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February 24, 2014

Sikuliaq in Ludington - Mark Mather
Sikuliaq2-12-14-(1).jpg (71895 bytes) Sikuliaq2-12-14-(2).jpg (74657 bytes) Sikuliaq2-12-14-(3).jpg (98228 bytes) Sikuliaq2-12-14-(4).jpg (86119 bytes)  

Don Jon Erie Shipyard Lay-up - Brian W.
1-Erie-Shipyard-2-22-14-BRW.jpg (82629 bytes)
McKee Sons & the CSL Laurentian at the Don Jon Shipyard.
2-Erie-Shipyard-2-22-14-BRW.jpg (115048 bytes)
A view of both bows show a contrast in design from the 1950's McKee Sons to the more modern style Laurentian.
3-Erie-Shipyard-2-22-14-BRW.jpg (161119 bytes)
Tug Invincible in the notch of her barge.
4-Erie-Shipyard-2-22-14-BRW.jpg (110289 bytes)
Aft superstructure of the Laurentian showing the transition section where the stern of the old Louis R. Desmarias was grafted onto the new, wider cargo hold when she was rebuilt in 2001.
5-Erie-Shipyard-2-22-14-BRW.jpg (127986 bytes)
Hillside view of the yard with the Edwin H Gott to the right, Kaministiqua in the dry dock, & the Laurentian to the left.

Escort duty on the icy St. Clair River February 19 - Kevin Majewski
1.HHas-2-19-14-KM.jpg (106716 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock (WLB 214) escorting the Algosea upbound just below Marysville.
2.Holly-2-19-14-KM.jpg (70112 bytes)
Hollyhock upbound on escort duty.
3.Holl-2-19-14-KM.jpg (99171 bytes)
Hollyhock keeping the path clear for the Algosea.
4.Alse-2-19-14-KM.jpg (57395 bytes)
The tanker Algosea upbound.
5.Al-2-19-14-KM.jpg (87483 bytes)
Algosea following the path just cleared by the Hollyhock.

GBL Thousand Islander II - Murray Blancher
1-GBL-Thousand-islaber-II.jpg (193907 bytes)        

Tow of the Algoma Quebecois up the Welland Canal - Paul Beesley

On Nov 20, 2013 the Algoma Quebecois made her last trip up the Welland Canal under tow by Nadro's tugs Molly M 1, Seahound and Lac Manitoba.  Her destination was the IMS scrapyard in Port Colborne.  These photos were taken as she was in the area of the Skyway/Homer Bridge.
1-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (88616 bytes)
Upbound from Lock 2 behind the Molly M 1.
2-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (74369 bytes)
Except for being lightship she almost looks normal.
3-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (90736 bytes)
A good view of the tow.
4-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (96476 bytes)
Creeping to her destiny.
5-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (91221 bytes)
Molly M 1 leads the way.
6-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (213295 bytes)
 Bow thruster.  Added on sometime after construction.  These old steam-turbine ships must have been a treat to maneuver before thrusters.  The Captain would have to think far ahead in order to put the ship into some of the tight spots they went.  Astern power was only about 1/3 to 1/2 ahead power and was certainly not instant as the ahead turbine would have to be taken out of gear and the astern thruster put into gear.
7-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (302725 bytes)
Just before the bridges the Montrealais was allowed to rest on the west bank of the canal to allow a laker to pass downbound.
8-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (98314 bytes)
Seahound and Lac manitoba as the stern tugs.
9-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (102270 bytes)
The tugs tucked in tight to the stern while the ship is resting on the canal bank.
10-mont-11-20-13-pb.jpg (196679 bytes)
Perspective of the tug size versus the ship size.


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