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February 8, 2014

Milwaukee Lay-up - Mandy Rathbun
milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(9).jpg (110405 bytes)
February 2
milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(1).jpg (374560 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(7).jpg (99678 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(8).jpg (71645 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(2).jpg (61249 bytes)
milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(12).jpg (61138 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(5).jpg (100278 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(4).jpg (115225 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(13).jpg (265641 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(3).jpg (119200 bytes)
milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(10).jpg (86877 bytes) milwaukee2-2-14-mr-(6).jpg (293645 bytes)      

Detroit River - Ted Hanifan
detroitriver2-2-14-(1).jpg (98144 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw leads the Philip R. Clarke up at Belle Isle on a slow bell waiting for the rest of the convoy. February 2.
detroitriver2-2-14-(6).jpg (135390 bytes) detroitriver2-2-14-(5).jpg (174454 bytes) detroitriver2-2-14-(4).jpg (138363 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke with a load of ore for Gary, Ind. follows the Mackinaw.
detroitriver2-2-14-(2).jpg (138982 bytes)
detroitriver2-2-14-(3).jpg (127731 bytes)        

U.S. Coast Guard Ice Breaking
uscg-strights-2-4-14-(1).jpg (265818 bytes)
A yardstick measures the thickness of some of the ice that the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay is battling during ice-breaking operations in the Straits of Mackinac Feb. 5
uscg-strights-2-4-14-(2).jpg (80428 bytes)
Crew members of Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay, homeported in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., practice ice rescue techniques in the Straits of Mackinac Feb. 4, 2014.
uscg-strights-2-4-14-(3).jpg (72151 bytes) uscg-stclair-2-2-14-(2).jpg (172502 bytes) uscg-stclair-2-2-14-(3).jpg (158832 bytes)
uscgstmarys1-10-14-(2).jpg (104953 bytes)
Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw, home-ported in Cheboygan, Mich., passes port-to-port with the tug Joyce L. VanEnkevort and its barge the Great Lakes Trader in the Stribling Dike on the St. Mary's River Jan. 10.
uscg-stclair-2-2-14-(1).jpg (188364 bytes)
Mackinaw and the tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort cut through the ice as they escort the Algoway through the southeast bend in the lower St. Clair River near Harsens Island, Feb. 2.
uscg-stmarys-12-17-13-(1).jpg (152659 bytes)
Mackinaw pulls ahead of the barge PML 9000 to expose the pools of open water in front of the barge and assess how to continue to break the ice around the barge after it became stuck in the St. Marys River, Dec. 17.
uscg-stmarys-12-17-13-(3).jpg (101587 bytes)
Mackinaw approach the barge PML 9000 backward in order for the cutter's prop wash to help break the ice around the barge.
uscg-stmarys-12-17-13-(2).jpg (59706 bytes)
Mackinaw illuminates the ice around the tug Avenger IV as it breaks ice around the tug after it became stuck in the St. Marys River.
uscgstmarys1-10-14-(1).jpg (48797 bytes) katmaibay2-7-14-(1).jpg (30111 bytes)
Katmai Bay conducts a direct assist of the motor vessel Calumet, stuck in the Straits of Mackinac at sunset Feb. 4. Across the Great Lakes region, Coast Guard ice-breaking crews logged nearly four times the five-year average of ice-breaking hours for first quarter, fiscal year 2014.
katmaibay2-7-14-(3).jpg (259175 bytes)
An MH-65C Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Mich., conducts hoist training operations with the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay Feb. 5.
katmaibay2-7-14-(2).jpg (307474 bytes)
Katmai Bay escorts the Algosteel through the Straits of Mackinac Feb. 7.
Tracy-Sorel - Rene Beauchamp

Six vessels were anchored on Tuesday including four Fednav bulkers. The trio shown here were Federal Kibune, Federal Nakagawa and Federal Polaris.

Vigilant I wintering at Sorel-Tracy at the former Marine Industries shipyard

Ocean Ross Gaudreault going up the Richelieu River as far as the former Marine Industries shipyard site towing a barge.


Panama Canal - Paul Beesley
Over the holidays I was fortunate to take a cruise through the Panama Canal and up the west coast of Costa Rica.  Editing and sharing these photos helps deal with the frigid temperatures around the Great Lakes. On the good side, this cold weather will build up great quantities of ice so when the season opens in late March the icebreakers on both sides of the border should be very busy. 
1-winspi-12-22-13.jpg (171307 bytes)
Wind Spirit, my conveyance for the cruise.  4-masted, schooner-rig, about 150 passengers.  The sails are all controlled from the wheelhouse.  No need to send crew aloft unless something goes awry.
2-pilot-12-22-13.jpg (223438 bytes)
Pilot Boat in Colon, Panama.  The pilot took us off the dock but was not on board when we anchored inside the breakwater.
3-gatun-12-23-13.jpg (241749 bytes)
Looking toward the Caribbean from the Gatun Locks.
4-mystic-12-23-13.jpg (118738 bytes)
 Patagonian Mystic anchored in Gatun Lake.  Being an old buoy-man I had to get the buoy in the photo.
5-Rising-12-23-13.jpg (129935 bytes)
Harvest Rising coming into Gatun Lake from the Pacific side.
6-melbourne-12-23-13.jpg (92664 bytes)
Followed by the CSCL Melbourne.
7-jun-12-23-13.jpg (79927 bytes)
Zheng Jun, bulk carrier in ballast bound for the Atlantic.
8-keelung-12-23-13.jpg (133596 bytes)
 Boxboat YM Keelung was next in the convoy.  Because the Culebra Cut is narrow it can only support one-way traffic so ships travel in convoys, first one way, then the other.
9-meteor-12-23-13.jpg (101102 bytes)
Another container ship, NYK Meteor.
10-meteor-12-23-13.jpg (162099 bytes)
Superstructure on the Meteor.
11-meteor-12-23-13.jpg (101964 bytes)
Clear of the Windspirit.
12-dorado-12-23-13.jpg (110692 bytes)
 Another bulkier, with grabs on deck.  JPO Dorado.
13-belen-12-23-13.jpg (175147 bytes)
Tug Belen secured to the stern of the Wuchang.  Several of the ships had tugs attached to the stern, assisted steering/breaking I suppose.
14-sun-12-23-13.jpg (101070 bytes)
Chipolbrok Sun coming out of Culebra Cut heading for the Atlantic.
15-sun-12-23-13.jpg (95779 bytes)
Tug Guia tagging along with the Chipolbrok Sun.

Jean Richard - George Ayoub
Ville-de-Vanier---Hull---Sept.-1-78---GAy.jpg (79701 bytes)
At Hull, Quebec
Ville-de-Vanier---abandoned---Mar.-31-86-GAyoub.jpg (107872 bytes)
Likely up the creek where the fellows found the remains

Norwegian freighter Nerva - Skip Gillham Collection
Nerva-Thorold---DM-1935.jpg (140375 bytes)        

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