg (108088 bytes)
In route to DTE Trenton Power Plant.
WYOMINGb17011414mn.jpg (150120 bytes) WYOMINGs21011414mn.jpg (104455 bytes) DEFIANCEb23011414mn.jpg (80461 bytes) DEFIANCEs25011414mn.jpg (86433 bytes)
ASHTABULAs32011414mn.jpg (88396 bytes) CAPTKEITHb14011014mn.jpg (195446 bytes)
New Malcolm tug Capt. Keith at the Fort Street Bridge construction site in the Rouge River.

John D. Leitch laid up in the Welland Canal at Port Colborne - Nathan Attard
johndleitch1-12-13.jpg (65646 bytes)
Stone dock Ramey's Bend

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-ojibway-1-9-14-dk.jpg (67983 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at the West Pier.
2-ojibway-1-9-14-dk.jpg (56358 bytes) 3-bristolbay-1-9-14-dk.jpg (113416 bytes)
USCG Bristol Bay at the West Pier.
4-rblough-1-9-14-dk.jpg (66595 bytes)
 Roger Blough downbound.
5-rblough-1-9-14-dk.jpg (65916 bytes)
6-jamesbarker-1-9-14-dk.jpg (94482 bytes)
James R Barker downbound for the Poe Lock.
7-amesbarker-1-9-14-dk.jpg (57915 bytes) 8-jamesbarker-1-9-14-dk.jpg (93884 bytes)    

Baie Comeau departing Duluth with iron ore pellets loaded at CN Duluth on January 9 - Ed Labernik
1-BComeau-1-9-14-el.jpg (52668 bytes)
Baie Comeau departing Duluth in the ship canal.
3-BComeau-1-9-14-el.jpg (48948 bytes)
 Comeau passes the North Pier Light.
4-BComeau-1-9-14-el.jpg (46895 bytes)
Baie Comeau downbound in Lake Superior with iron ore.

CCGS Griffon is assisting Algoma Enterprise to enter Port Colborne piers for winter lay-up - Peter Bates
1-CanEnt-9-1-14-pb-.jpg (79968 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise assisted by CCGS Griffon entering Port Colborne Piers
2-CanEnt-9-1-14-pb.jpg (96417 bytes)
Griffon making progress

 Whitefish Bay and Baie Comeau in Duluth January 8 - Kent Rengo
1-tugs-01-08-14-KR.jpg (100333 bytes)
Great Lakes towing and Heritage Marine tugs busting up the ice in the dock slip and around the boats.
1-Whitefish-Bay-01-08-14-KR.jpg (116125 bytes)
G tug work ahead of the Whitefish Bay as it back out of the slip
2-Whitefish-Bay-01-08-14-KR.jpg (89099 bytes)
Baie Comeau in the background.
3-Whitefish-Bay-01-08-14-KR.jpg (89409 bytes)
The Whitefish Bay almost out into the St. Louis Bay. Soon the Baie Comeau will pull forward to take on a load of ore pellets.

Ice breaking at Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-01.jpg (68289 bytes)
Manitou heading out into the ice
ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-02.jpg (67387 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-03.jpg (60851 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-04.jpg (99271 bytes)
Manitou getting ready to push the Calumet out
ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-05.jpg (91497 bytes)
ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-10-(2).jpg (110534 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-06.jpg (113839 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-06-(2).jpg (135547 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-07.jpg (104357 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-08.jpg (98835 bytes)
Calumet heading out so Manitowoc can come in
ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-09.jpg (95254 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-11.jpg (76576 bytes) ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-12.jpg (110124 bytes)
Manitowoc coming into Lafarge
ManwCal-1-8-13-BCM-13.jpg (108753 bytes) MantCal-1-6-13-BCM-01.jpg (52852 bytes)
Tug Manitou breaking ice 
MantCal-1-7-13-BCM-02.jpg (104350 bytes)
Calumet coming into Lafarge
MantCal-1-7-13-BCM-03-(2).jpg (109754 bytes)
Manitou helping Calumet dock
MantCal-1-7-13-BCM-04.jpg (116513 bytes) MantCal-1-7-13-BCM-05.jpg (81496 bytes)
Manitou leaving Lafarge

January 12, 2010, Four years ago today: Convoys in the Fleming Channel, Belle Isle, Detroit -
Nathan Nietering

From the Boatnerd News archive: U.S. Coast Guard cutters worked to flush ice jamming the lower St. Clair River into Lake St. Clair so a flotilla of vessels that has been anchored above Port Huron can continue their downbound trips.  The type of ice blocking the channel is brash ice. Brash ice is smaller pieces of ice that have been broken up and piled on top of each other. This type of ice is difficult for icebreakers to manage, as once the breaker has passed through, the track tends to close very quickly. With each vessel passage the ice becomes broken into smaller pieces and can pile up all the way to the bottom of the channel.  A separate and smaller convoy of upbound vessels were timing their trips to enter the St. Clair River after the downbound convoy had cleared a wide track.

