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January 17, 2014

Algosteel at South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard
Algosteel-1-16-14-lg-DSC-0463.jpg (146022 bytes)
G tugs get ready to escort Algosteel away from the North American Salt dock at 92nd St.
Algosteel-1-16-14-lg-DSC-0470.jpg (158156 bytes)
Massachusetts pulls hard as Algosteel leaves the dock.
Algosteel-1-16-14-lg-DSC-0498.jpg (181679 bytes)
Algosteel is clear of 92nd St. with the Colorado working the bow.

Twin Ports -
Ed Labernik
1-CJCallaway-1-15-14-el.jpg (326701 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway on Lake Superior, just outside the North Pier Light of the Duluth Ship Canal.
2-CJCallaway-1-15-14-el.jpg (323778 bytes)
The Callaway passes the North Pier Light.
3-CJCallaway-1-15-14-el.jpg (175599 bytes)
The Callaway in the Duluth Ship Canal.
4-CJCallaway-1-15-14-el.jpg (204040 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway in Superior Bay of the Duluth Harbor
5-CJCallaway-1-15-14-el.jpg (226047 bytes)
The Cason J. Callaway in Superior Bay of the Duluth Harbor, headed for winter layup at Berth 4 of the Port Terminal.
6-Alder-1-15-14-el.jpg (238053 bytes)
USCG Cutter Alder backs out of Howard’s Pocket and the Fraser Shipyards in Superior, near the General Mills grain Terminal.
7-Alder-1-15-14-el.jpg (231375 bytes)
The Alder breaks ice in St. Louis Bay near the Blatnik Interstate High Bridge in front of Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
8-Alder-1-15-14-el.jpg (236949 bytes)
Alder breaks ice off the Port Terminal in Superior Bay.

Last boats for the 2013 season at the locks - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by Michelle Hill
Jameslkuber1-15-14-usace.jpg (86727 bytes)
Line handlers walk alongside the tug  Victory and James L. Kuber as it enters the Poe Lock Wednesday afternoon.  The Kuber, carrying 25,913 net tons of iron ore was the last commercial vessel of the 2013 navigation season at the Soo Locks.
jameslkuber1-15-14b-usace.jpg (70445 bytes)
Victory and James L. Kuber makes its way out of the Poe Lock after crossing Lake Superior with a load of iron ore bound for Detroit. The Victory/James L. Kuber was the final commercial vessel for the 2013 navigation season at the Soo Locks.
bristolbay-15-14-usace.jpg (138468 bytes)
The U.S. Coast Guard's 140 foot-long bay class cutter Bristol Bay was the final vessel through the locks for the 2013 navigation season. The Bristol Bay is bound for its home port of Detroit after several weeks battling ice in the St. Marys River.

Detroit River - Ted Hanifan
frontenac1-14-14-(1).jpg (93534 bytes)
Frontenac downbound Wednesday at Belle Isle with a load of ore for Nanticoke.
frontenac1-14-14-(2).jpg (96233 bytes) frontenac1-14-14-(3).jpg (94215 bytes) frontenac1-14-14-(4).jpg (111053 bytes)  
CSL-Laurentien-1-15-13-th-(1).jpg (71659 bytes)
CSL Laurentien  down at Belle Isle with ore for Nanticoke Tursday.
CSL-Laurentien-1-15-13-th-(2).jpg (79630 bytes) CSL-Laurentien-1-15-13-th-(3).jpg (76110 bytes) CSL-Laurentien-1-15-13-th-(4).jpg (88562 bytes)  

Winter Lay Up - Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-LewisJKuber-1-13-14-bv.jpg (89321 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber sitting along east wall PI Slip #1
2-OliveLMoore-1-13-14-bv.jpg (96852 bytes)
Tug Olive L Moore
3-LJKuber,Moore-1-13-14-bv.jpg (97373 bytes)    

Joyce L. VanEnkevort breaks ice in the lower St. Clair River - Charles Miller
Joyce-L.-Van-Enkevort-icebreaking-1-14-14-cm-(2).jpg (73076 bytes)
Leaving her barge Great Lakes Trader
Joyce-L.-Van-Enkevort-icebreaking-1-14-14-cm-(3).jpg (131287 bytes) Joyce-L.-Van-Enkevort-icebreaking-1-14-14-cm-(1).jpg (92769 bytes)    

McKeil Tugs - Dave Benedet
Molly-M..jpg (147388 bytes) Nicole-M..jpg (96099 bytes) Sharon-M.I.jpg (146418 bytes) Florence-M..jpg (68520 bytes) Leonard-M..jpg (99290 bytes)

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