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February 19, 2014

R/V Sikuliaq departing Menominee Riverbound for Ludington - Scott Hartz
Sikuliaq2-17-14_4189.jpg (72014 bytes)
Newly built by Marinette Marine Corp. it is on acceptance trials assisted by USCGC Mobile Bay
Sikuliaq2-17-144192.jpg (79614 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4198.jpg (123793 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4195.jpg (112048 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4203.jpg (113905 bytes)
Sikuliaq2-17-14_4199.jpg (100309 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4205.jpg (88327 bytes) IMG_4210.jpg (121654 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-144216.jpg (82141 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4217.jpg (101990 bytes)
Sikuliaq2-17-14_4220.jpg (83364 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4224.jpg (95749 bytes) Sikuliaq2-17-14_4225.jpg (82018 bytes)    
ARRV-Acceptance-Trials-0511.jpg (50670 bytes) ARRV-Acceptance-Trials-051.jpg (62185 bytes) ARRV-Acceptance-Trials-0592.jpg (132299 bytes)    

Sarnia Lay-up - Philip Nash
1-Calumet-15-02-14-pn.jpg (65819 bytes)
Calumet at the North Slip in Sarnia.
2-Cuyahoga-15-02-14-pn.jpg (70589 bytes)
Cuyahoga alongside the Calumet.
3-Cuyahoga-15-02-14-pn.jpg (121283 bytes)
4-Algosar-15-02-14-pn.jpg (77737 bytes)
Behind the Cuyahoga, CSL Assiniboine with the Algosar on the outside and in the background Algoway at Sydney Smith dock.
5-CSLAssin-15-02-14-pn.jpg (105776 bytes)
Stern of the Algosar and CSL Assiniboine tied up in the North Slip.
6-LimeIsland-15-02-14-pn.jpg (120098 bytes)
Tug Lime Island and Barge wintering at the North Slip.
7-Algoma-15-02-14-pn.jpg (99007 bytes)
Algoma Olympic, Peter R. Cresswell and Algosteel at the Government dock.
8-Algoma-15-02-14-pn.jpg (136614 bytes)
Sterns of Algoma Olympic, Peter R. Cresswell, Algosteel along with Fish Tug Evalina.
9-Algoway-15-02-14-pn.jpg (130371 bytes)
Algoway at the Sydney Smith dock.
10-Algoway-15-02-14-pn.jpg (111716 bytes)
Salt trade has taken her toll on the Algoway's unloading equipment.
11-Algoway-15-02-14-pn.jpg (116509 bytes)
Bubbler system working at the stern of the Algoway.
12-Algosteel-15-02-14-pn.jpg (98405 bytes)
13-Marvelann-15-02-14-pn.jpg (120182 bytes)
Fish Tug Mar-Vel-Ann with Josh II in the background.
14-Evalina-15-02-14-pn.jpg (124774 bytes)
Fish Tug Evalina.
15-JoshII-15-02-14-pn.jpg (130847 bytes)
Fish Tug Josh II.
16-Menasha-15-02-14-pn.jpg (101966 bytes)
Tug Menasha tied up a stern of the three Algoma boats with the Evalina behind.
17-Menasha-15-02-14-pn.jpg (164036 bytes)
Stern of Menasha with Mar-Vel-Ann alongside and Algosteel, Sarnia Cargill Elevators are in the background.
18-DucdOrleans2-15-02-14-pn.jpg (148976 bytes)
 Tour Boat Duc d' Orleans II in ice at her home dock in Sarnia.
19-SarSeaCadet-15-02-14-pn.jpg (118107 bytes)
Sarnia Sea Cadets Vessel on the trailer.
20-SarSeaCadet-15-02-14-pn.jpg (145741 bytes)
Information on Sarnia Sea Cadets.
21-Sarnia-15-02-14-pn.jpg (73325 bytes)
Blue Water Bridge linking Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan at sunset.

