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January 27 - 29, 2014

January 29 - Mackinaw assists the Algomarine into Owen Sound, Ont. - David Martin
Algomarine-1-28-143084.jpg (78383 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw breaking ice off the dock.
Algomarine-1-28-14_3110.jpg (121467 bytes) Algomarine-1-28-14_3115.jpg (59031 bytes)
Arriving for winter lay-up.
Algomarine-1-28-14_3119.jpg (77498 bytes)
Backing in.
Algomarine-1-28-14_3120.jpg (88577 bytes)
Algomarine-1-28-14_3126.jpg (99663 bytes) Algomarine-1-28-14_3127.jpg (51175 bytes) Algomarine-1-28-14_3128.jpg (76889 bytes) Algomarine-1-28-143066.jpg (19672 bytes)  

Arthur M. Anderson arrives in Sturgeon Bay for lay-up
1-anderson-1-28-14-hh.jpg (44294 bytes)
 Heather Heffernan
2-anderson-1-28-14-hh.jpg (73052 bytes) 3-anderson-1-28-14-hh.jpg (55668 bytes) 4-anderson-1-28-14-hh.jpg (65426 bytes)  
Arthur-Anderson-Approching-Oregon-Bridge.jpg (66059 bytes)
Mitch Custer
Arthur-Anderson-Approching-the-Bay-Veiw-Bridge.jpg (64101 bytes) Arthur-Anderson-Passing-the-Bay-Veiw-Bridge.jpg (78130 bytes) Arthur-Anderson-At-Ship-Yard.jpg (104585 bytes) Jimmy-L-between-Bridges.jpg (129534 bytes)

Purvis Marine barge Ironmaster stuck in the ice on the St. Marys River Bonnie Barnes
2.freeing-barge-SSM-1.27.14.blb.jpg (73194 bytes)
Tugs Wilfred M. Cohen and Anglian Lady work to return the barge to Soo, Ont.
1.tugs-WilfredM.Cohen-and-Anglian-Lady.1.27.2014.blb.jpg (59741 bytes) 1.AnglianLady.WilfordMCohen.1.2.14.blb.jpg (96877 bytes) 2.Anglian-Lady-1.27.14.blb.jpg (113953 bytes) 3.WilfordMCohen.1.27.14.blb.jpg (112537 bytes)
1.SugarIslanderII.1.27.14.blb.jpg (92080 bytes)
 Sugar Island Ferry (Sugar Islander II) clearing the ice by the Sugar Island dock.
1.PMLIronmaster.1.28.2014.blb.jpg (81403 bytes)
Tugs left the barge in the ice and will return later in the week when Coast Guard assistance is available.

January 27 - Calumet River Saturday
- Steve Bauer
1-Algowd-1-25-14-sb.jpg (185836 bytes)
Algowood eases through the ice on the Calumet River as it passes under CN bridge 710 with a load of salt for the dwindling pile at the North American Salt dock at 92nd Street.
2-Algowd-1-25-14-sb.jpg (194522 bytes)
A crew member keeps an eye on the move as the G Tug Massachusetts works the stern of the Algowood as it tries to maneuver to the dock.
3-Algowd-1-25-14-sb.jpg (153438 bytes)
A little more work is needed before she can tie off at the dock. 
4-Cal-1-25-14-sb.jpg (276687 bytes)
About mid afternoon, the Calumet is ready to depart KCBX for Manistee.  The Massachusetts is out ahead as it works to keep the ice loose at 100th Street.
5-Cal-1-25-14-sb.jpg (182112 bytes)
A slow start as she approaches the 100th Street bridge.
6-Cal-1-25-14-sb.jpg (238211 bytes)
The NS train on the right is the first of six trains the Calumet will have to wait for before getting through NS 5. 
7-Mass-1-25-14-sb.jpg (224183 bytes)
The G Tug Massachusetts doing donuts between NS 5 and 95th Street. keeping the ice free.
8-Cal-1-25-14-sb.jpg (200088 bytes)
Finally through NS 5, the Calumet approaches 95th Street.
9-Cal-1-25-14-sb.jpg (185575 bytes)
Don't hit the tree!  Crew member keeps an eye on the ice and the clearances at the bridge.
10-Cal-1-25-14-sb.jpg (192952 bytes)
Passing the Algowood approaching 92nd Street.

