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February 13-17, 2014


2/17 - Sarnia Layup Fleet
- Matt Miner

2/17 - Buffalo Fireboat Edward M. Cotter breaking ice in the Buffalo River
- Brian Wroblewski

The Fireboat sitting in the ice field off the PVS Chemical Plant on the Buffalo River.

The Cotter was waiting for a bridge lift at South Park Ave. before attempting to turn around.

Heavy plate ice was nearly 1-foot thick in the upper navigation section of the river. This required a backing & ramming technique to get through the area causing big chunks to break apart and form slabs.

After turning around the Cotter headed back through the South Park Ave. Bridge, cutting a wider track on her way downriver

The CSX CP Draw lift bridge is being lowered after the passage of the Cotter on her way down the Buffalo River.

The Fireboat spent her time waiting for the CSX CP-1 River Bridge by breaking more ice.

For some odd reason, there wasn't anyone out swimming ...possibly because the driveway entrance to the beach was under 8 feet of blown & drifted snow???

2/17 Katmai Bay returning to the Soo -

Passing Six Mile

Katmai Bay making several passes through the ice just south of the Sugar Island Ferry dock to widen the opening of the channel down river they made. This area is where the river narrows, and can get chocked with ice during the March break out.

Another view of ice breaking south of Sugar Island ferry dock

After about an hour of ice breaking south of Sugar Island Dock, the Katmai Bay finally reached open water, briefly.  This area is kept free of ice with booms and the ferry traffic

2/16 - USCGC Hollyhock (WLB-214) passing the Algonac State Park
- Don Detloff

2/15 - Winter Up North - Wayne Sapulski

Portage Street at the Soo

Soo Locks Tours boats

Retired USCGC Mackinaw
 at Mackinaw City

2/14 - Sarnia Lay Up Fleet - Kevin Majewski

Algosteel, Peter R. Cresswell and the Algoma Olympic at the Government Dock.

 Rafted fleet mates waiting out the Winter

Algosar and the CSL Assiniboine at the south end of the North Slip.

Cuyahoga and the Calumet
at the north end of the North Slip

.Algoway at the Sidney E. Smith Dock

Sarnia fish tug fleet.

Fish tugs Teresa Maria
and the Mike- J.

Fish tug L & R and unidentified

USCGC Hollyhock (WLB-214) at her Port Huron mooring.

Damaged stern of the Hollyhock from Jan. 5, 2014 collision with the
1000-footer Mesabi Miner.

2/13 - Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay breaks ice on southern Lake Michigan -
U.S. Coast Guard photos by Chief Petty Officer Alan Hara

Biscayne-Bay2-12-14-(1).jpg (74439 bytes)
The Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, a 140-foot ice-breaking tug, departs Chicago's Navy Pier Feb. 12, 2014
Biscayne-Bay2-12-14-(2).jpg (130047 bytes)
Breaking ice in the waters near Chicago.
Biscayne-Bay2-12-14-(3).jpg (71672 bytes)
Biscayne Bay encounters thick ice on a trip from Chicago to the Port of Indiana.
Biscayne-Bay2-12-14-(4).jpg (109988 bytes)
Petty Officer Mike Singleton observes the ice buildup in the Port of Indiana

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