Philip R. Clarke arrives for winter lay-up at Sturgeon Bay, Wis. - Mitch Custer
IMG_7661-(1024x789).jpg (70126 bytes)
Clarke came down the canal and out to the shipyard. The wind was blowing and made it hard for it to get through the Oregon St. Bridge. The ice was a large problem too.
IMG_7670-(1024x683).jpg (56069 bytes) IMG_7673-(1024x668).jpg (92748 bytes) IMG_7682-(1024x683).jpg (87150 bytes) IMG_7700-(1024x680).jpg (85351 bytes)
IMG_7702-(1024x681).jpg (94614 bytes) IMG_7704-(1024x649).jpg (125235 bytes) IMG_7712-(1024x683).jpg (125541 bytes) IMG_7715-(1024x819).jpg (89188 bytes)  

Sarnia Winter lay-up panoramics - Matt Miner
StCresOlyWay-2-15-14-mm.jpg (69803 bytes) StCresOly-2-2-15-14-mm.jpg (78008 bytes) Way-2-15-14-mm.jpg (74881 bytes) NSlip14-2-15-14-mm.jpg (55209 bytes) OlyCresSte-2-15-14-mm-1.jpg (92790 bytes)
OlyCresSte-2-15-14-mm-2.jpg (128880 bytes) StCresOly-2-15-14-mm-1.jpg (88147 bytes)      

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
IMS-yard-making-quick-work-of-the-D-C-Everest-2.14.14.jpg (78802 bytes)
 IMS Yard in Port Colborne D C Everest disappearing quickly
Algoma-Quebecois-(name-and-stack.jpg (57298 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois awaits her turn for scrapping (name and stack logo painted over)
John-B-Aird-astern-of-John-D.-Leitch-at-wharf-12.jpg (103690 bytes)
John B. Aird at wharf 12 for winter work
John-D.-Leitch-at-wharf-12-note-hull-plates-being-replaced.jpg (125042 bytes)
John D Leitch at wharf 12 for winter work and some hull plate replacement
Algoma-Enterprise-Frontenac-with-Algoma-Quebecois-astern.jpg (83077 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise in winter layup ahead of Frontenac
Algoma-Enterprise-in-winter-layup.jpg (98557 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise at wharf 16 ahead of the Frontenac, portion of old Canal in foreground
Baie-Comeau-and-Whitefish-Bay-iced-in-above-L8.jpg (83136 bytes)
Baie Comeau and Whitefish Bay moored on east wall above Lock 8
Baie-Comeau-and-Whitefish-Bay-in-winter-layup-above-L8-2.14.14.jpg (74701 bytes) Frontenac-in-winter-layup-at-Port-Colborne-2.14.14-(2).jpg (56467 bytes)
Frontenac in winter layup astern of Algoma Enterprise
Frontenac-in-winter-layup-at-Port-Colborne-2.14.14.jpg (72377 bytes)

The Purvis in Providence Bay, Ont. - James Carlson
The-Purvis-Providence-Bay-(7).jpg (105973 bytes)
The Purvis - February 17 waiting for Spring
The-Purvis-Providence-Bay-(13).jpg (50137 bytes) The-Purvis-Providence-Bay-(14).jpg (77006 bytes)    

Ice Push Crystal Beach, Ont.  - Doug Pruder
crystalbeach-(2).jpg (148880 bytes) crystalbeach-(3).jpg (91709 bytes) crystalbeach-(4).jpg (112919 bytes) crystalbeach-(6).jpg (166969 bytes) crystalbeach-(5).jpg (73220 bytes)
crystalbeach-(1).jpg (83375 bytes)        

Inside the Soo Lockmaster's Tower and VTS Soo - Wayne Sapulski
Lockmaster-wp-1.jpg (103143 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-2.jpg (139613 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-3.jpg (83907 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-4.jpg (106221 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-5.jpg (105817 bytes)
Lockmaster-wp-6.jpg (105107 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-7.jpg (174717 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-8.jpg (162086 bytes) Lockmaster-wp-9.jpg (81132 bytes) SooVTS-wp-1.jpg (98413 bytes)
SooVTS-wp-2.jpg (81415 bytes)        

Edmund Fitzgerald crew in 1975 - Brian Jacobs
Fitzgerald-crew-1975.jpg (73154 bytes)
My family and I were on a tour boat in the Soo Locks in the Fall of 1975. Can anyone identify the men on deck?

Three of the men were identified as: wearing the white hat next to the guy in the shorts is Porter Nolan Frank Church of Silver Bay,  Fred Betcher and the older fella in the jeans is Alan Kalomon. All three were lost on the Fitz. The guy in the shorts unknown.



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