Icy bow of the Manitowoc
- Sue Kinsley
Manitowoc1-17-14-lksup.jpg (113449 bytes)        

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Calumet-1-24-14-DSC-0765.jpg (129106 bytes)
Calumet stuck in the ice Friday below 106th St. while G tug Massachusetts breaks up the ice.
Calumet-1-24-14-DSC-0794.jpg (114914 bytes)
Massachusetts working the stern to get the Calumet around the tight bend at 106th St.
Calumet-1-24-14-DSC-0800.jpg (147774 bytes)
Massachusetts breaking up ice around bow of Calumet at 106th St. She was enroute from KCBX south to KCBX north to finish loading coal for Manistee MI.
Manitowoc-1-22-14-lg-DSC-570.jpg (119353 bytes)
Manitowoc on Wednesday at 106th St. enroute from KCBX south to KCBX north to finish loading coal for Manistee Mich.
Manitowoc-1-22-14-lg-CSC-0622.jpg (94797 bytes)
ug Carla Selvick breaking up ice for Manitowoc to get into south slip at KCBX.
Manitowoc-1-22-14-lg-CSC-0631.jpg (99175 bytes)
Manitowoc coming into south slip with Carla Selvick clearing the way.

Philip R. Clarke on the Detroit River - Ted Hanifan
PhilipRClarke21th901.jpg (158594 bytes)
The Clarke passing Belle Isle CG after being escorted down from Sarnia by the CCGS Samuel Risley. She was bound for Ashtabula OH.
PhilipRClarke21th9251.jpg (206450 bytes)
Passing Dossin museum making a track as the river is frozen and not moving.
PhilipRClarke21th937.jpg (250072 bytes)
Down at Detroit with the Ren Cen displaying the Auto Show logo.
PhilipRClarke21th950.jpg (215035 bytes)
At this point the Clarke notifies Sarnia Traffic that they will be tying up at Mistersky fuel dock for the night to proceed  down in the morning.

Carbide Dock Coal Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. - Bonnie Barnes
1.ATB-James-L-Kuber-and-Victory-SSM-Carbide.jpg (69675 bytes)
James L Kuber and Victory were unloading coal at the Carbide Dock January 22.
2.CU-James-L-Kuber.1.22.2014.blb.jpg (81326 bytes) 3.CU-tug-Victory.1.22.2014.blb.jpg (87958 bytes) 2.Arthur-M.-Anderson.1.24.2014.blb.jpg (85926 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading on the 24th. Near white out conditions with blowing snow.
1.Arthur-M-Anderson-unloading-coal.1.24.2014.blb.jpg (86221 bytes)

More Carbide Dock Coal  at the Soo - David Kaye
1-arthur-m-anderso-1-24-14-dk.jpg (70031 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading Coal at the Carbide Dock.
2-arthur-m-anderson-1-24-14-dk.jpg (78218 bytes) 3-arthur-m-anderson-1-24-14-dk.jpg (118724 bytes) 4-arthur-m-anderson-1-24-14-dk.jpg (70807 bytes) 1-mackinaw-1-22-14-dk.jpg (85239 bytes)
Mackinaw assisting the tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber leave the Carbide Dock after unloading coal.
2-mackinaw-1-22-14-dk.jpg (61301 bytes) 3mackinaw-1-22-14-dk.jpg (85992 bytes) 4-victory-1-22-14-dk.jpg (84856 bytes) 5-jameskuber-1--22-14-dk.jpg (93523 bytes) 6-Victory-1-22-14-dk.jpg (79132 bytes)

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