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March 3, 2014

USCG Katmai Bay in St. Marys River - Bonnie Barnes
1.KatmaiBay.3.2.14-(2).jpg (98129 bytes)
The Katmai Bay gets a brief break passing through the open water at the Sugar Island Ferry Sunday.
2.KatmaiBay.3.2.14.blb.jpg (90992 bytes)
Katmai Bay hitting the ice just south of Sugar Island Ferry
3.Katmai-Bay.Ironmaster.3.2.2014.-blb.jpg (76859 bytes)
Passing icebound PML barge Ironmaster on way back to icebound tanker Algocanada.
Katmai-Bay-approaching-Ironmaster.jpg (64072 bytes)
Heading to the Soo for refueling and resupply Saturday.
UCGC-Katmai-Bay-passing-PML-barge-Ironmaster..jpg (106070 bytes)
closeup-Katmai-Bay-and-Ironmaster-bow.jpg (64239 bytes)        

USCG at work
1177695.jpg (41170 bytes)
An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Mich., sits on the beach on Washington Island, Wis., March 2.
1177694.jpg (34499 bytes)
The crew safely made an emergency landing after the helicopter began experiencing flight control malfunctions.
1174970.jpg (56268 bytes)
Hollyhock breaks through the ice in the St. Clair River, Feb. 26.
1174971.jpg (167188 bytes)
Neah Bay, a 140-foot ice-breaking tug home-ported in Cleveland, breaks through the ice in the St. Clair River, Feb. 26.
1174972.jpg (106660 bytes)
1175972.jpg (157074 bytes)
Crew members from Coast Guard Air Station Detroit and Coast Guard Station St. Clair Shores, Mich., conduct training on frozen Lake St. Clair near Selfridge Air National Guard Base Feb. 27.
1175969.jpg (62333 bytes)
Crews trained in below freezing temperatures and near whiteout conditions to keep their rescue skills as finely tuned as possible.
1175970.jpg (78459 bytes) 1175971.jpg (37184 bytes)  

St. Marys Challenger  under conversion at Bayship - Bill Gabert
challenger2-26-14.jpg (101602 bytes)        

Lake Superior Ice Caves - Susan Boman
1-Pil-2-2-14.jpg.jpg (142236 bytes)
The Pilgrimage From Meyers Road outside of Cornucopia, Wis. near Bayfield
2-Ice-2-2-14.jpg.jpg (114238 bytes)
One ice cave of many
3-Enter2-2-14.jpg.jpg (84618 bytes)
Ice cave entrance

Cason J Callaway downbound at the Soo Locks - Ernie Mrozek
J.-Callaway.jpg (166081 bytes)        

Portland, Maine - Paul Beesley
A busy harbour that includes the delivery terminus for the pipeline that carries crude oil to Montreal.  It is also home to a number of fishing vessels, a USCG station and a large pleasure craft community. 
1-eagle-9-01-13-pb.jpg (124924 bytes)
 Eagle Turin delivering oil to the pipeline.
2-patrice-9-01-13-pb.jpg (126938 bytes)
Petroleum barge being manoeuvred by Patrice McAllister outside the harbour.  This tug burned on Lake Ontario in 2012, but it has been refurbished and put back in service.
3-bag-9-01-13-pb.jpg (117473 bytes)
Sailing vessel Bagheera enjoying the wind and light swell.
4-mach-9-01-13-pb.jpg (135058 bytes)
One of the many ferries that ply between Portland and various islands in Casco Bay.
5-iwal-9-03-13-pb.jpg (115602 bytes)
Iwalani, an escape from the business of life, lies quietly at her mooring with the Explorer of the Seas providing contrast in the background.
6-fidel-9-03-13-pb.jpg (113412 bytes)
Fidelis having her hull cleaned by her crew.  You may charter this sailing vessel if you win the lottery!
7-dredge-9-03-13-pb.jpg (120664 bytes)
Portland dredge and tug approaching shoal water to continue work.  Tides in Portland can reach 13 feet and the currents associated with them are a challenge. 
8-alice-9-04-13-pb.jpg (113874 bytes)
Tanker Alice securing to another of the petroleum docks in South Portland.
9-maine-9-05-13-pb.jpg (116708 bytes)
 Maine Responder, pollution response ship, on exercise in the approaches.  Astern of her she is towing an oil recovery boom.
10-mattea-9-05-13-pb.jpg (131980 bytes)
 Mattea, shuttle tanker that brings oil from offshore well/storage facilities, unloading at the pipeline dock.  On her bow can be seen some of the equipment used to attach her to the loading gear at the well site.
11-wave-9-05-13-pb.jpg (138474 bytes)
Western Wave unloading herring into the trailer in the background.  Herring is pumped out of the ship through a pipe to the waiting trucks.
12-dock-9-05-13-pb.jpg (142720 bytes)
Floating dry dock with a barge on board for servicing.
13-uscgc-9-05-13-pb.jpg (169633 bytes)
USCG Aids-to-Navigation cutter.  The A-frame at the stern is used to lift and place buoys and their anchors.  There are two of these 49 foot cutters in Portland.

Historical Perspective - Trenton - McClouth Steel July, 1962 - J. Scott
Trenton---McClouth-Steel7-62-(4).jpg (94135 bytes)
Cliff's Champlain unloading at Trenton.
Trenton---McClouth-Steel7-62-(3).jpg (95839 bytes)
 My dad, Capt. Edward J. Scott, made countless trips into Trenton during the years 1957 - 1963 while he sailed the Champlain.
Trenton---McClouth-Steel7-62-(1).jpg (137798 bytes) Trenton---McClouth-Steel7-62-(2).jpg (123649 bytes)
The unloading pictures from the unloading rigs.

Historical Perspective - D.C. Everest - Dave Benedet
DCE-2.jpg (79091 bytes) DCE-3.jpg (150403 bytes) DCE-4.jpg (99759 bytes) DCE-5.jpg (63427 bytes) DCE-6.jpg (70613 bytes)
DCE-18.jpg (121988 bytes)        

Stewart J. Cort Chief Engineer?
cortengineer.jpg (202239 bytes)
Can anyone identify the Chief Engineer at right on the Stewart J Cort? Picture taken at Shell fuel dock Sarnia around 1978-79.


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