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January 21 - 22, 2014

1 /22 - Paul R. Tregurtha arrives in Sturgeon Bay for winter lay-up - Mitch Custer
Paul-R-Tregurha.jpg (81730 bytes) Thedu-approching-Bay-Bridge.jpg (66465 bytes) Paul-R-Tregurha-at-Bay-Bridge.jpg (79077 bytes) Jimmy-L.jpg (147058 bytes)
Jimmy L was working to clear ice around the Tregurtha and between the bridges downtown in Sturgeon Bay.

M. R. Kane in Toronto harbor - Marc Dupont
20140121_084403.jpg (225003 bytes) 20140121_084424.jpg (132319 bytes)      

Closing the Harbors in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1amar1314unldLH_rb.jpg (70526 bytes)
American Mariner at the Lower Harbor on January 3, unloading coal
2mich11614dk_rb.jpg (105176 bytes)
Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in January 16, loading ore

1 /21 - Edgar B. Speer arriving at Bay Ship Saturday -  Steve Bauer
1-Speer-1-18-14-sb.jpg (124129 bytes)
After an overnight trip up Lake Michigan, the Edgar B. Speer slowly works its way through the ice in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal at sunrise on Saturday.
2-Speer-1-18-14-sb.jpg (76290 bytes)
Clearing the canal, the Speer makes the turn and heads toward the Bayview Bridge.
3-Speer-1-18-14-sb.jpg (84247 bytes)
After clearing the Bayview Bridge, stopped while the Selvick tug Jimmy L works on clearing a path to Bay Ship.
4-Speer-1-18-14-sb.jpg (77137 bytes)
Stopped short of the Oregon Street Bridge while the Mary Page Hannah works around the stern breaking ice.
5-Speer-1-18-14-sb.jpg (102466 bytes)
Selvick Tug Jimmy L making passes around the bow of the Edgar Speer near Oregon Street.
6-Speer-1-18-14-sb.jpg (113997 bytes)
Finally able to proceed, the Edgar B. Speer negotiates the Oregon Street bridge with the Mary Page Hannah ready to assist.

Edgar B. Speer in Sturgeon Bay
- Monica Sawyn
1-ESpeer-1-18-14-ms.jpg (88127 bytes)
A Selvick fleet tug at the stern end amid ice and fog.
2-ESpeer-1-18-14-ms.jpg (104754 bytes)
Selvick fleet tug at bow after clearing ice.
3-ESpeer-1-18-14-ms.jpg (77668 bytes)
Speer going through both downtown Sturgeon Bay bridges at the same time.
4-ESpeer-1-18-14-ms.jpg (105421 bytes)
Speer and tugs arrive at Bay Shipbuilding where other ore boats already are docked.

Sarnia Monday - George Lee
cresswell-1-20-14-gl-1927.jpg (161587 bytes)
Stormont takes a strain on towline shifting Peter R. Cresswell from Cargill elevator to raft alongside Algoma Olympic
cresswell-1-20-14-gl-1932.jpg (90075 bytes)
Winch lines pulling Cresswell over
cresswell-1-20-14-gl-1933.jpg (79968 bytes) cresswell-1-20-14-gl1934.jpg (84768 bytes) cresswell-1-20-14-gl-1936.jpg (119675 bytes)
cresswell-1-20-14-gl1938.jpg (112323 bytes)
Flushing ice away from Cresswell stern
cresswell-1-20-14-gl-1939.jpg (120992 bytes)      

Corner Brook Newfoundland - Ray Vautier
IMG_0399.jpg (93437 bytes) IMG_0430.jpg (99008 bytes)      

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