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February 3, 2014

Goderich - Philip Nash
1-Algosteel-30-01-14-pn.jpg (84595 bytes)
Algosteel being assisted by USCG Mackinaw off Goderich.
2-Algosteel-30-01-14-pn.jpg (86851 bytes)
Stern of the Algosteel with the Algowood in the distance beset in ice.
3-Algosteel-30-01-14-pn.jpg (81388 bytes)
Algosteel heading out on Lake Huron to find a spot to anchor for the night, Mackinaw was required to help the Steel turn in heavy ice.
4-Mackinaw-30-01-14-pn.jpg (110136 bytes)
 Mackinaw working on the ice plug at the entrance to the harbour.
5-Mackinaw-30-01-14-pn.jpg (124164 bytes)
Mackinaw approaching the harbour entrance, the white structure in the foreground ISO Red Light marking the southern entrance.
6-Mackinaw-30-01-14-pn.jpg (65984 bytes)
Mackinaw appears to be heading straight for the harbour wall as night approaches.
7-Goderich-30-01-14-pn.jpg (121217 bytes)
Salt loader and operator waiting for the Steel's arrival.
8-Mackinaw-30-01-14-pn.jpg (54546 bytes)
Brave soles venture out on the pier with gusty southerly winds whipping up the snow.
9-Pride-30-01-14-pn.jpg (130959 bytes)
Tug Pride working to clear ice inside the breakwall entrance.
10-Pride-30-01-14-pn.jpg (145624 bytes)
Done for the day the Pride heading to her dock in Goderich.
1-Algosteel-31-01-14-pn.jpg (179913 bytes)
Algosteel and Tug Pride approaching the Salt dock in Goderich.
2-Pride-31-01-14-pn.jpg (276530 bytes)
Pride pushing the Algosteel closer to the dock.
3-Algosteel-31-01-14-pn.jpg (226210 bytes)
Stern of the Steel.
4-Algosteel-31-01-14-pn.jpg (228222 bytes)
Steel backing up to position under the loader as well as flushing the ice from the dock.
5-Pride-31-01-14-pn.jpg (266700 bytes)
Pride completes pushing.
6-Pride-31-01-14-pn.jpg (187472 bytes)
Pride nudges up to the pier wall and begins flushing the ice.
7-Mackinaw-31-01-14-pn.jpg (93912 bytes)
Mackinaw outside the breakwall heading out to assist Algowood.
8-AlgomTransf-31-01-14-pn.jpg (203824 bytes)
Algoma Transfer in long term lay-up in the ice covered harbour.
9-Algosteel-31-01-14-pn.jpg (63931 bytes)
Steel still loading on Friday night.
10-Algosteel-31-01-14-pn.jpg (74121 bytes)
Salt loader in the cargo hold.
11-algomarine-31-01-14-pn.jpg (156154 bytes)
Algomarine wintering in Owen Sound, Ontario.
12-Algorail-31-01-14-pn.jpg (104733 bytes)
Algorail also wintering in Owen Sound, Ontario.
13-Algorail-31-01-14-pn.jpg (178713 bytes)
A bubbler system working around the stern of the Algorail.
14-Algorail-31-01-14-pn.jpg (137969 bytes)
Looked like a new prop on the Algorail.

Philip R. Clarke at Port Huron - Jim  Ellis
philiprclarke2-2-14.jpg (125014 bytes)        

Ships in the Sorel-Tracy - Rene Beauchamp
Seavenus--S-T-30-Jan-14-RB.jpg (78292 bytes)
Nord-Mumbai-30-Jan-2014-RB.jpg (98212 bytes)
Nord Mumbai
Federal-Mackinac-S-T-30-Jan-14-RB.jpg (115293 bytes)
Federal Mackinac
Ocean-Ross-Gaudreault-30-Jan-2014-RB.jpg (95416 bytes)
Tug Ocean Ross Gaudreault...
Duga-30-Jan-2014-RB.jpg (87220 bytes)
and tug Duga coming back to their base after docking Blacky at the grain elevator.

Toledo Winter Lay up
- Bob Vincent
1-Ashtabula-1-31-14-bv.jpg (82266 bytes) 2-Ashtabula-1-13-14-bv.jpg (96234 bytes) 3-Ashtabula-1-31-14-bv.jpg (104004 bytes) 4-Ashtabula-1-31-14-bv.jpg (121654 bytes) 5-Defiance-1-31-14-bv.jpg (100285 bytes)
6-Defiance,Ashtabula-1-31-14-bv.jpg (106829 bytes) 7-JamesLKuber-1-31-14-bv.jpg (123614 bytes) 8-Victory,JaLKuber-1-31-14-bv.jpg (114796 bytes) 9-JLKuber,Victory-1-31-14-bv.jpg (116577 bytes) 10-JaLKuber-1-31-14-bv.jpg (133306 bytes)
11-Manistee-1-31-14-bv.jpg (78386 bytes) 12-Manistee-1-31-14-bv.jpg (129869 bytes) 13-Manistee-1-31-14-bv.jpg (132460 bytes) 14-AmerFortitude-1-31-14-bv.jpg (109462 bytes) 15-Fortitude,Manistee,AmerValor-1-31-14-bv.jpg (164966 bytes)

 St. Marys Challenger under conversion at Sturgeon Bay - Ed Spicuzza
stmaryschallenger-conversion-1-11-14-es-(3).jpg (190387 bytes) stmaryschallenger-conversion-1-11-14-es-(1).jpg (156519 bytes) stmaryschallenger-conversion-1-11-14-es-(2).jpg (149763 bytes)    

Joyce L. VanEnkevort leaves the notch to break ice to free the barge - Tracy Cook
joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(1).jpg (87285 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(8).jpg (59674 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(7).jpg (53389 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(5).jpg (72965 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(9).jpg (64655 bytes)
joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(11).jpg (68120 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(2).jpg (80724 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(4).jpg (70686 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(6).jpg (65234 bytes) joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(3).jpg (52146 bytes)
joycelvanenkevort1-31-14-(10).jpg (70910 bytes)        

Arthur M. Anderson arrives at Bay Shipbuilding - Mitchell Custer
IMG_7519.jpg (131453 bytes) 7499.jpg (53955 bytes) 7498.jpg (75725 bytes) 7500.jpg (64737 bytes) IMG_7502.jpg (86286 bytes)
IMG_7513.jpg (73101 bytes) IMG_7507.jpg (75977 bytes)      

The crew of the Calumet spent the weekend stuck in the Straits of Mackinac and listed their destination as "Hoth"
calumethoth.jpg (109978 bytes)
We thought that was funny and Photoshopped this image.

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