This photo group was taken from the upper end of Belle Isle, between the Coast Guard Station and Livingstone Light.
nnietering-01-transport-belleisle-20100112.jpg (75881 bytes)
The Canadian Transport overtakes small ice flows downbound passing the upbound tanker Algoeast.
nnietering-02-transport-belleisle-20100112.jpg (127967 bytes)
Boatnerd Michael Koprowicz filming the passage of the convoys on what turned out to by a not-too-frigid afternoon.
nnietering-03-transport-belleisle-20100112.jpg (105102 bytes)
One of her last years flying Upper Lakes Shipping flags and markings.
nnietering-04-transport-mckee-belleisle-20100112.jpg (108094 bytes)
Passing the upbound McKee Sons near the Belle Isle Light, last of three in the upbound convoy.
nnietering-05-algoeast-belleisle-20100112.jpg (85988 bytes)
Algoeast follows the Manitowoc (leading the upbound convoy), meanwhile downbound Presque Isle makes the turn at the range lights.
nnietering-06-mckeesons-belleisle-20100112.jpg (84642 bytes)
A few minutes later from left: Windmill Point lighthouse, Lee A. Tregurtha, Charles M. Beeghly, Presque Isle, McKee Sons, Manitowoc.
nnietering-07-presqueisle-belleisle-20100112.jpg (72665 bytes)
 Presque Isle heavily loaded for Conneaut pushes downbound with the Charles M. Beeghly and Lee A. Tegurtha following behind.
nnietering-08-piice-belleisle-20100112.jpg (89106 bytes)
Ice cakes the bow of the Presque Isle from being anchored in lower Lake Huron and traversing the St. Clair River.
nnietering-09-beeghlylineup-belleisle-20100112.jpg (73275 bytes)
The Charles M. Beeghly finishing her first season as a motor vessel, with fleetmate Lee A. Tregurtha, Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay, and Samuel de Champlain/Innovation behind.
nnietering-10-beeghly-belleisle-20100112.jpg (84883 bytes)
The Beeghly's destination is Severstal Steel in the Rouge, followed by layup at Nicholson's Terminal in Ecorse.
nnietering-11-lat-belleisle-20100112.jpg (71310 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha approaches while Neah Bay makes the turn.
nnietering-12-lat-belleisle-20100112.jpg (91283 bytes)
The Tregurtha is heading directly for Nicholson's for winter layup.
nnietering-13-sdchamplain-belleisle-20100112.jpg (72557 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain is the last to pass downbound as the light fades. She is loaded for Cleveland and will lay up there upon arrival.

University of Michigan Student Interlake Trips - Mark Kolanowski
In the predawn hours of August 24, 2013, a group of University of Michigan Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering students boarded the Kaye E Barker at the JW Wescott.  The vessel was downbound headed to Severstal Mill with a load of taconite.  The students were given a keel to wheelhouse tour of the vessel during the transit of the Detroit River and Rouge River before viewing the beginning of the unloading process at Severstal. 
1-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (118724 bytes)
View from the deck aft of the wheelhouse as the Barker passes through a drawbridge on the Rouge.
2-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (89401 bytes)
The wheelhouse of the Barker during the Rouge River transit.
3-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (133294 bytes)
Barker's unloading boom is extended as the vessel is secured to the dock.
4-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (117913 bytes)
Looking back at the fore end of the Barker from the end of the boom.
5-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (86122 bytes)
Panoramic view of KEB and Severstal from the end of the boom.
6-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (102506 bytes)
Deck of KEB while unloading at Severstal.
7-KEB-8-24-13-mk.jpg (112625 bytes) 8-FK-8-24-13-mk.jpg (61572 bytes)
Federal Kumano downbound in the Detroit River taking on a pilot beneath the Ambassador Bridge.

On the afternoon of 14 October 14, 2013 the students boarded the Herbert C Jackson at the JW Wescott.  The vessel was downbound headed to Severstal Mill with a load of taconite. 
1-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (93612 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson downbound in the Detroit River bound for Severstal.
2-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (101964 bytes) 3-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (89692 bytes) 4-JWW-10-14-13-mk.jpg (191577 bytes)
JW Wescott II Dropping off the second load of students.
5-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (145048 bytes)
Engineer's control station during the turn into the Rouge River.
6-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (89595 bytes)
Machinery space of HCJ looking aft over the steam turbine.
7-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (133435 bytes)
Prop shaft of the HCJ in the Rouge River.
9-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (371814 bytes)
Panoramic image of HCJ wheelhouse.
8-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (122467 bytes)
Wheelhouse of HCJ during Rouge River transit.
10-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (127781 bytes)
Passing through the last drawbridge before reaching Severstal.
11-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (128635 bytes)
Overlooking the deck from the aft end of the wheelhouse approaching Severstal.
12-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (184907 bytes)
Panoramic overview of HCJ deck.
13-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (163087 bytes)
Looking forward docked at Severstal.
14-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (142116 bytes)
HCJ docked at Severstal from the end of the boom.
15-HCJ-10-14-13-mk.jpg (336162 bytes)
Panramic overview of HCJ at Severstal from the end of the boom.

Fish tug
Lee Marie - Richard Collard
leemarie-12-5-3-(1).jpg (134277 bytes)
Formerly the M&A
leemarie-12-5-3-(3).jpg (84181 bytes) leemarie-12-5-3-(2).jpg (61623 bytes)    

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