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January 20, 2014

James R. Barker arrives in Sturgeon Bay for lay-up - Mitch Custer
Barker-Approching-The-Coast-Guard-Harbor.jpg (47466 bytes) Barker-Entering-the-canal.jpg (106196 bytes) Barker-Exiting-the-canal.jpg (65080 bytes) Barker-Aproching-The-Bay-View-Bridge-2.jpg (82145 bytes) Barker-Passing-The-Oregon-St.-Bridge.jpg (90145 bytes)
Barker-coming-into-the-Michigan-St.-Bridge.jpg (102163 bytes) Barker-passing-the-Michigan-St.-Bridge.jpg (89911 bytes)      

Port Colborne Sunday -
Brian W.
1-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (91764 bytes)
New lake freighter 740-foot Baie Comeau & her sister ship Whitefish Bay moored at the Lock 8 Upper Tie Up Wall.
2-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (98756 bytes)
Telephoto shot of the stern superstructures.
3-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (103370 bytes)
 Both ships are being secured for their winter nap.
4-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (86051 bytes)
New Led style lights stand out over the older, incandescent style bulbs through the blinding snow.
5-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (100767 bytes)
 Whitefish Bay was still in the process of tying up on the morning of the 19th, having arrived hours earlier.
6-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (95710 bytes)
Whitefish Bay's jib crane was swung out to Port.
7-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (99601 bytes)
Cort Nozzle around Whitefish Bay's prop.
8-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (138524 bytes)
A long winter awaits the John D Leitch while she rests at the Stone Dock. 
9-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (131114 bytes)
 John B Aird's massive ice breaking bow & anchor serve her well.
10-Welland-Canal-1-19-14-BRW.jpg (74471 bytes)
The Aird rests as snow storms howl around the Great Lakes. 

Philip R. Clarke downbound on the Detroit River - Ted Hanifan
IMG_0849.jpg (110201 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke passing the tug Stormont that is beset in the ice above Windmill Point.
IMG_0861.jpg (104295 bytes)
Clarke down at Belle Isle on a cold snowy winter Saturday at 11 a.m. going to Mistersky for fuel.
IMG_0862.jpg (116561 bytes)
Bow of Clarke passing Dossin museum. 

Leonard M in the Detroit River on Saturday - John van der Doe
Leonard-M-(1)1.jpg (101939 bytes)
Upbound in the Amherstburg Channel heading to help the Stormont on Lake St. Clair.
Leonard-M-(1).jpg (127657 bytes) Leonard-M-(2).jpg (106936 bytes)    

USCG cutter Mackinaw at the State Dock in Mackinaw City Friday - Robert Bemben
mackinaws1-17-14-(5).jpg (76134 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(1).jpg (86892 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(6).jpg (61180 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(2).jpg (84693 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(4).jpg (74516 bytes)
mackinaws1-17-14-(9).jpg (106733 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(8).jpg (77454 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(7).jpg (104781 bytes) mackinaws1-17-14-(3).jpg (93146 bytes)
Track in the ice from the Mackinac Bridge

Barge Ashtabula unloading coal Friday at the Carbide dock at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. - Bonnie Barnes
1-Ashtabula-1-17-13-blb.jpg (138536 bytes)
 Ashtabula and Defiance at the Carbide Dock
2-Ashtabula-1-17-13-blb.jpg (70418 bytes)
Ashtabula unloading coal
3-Ashtabula-1-17-13-blb.jpg (74702 bytes) 4-Defiance-1-17-13-blb.jpg (74375 bytes)
close up Defiance

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Manistee-1-16-14-bv.jpg (114255 bytes)
Manistee in front of the American Fortitude. (Torco, Slip #2 east wall)
2-Manistee-1-16-14-bv.jpg (133985 bytes)
Another view
3-Manistee-1-16-14-bv.jpg (167332 bytes)
American Valor is sitting across the slip from the Manistee

Algoma Equinox in Toronto
EquinoxTO-0107.jpg (109369 bytes) EquinoxTO-0042.jpg (97450 bytes)      

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